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Journalist Metin Yasar Oglu arrested and detained
Government refuses to authorise the creation of new radio and television stations and newspapers
Court rejects application for release on bail of writer and politician Koigi wa Wamwere
Journalist Slobodan Rackovic detained
"Al-Tagammu" resumes publication
Presidential decree converts daily "Narodnaya Gazeta" into joint stock company
Independent television station Rustavi-2 forced off the air
"Akhbar al-Ousbouh" editor-in-chief Tawfik Kiwane remanded in custody
Bail hearing for detained writer and politician Koigi wa Wamwere delayed
Authorities prevent distribution of "Mauritanie- Nouvelles" and "La Tortue"
Belgian journalist Thierry Jonard and recording technician Juan Ozuna assaulted
"The Point" editor Edison Yongai released on bail; sedition trial set for August
"La Voie" journalists Abou Drahamane Sangare, Emmanuel Kore and Freedom Neruda still detained
Editor Nasser Kammech detained
CPJ receives reply to appeals on behalf of detained journalist Valery Yerofeyev; continued concerns
"The Point" editor Edison Yongai charged with sedition
Two Palestinian journalists badly beaten
Jail sentences of two journalists postponed
Tongan authorities refuse entry to Agence France Presse reporter
ARTICLE 19 expresses concern over possible inclusion of Myanmar in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
"The Point" editor Edison Yongai arrested and detained without charge
Police raid home of "The Post" reporter Brian Malama; "The Post" reporter Samson Mujuda also subject to harassment
Case files of imprisoned journalist Jesus Alfonso Castiglione Mendoza still waiting to be transferred to the State Prosecutor
Court orders that Lebanese journalist Ali Diya remain in detention
Koigi wa Wamwere's health deteriorating; decision due on application for release on bail pending appeal
Parliament approves motion for a press council
Soldier who shot Russian journalist given suspended sentence
"Kinyamateka" treasurer detained
Journalist Arafat Mudabish assaulted; current whereabouts unknown
Radio Anfani remains closed, journalist detained for several hours; Radio R&M shut down for two hours; intimidation of foreign correspondents
Authorities close publisher
RSF in Istanbul for opening of Metin Goktepe trial
Hundreds lend support to calls for release of "La Tribune" cartoonist; newspapers hold day-long strike
Further details on expulsion of RSF representative; APIC journalist Nestor Baguer and BPIC's Mercedes Moreno detained; Joaquin Torres of Havana Press held for two days
Journalist detained, released on bond
Military occupies private radio station
Three on trial for editing and publishing a youth newsletter
Police beat photographers and reporters covering demonstration
Journalists and editors call newspaper strike
"Telegraf" editor and reporter convicted for libel
Lebanese journalist Ali Diya remains in detention
Angry fans attack television crew, damage TV cameras
"La Tribune" cartoonist still detained; bail denied
Middle East News Agency correspondent detained for one week; ordered to leave
National broadcaster comes under bomb threat
Trial of Russian journalist Valery Yerofeyev resumes on fabricated charges
Attacks against journalists in Simferopol and Sevastopol; reported threats to press freedom in the Crimea; concern at unsolved cases
Turkish journalist released
Indian-backed militia in Kashmir abducts and detains 19 journalists for over seven hours
Armed assailants raid journalist's (f) home; threaten her
Editor Chan Rotana released after pardon
Editorial writer Kutlu Adali killed
Government raises import duties on newsprint
Journalist kidnapped and beaten
Group continues to make threats against journalists and media outlets
Authorities place obstacles on printing of "Al Tajamoo"
"La Tribune" cartoonist arrested; restrictions placed on managing director and managing editor (f) ; paper's offices sealed
WiPC Anniversary Action calls on authorities to pursue investigation into 1981 disappearance of journalist Tomas Nativi Galvez
Report looks at "Freedom of Expression in Hong Kong: China's Challenge"
Several foreign journalists detained and interrogated by police
Director of weekly "Payam-e-Daneshjoue" banned from working at any publication for five years
Sud Communication fined one million dollars and five media workers sentenced to jail for public defamation
Newspaper distributor Bekele Dissassa released from prison
Journalist Serge Daniel expelled
Journalists assaulted while investigating incident at British High Commission
Authorities shut down news program "Slikom na Sliku"
Political group issues threats to journalists and media outlets
Writer Mohammed Sule released

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