2 February 1998


Two men detained

Incident details

Michael Lawson



(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - On 30 January 1998, Michael Lawson, a student at
Fourabhay College University, Freetown, was arrested and detained along with
another unidentified man for having allegedly supplied information to a
clandestine radio station. It seems that no criminal charges have been
brought against the two men, who have already been held beyond the 48-hour
limit permitted under Sierra Leonean law. In light of numerous recent
reports of the ill-treatment and torture of detainees by security officials,
Article 19 has expressed fear for their safety and health.

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • requesting an urgent investigation into this case
  • asking that the two men be released immediately and unconditionally, since
    the alleged "crime" does not constitute a recognizable criminal offence
  • reminding them that the continued imprisonment of these two men
    constitutes a violation of their internationally guaranteed right to freedom
    of expression
  • urging them to act promptly in this regard

    Appeals To

    Major Johnny Paul Koroma
    State House
    Sierra Leone

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

  • Source

    ARTICLE 19: Global Campaign for Free Expression
    6-8 Amwell Street
    EC1R 1UQ
    United Kingdom
    info (@) article19.org
    Fax:+44 20 7278 7660
    Sierra Leone
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