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Death threats against Peruvian journalist who revealed benefits for capital city's inmates

On the night of August 14, 2015, Dayana Cieza, journalist and reporter for Panorama, a weekly television program broadcasted by Panamericana Television, of Lima, received a new death threat. These began in mid-July, after she published a report showing benefits that are enjoyed by some inmates inside a prison in Lima.

"You bitch motherfucker, you think we had forgotten about you, a few more days and we'll take care of you, you'll see, you piece of garbage. You'll die”, she was told in a text message she received from a cell phone with an identified number. The journalist reported the threat to the police and they have reported that they are looking for the source of that phone number.

The report revealed the existence of a nightclub inside the prison where inmates have access to a bar stocked with alcohol, among other benefits such as free use of mobile phones.

The report had a high impact on society and resulted in an investigation by the authorities on the prison's director, Colonel Eduardo Garcia de La Cruz, who might have been aware of the irregularities.

One of the latest threats was in late July, when she was on her way to the Ombudsman's office to present her case and was followed by persons on motorcycles with the clear intention of intimidating her.

IPYS requests the immediate intervention of Minister of Interior, José Pérez Guadalupe, to speed up the investigation on the facts and put a stop to the state of danger under which the journalist is currently living. IPYS also requires guarantees for her security, which is at imminent risk.

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