9 February 1999


Journalist's accreditation revoked; Africa No. 1 radio broadcast suspended

Incident details

Bienvenu Boudimbou

media worker(s)

(RSF/IFEX) - RSF is protesting the revoking of a journalist's
accreditation and the suspension of Africa No. 1 radio station's

**New case and update to IFEX alert of 8 January 1999**

According to RSF's information, on 6 February 1999, the Congolese
government revoked the accreditation of Bienvenu Boudimbou, a local
correspondent with the panafrican radio station Africa No. 1, and
followed up this move by suspending the radio station's broadcasts on
Brazzaville's FM band, thereby also depriving the city of Kinshasa. This
decision, made public on national radio, was explained by Africa No. 1's
alleged support for the opposition, by serving as a "forum for those who
carried out the genocide and have found refuge abroad."

RSF reiterates its call, first circulated on 8 January, for the
Congolese government to offer the organisation exact information
regarding steps taken against the independent media, such as "Le

Recommended Action

Send appeals to the Information Minister:

  • condemning the Congolese government's arbitrary decision
  • asking him to review the elements which led him to take such a
    measure explaining to him that the journalist, much like the panafrican
    radio station, did nothing more than exercise their right to inform, as
    guaranteed in the International Covenant on civil and political rights
    and the African Charter of Human and Peoples' Rights, ratified by Congo
  • urging him to do everything in his power to punish the authors of
    these crimes and abuses
  • reminding him that the international community still awaits news
    regarding the whereabouts and situation of at least seven journalists:
    Jean Claude Bongolo, Prince Richard Nsana, Medard Milandou, Sebastien
    Kamba, Patrick Kibinza, Pasteur Nganga and Gregoire Biyoko

    Appeals To

    Mr. Francois Ibovi
    Minister of Information
    Brazzaville, Congo

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

  • Source

    Reporters Without Borders
    47, rue Vivienne
    75002 Paris
    rsf (@) rsf.org
    Fax:+33 1 45 23 11 51