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New World Information Order "Dead", says UN Chief
Journalist loses work permit
Media workers call for repeal of anti-press laws
Samoan media banned from reporting inquiry into Prime Minister's theft file
Journalist's release announced
CPJ's 10 Enemies of the Press Named for World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Day 1998
Journalists harassed; magazine seized
Three journalists released; "The News" staff sue government
Journalist assaulted in prison
Journalist remains in detention
Newspaper office raided; staff members detained
Journalist sentenced to life imprisonment
WPFC protests plan for press censorship panel
Television station closed by authorities
Uruguayan Congress debates law against community radio stations
Government wants to censor Zapatistas use of the Internet
Journalist investigating government corruption attacked
Writer to serve ten-month prison term
Premises of publisher and printer occupied
Bosnia Press Control
Proposed press legislation amendments would undermine press freedom
Crackdown on newspapers continues
Playwright faces up to 12 years imprisonment
Journalist released from detention
RSF asks Cameroon Prime Minister for Njawe's release
Journalist killed
Appeal of journalists Sheremet and Zavadsky denied
Journalists evicted from court proceedings; beaten
Journalist killed
Journalist attacked; attempted arson of publishing house
Journalist arrested
Journalists arrested
Request for solidarity
Letter to Clinton on media violations in Turkmenistan
Journalists arrested; editorial offices raided; printer censored
CPJ calls for release of 10 more jailed Chinese journalists in wake of freeing of writer Wang Dan
Two journalists suspended
Newspaper granted permit
Freedom of expressions groups endorse campaign to reform Croatia's defamation law
Radio owner on trial
Editor detained
Reporter detained
Another Tanzanian editor detained
Government discloses editor's whereabouts; journalist assaulted by military officer
Libel suit judgment may shut down weekly paper
Indonesian journalists threatened
Article 19 protests prosecutions of the media
Journalist attacked
Journalist murdered
Continued hostility toward journalists attributed to National Intelligence Service
Four journalists severely beaten
"African Concord" editor detained
Injunction against "Dispatch"
Newspapers censored
Court orders injunction against magazine
Warrant to search magazine's office issued
Editor faces 8-year sentence
Newspaper targeted
Journalist sentenced for libel
Journalist detained; new media blackout imposed
Radio B 92, Belgrade, wins IPI "Free Media Pioneer" award
Papua New Guinea Deputy Prime Minister warns "foreign" interests after editorial
Foreign journalists attacked
House committee asks for arrested journalist?s release
Editor freed
WAN meets Kofi Annan
Turkey to try Italian reporter over Kurdish links
Journalist attacked
Journalist killed
Investigative reporter receives death threat
Further information on journalists' assassinations
Landmark free speech judgment in consumer boycott case
Journalists charged with treason
Groups protest Jordanian press ban
Journalists arrested
Journalists released
Pius Njawe sentence reduced
RSF protests journalist's murder
Cause of journalist's death in question
Reuters office closed
Journalist released
Government revokes press licenses
HRW condemns move to put government above the law
Government measures threaten independent media
Former editor on trial
"The Post" reporter questioned, released
Journalist suspended after contributing to article
Journalists beaten and film seized
"The Fiji Times" to challenge Senate finding
"The Post" reporter picked up by police
One journalist murdered; another journalist attacked
Journalists held by guerrillas
HKJA condemns Chinese diplomat's rough treatment of reporter
Journalist suspended after contributing to article; ruling party accuses journalists of conspiring against government
Magazine sued for libel
Publications deprived of advertising
CPJ concerned over disregard for freedom of expression
Television director harassed
Journalist assaulted
Newspaper staff fend off police raid
Journalists attacked
Senate committee warns media of parliamentary privilege sanctions
HRW calls for more action in the DRC
HRW calls for more action against China
On occasion of EU-China talks, groups says EU "must not sacrifice human rights and press freedom in China on the altar of economics"
News from the No Freedom... No Culture Conference
'Akilisi Pohiva convicted of defamation in Tonga
Finnish television crew arrested and prevented from interviewing farm workers
Civic organization to picket newspaper over alleged malicious reports
Journalists not obliged to join professional association in order to work legally
Journalist attacked
Miguel Bravo Quispe's secretary sentenced to ten years in jail
Libel conviction upheld
Journalists detained
WAN President speaks to UNESCO conference
Magazine owner threatened
Journalist detained and released
Radio manager removed
Two journalists suspended
Moi orders crackdown on "The Star"
Administrator proscribes publications
Moi orders crackdown on "The Star"
Journalists sentenced for libel
Burundi clamps down on two publications
Burundi clamps down on two publications
Ukraine paper closes after losing suit
Journalists appear before Magistrate Court
"Tell" reporter arrested
Journalists arrested
Two journalists arrested

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