27 June 2008


Two sports journalists beaten by police

Incident details

Kara Thioune, Babacar Kambel Diang


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(MFWA/IFEX) - On 21 June 2008, two sports journalists were brutally beaten by Senegalese police at Leopold Sedar Senghor Stadium in Dakar.

The journalists, Kara Thioune of West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR) and Babacar Kambel Diang, a reporter for the private radio station Radio Futurs Médias (RFM), were punched, kicked and beaten with electric batons.

MFWA's sources reported that the journalists were at the stadium to cover a post-match press briefing. Outraged by their presence, the policemen attacked, handcuffed and detained them for about half an hour before taking them away to the hospital for medical attention.

The sources said Thioune bled profusely.

Another journalist, Frank Sainworla, escaped the attack.

The journalist union, Union of Information and Social Communication Professionals (SYNPICS), and RFM intend to take legal action against the police for these unjust attacks.

The MFWA supports the SYNPICS and RFM proposed actions. The organisation condemns the arbitrary use of force and calls on the authorities to curtail the rising incidents of violence against journalists in Senegal.


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