25 July 1996


Journalist Slobodan Rackovic detained

On 14 July 1996, freelance journalist Slobodan Rackovic was taken
to a police station in Petrovac where he was held for more than
three hours. No formal charges were laid against him; rather, the
police said that he had been brought in for an "informative
talk." In addition, Rackovic's house was searched while he was
being detained. The "talk" was continued the next day.

It appears that Rackovic was detained at the request of Vladimir
Susovic, the Public Prosecutor for Montenegro, not for any
legitimate legal reason but as a result of a personal dispute
between him and Rackovic that stems from the beginning of the
civil war in the former Yugoslavia, when Rackovic used to write
about the plundering taking place in the Dubrovnik area of
Montenegro by the Yugoslav National Army and certain
"volunteers." Furthermore, at recent press conferences, Rackovic
had asked if those responsible, including Susovic, for the
arrests of Bosnian refugees in Montenegro and their subsequent
extradition to the Republika Srpska would be removed from their

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • considering the use of a public police force to settle private
    disputes an extreme attack on fundamental human rights, adding
    that the use of the police to intimidate Slobodan Rackovic
    constitutes an attack on press freedom
  • expressing serious concern that an individual who has the
    responsibility for upholding the law and ensuring that human
    rights are respected (Susovic) would act in such an undemocratic
  • urging a cessation of the harassment of Rackovic so that he can
    fully enjoy his rights as a citizen and freely exercise his

    Appeals To

    Vladimir Susovic
    Public Prosecutor

    Filip Vujanovic
    Minister of the Interior

    both via the Ministry of Information for the Federal Republic of
    Yugoslavia, fax: +381 11 600 446

    Please copy appeals to the originator if possible.

  • Source

    International Federation of Journalists
    International Press Centre, Residence Palace
    Bloc C, second floor, Rue de la Loi, 155
    1040 Brussels
    Fax:+32 2 2352219

    IFEX members working in this country 1

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