19 April 2012


Prosecutor who was investigating journalist’s murder is killed

Incident details


Luis Sánchez Colona, Investigator

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(IPYS/IFEX) - On 16 April 2012, Luis Sánchez Colona, provincial prosecutor of Casma who was investigating the murder of journalist Pedro Flores Silva, which took place last year, was shot six times and killed near his home in Nuevo Chimbote, Áncash region, in northern Perú. The shots were apparently fired by a hired killer.

Although the police have not been able to link prosecutor Sánchez Colona's murder to that of Flores Silva, the deputy prosecutor of Casma, Julio Obregón Chinchay, told the press that the investigation into Flores Silva's murder was Sánchez Colona's main case. The police were due to complete their report this week so that the magistrate could file their respective report.

Pedro Flores Silva, director of Casma's Channel 2011 program Visión Agraria, received a fatal shot from a man who was wearing a hooded top on 6 September 2011. He died two days later in hospital from an nfection. His murder was the second to be recorded in Peru last year.

The journalist had been threatened before being shot. His family connected the threats to accusations the journalist had made about alleged acts of corruption in the municipality of Comandante Noel, where the mayor, Marco Rivera, had sued him.

IPYS requests that the authorities carry out the necessary investigations to determine if the crime against the prosecutor is connected to Flores Silva's murder and sanction those responsible according to the law.


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