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Censors ban film
Reported kidnapping of editor Natalya Vasenina in Grozny; three Ukrainian journalists still missing; concern at use of journalists in prisoner of war exchanges
Army bars Israeli journalists from entering occupied territories
Newspapers suspended
Writer Nguyen Xuan Tu sentenced to twelve months in prison
"Izvestia" journalist Vladimir Ardayev criticised by President; press accreditation may not be renewed
Details on journalists wounded during clashes between Israelis and Palestinians
Series of attacks against the media
Concern over continued detention of journalist Babakr Othaman
Journalist Usamah al-Rantisi arrested and charged with "inciting sedition"
Cameraman Issa Freij shot while covering clashes between Israelis and Palestinians
"Feral Tribune" journalists Viktor Ivancic and Marinko Culic acquitted of defaming President Franjo Tudjman
Continued concern for detained journalist and human rights activist Nizar Nayouf
Intimidation of journalist Vladimir Jara
Weekly "Middle East Times" banned from publishing article
Bashkort journalist threatened with prison for libelling President
Community radio reports unfair treatment by licensing authority
CubaPress director Raul Rivero threatened and briefly detained on agency's first anniversary; telephone service cut and Rivero under surveillance
Reporters and photographers beaten by police
Concerns at lack of medical provision for imprisoned writers
Organizations send letter to ASEAN nations opposing proposed Internet restrictions
"Lankadipa" photojournalist Sanjeewa Niroshana assaulted
Journalists Kalafi Moala and Filokalafi 'Akau'ola sentenced to 30 days in jail
Publisher arrested, "Le Palmares" newspaper suspended
Harassment of journalist Vladimir Jara
Editors Hilmi Asmar and Nasser Kammech arrested; journalist Fouad Hussein remains in detention
Police raid and shut down Kurdish television station
Concern as broadcasters granted licences, but many rejected; most to be banned from broadcasting political news
"The People" office petrol-bombed
Newspaper group says monarchy wants it closed
"Contrapunto" director abducted
New trial opens against weekly's editor-in-chief
Minister of Defense makes threats against press freedom
Concern over circumstances of arrest of "El Universal" owner
"Torchlight" newspaper banned temporarily
Two Ukrainian journalists missing in Chechnya; a third reportedly missing
Minister of Justice corrects statements which threatened freedom of expression
Journalist Paddy Mbawa released from prison; faces seven libel suits
Journalist Uri Avneri assaulted
Editor released without charge; government authorities warn journalists
Photographer Salah Omar arrested
Fotoform printing house bombed
Copies of play burned during religious demonstration
Newspaper "Okavango Observer" charged; staff questioned
Broadcasting bill threatens to limit press freedom
Five journalists shot at while covering demonstration
Editor Reza Tehrani (m) to face charges of publishing false information
Independent radio station suspended

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