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Journalist banned from the profession
Abducted guard released
Concern for Pius Njawé's safety
Journalist assaulted and severely beaten
Newspaper and staff targets of harassment
Human rights leader Akin Birdal sentenced
Journalist Betty Masanja interrogated; pressured into writing a statement against her will
Journalists assaulted by politicians
Journalists with television station target of lawsuit by Mexican-owned company
Publisher arrested
Court censors dictionary
Another editor jailed
3 incarcerated journalists separated
Passports of two editors seized by court order
Financial harassment of newspaper
Newspaper offices attacked
Court censors dictionary
Journalists arrested
Newspaper, journalists and others strike out against President's attack on the press
Details on revocation of journalist's accreditation
Attempt to impound paper as harassment is stepped up
Reaction to news of subsidies on newsprint; call for licensing of journalists
Details on conviction of editors; journalists arrested and remanded
IAPA protests ouster of newsmen from Cuban legislature
Journalist's accreditation revoked
Sacked journalists reinstated
Deputy Information Minister threatens media
Bangladesh journalists harassed
The IFJ applauds the resolution in the Hotel Mazafran case
Editors jailed
WAN protests journalist's sentencing in Uzbekistan
Repressed media in a tense state
Journalist's trial re-opened
Torres Lara highlights freedom of the press and freedom of expression
Journalist released
Journalist sentenced
ARTICLE 19 protests ban of publications
"Foreigners without proper papers": the images the Minister of the Interior no longer wants to see
Journalists sentenced
Babafemi Ojudu is sick with typhoid, jaundice; writes will in detention
Newborn TV in Presidential Family's Media Empire
President attacks independent press
Recent issues relating to media freedom
Three jailed editors freed ...relive ordeals
Threatened publications circulate
Mohsen Sa'idzadeh: prominent writer, cleric and scholar arrested
Editor assaulted
Writer fined, given suspended sentence
The Secret Service against the press
9 policemen suspended after assault on reporter
Closure of newspaper and radio station
Radio station offices burned
Newspaper suspended
WPFC letter on licensing of journalists
Journalists harassed by police
WAN protests newspaper closures in Iran
Journalist attacked
Journalist arrested
Radio station offices attacked
Closure of Basque radio and newspaper
Two more detainees released; three editors freed
Journalists' release from detention announced
Open letter to Kofi Annan on the eve of his trip to Mexico
Uzbek journalist faces 11 years imprisonment
Journalist arrested
Magazine impounded
Journalists allegedly assaulted, charged with trespassing
Two journalists assaulted
"Star" editor "clarifies" ban report
No censorship, Fiji News Council appeals to Fiji Government
Bulgarian Constitutional Court upholds libel laws
Independent Newspapers Get Distribution Network in Yugoslavia
Journalists charged with defamation
Journalist Jose Arrieta granted political asylum
Journalists released from detention
Publisher banned
CPJ protests Malaysian editor's resignation
Fears for future as "Samoa Observer" ordered to pay $WS50,000, costs mount
No amicable solution in the case of Ivcher's nationality
Magazine and newspapers banned
Paper appeals against ban
"Viscera" artist charged; art exhibition for all
Series of attacks against journalists in recent months
Journalist Siad Wabera receives death threats
De facto banning of three newspapers
Israel censorship strikes out debate
Journalist Patrick Tchouwa arrested
Four journalists go on hunger strike
CPJ protests attacks on journalists
Journalist injured by police; newspapers burned
Academic leaders and scholars' advocates critique proposed Jordanian press law
Fiji Government passes emergency powers legislation
Political party threatens to engage in hostilities with newspaper group
Journalist Patrick Mayoyo receives death threats
Journalists detained, accused of spying for opposition forces
Newspaper owner apologises for reviving defunct newspaper
Bomb explosions at the offices of the daily "Dawn"
Independent radio station forcibly shut down; news director arrested
Life sentence of journalist Niran Malaolu reduced to fifteen years in prison
Journalist sought by police; another assaulted
Poets reportedly detained and awaiting trial
ARTICLE 19 calls on French president to remind Syria of its international obligation to respect freedom of expression
Journalist's car stolen, believed to be part of harassment campaign against him
Journalist Amiran Meskheli apparent target of harassment by military officials
Proposed Fiji emergency act called "too dangerous to pass"
Journalists jailed
IPI statement on the death of Moshood K.O. Abiola
British correspondents roughed up in Kosovo
Journalist receives death threats
Date of journalist's murder established
WAJA conference on children's rights and the media
Three newspaper journalists arrested
Appeal to authorities not to have draft 1998 Press and Publications Law passed into law
Independent radio station Radio Kontakt shut down allegedly for not having a broadcasting licence
Copies of two independent newspapers confiscated
Proposed Fiji emergency laws would allow censorship and suppression of publications
Important ruling by the Court of Cassation revoking previous ruling against journalists Magdi Hussein and Mohammed Hilal
New trial opens for Baruch Ivcher
Statement on freedom of the press
Journalist restrained
Journalist murdered
Judge rules for freedom of expression
Police order investigation into fire at journalist's house
Judge rules for freedom of expression
Safety Minister apologises for assault
Journalist's house petrol bombed, believed to be linked to previous harassment of journalists
Editor attacked
Still no date for democracy
Open letter to General Abdulsalam Abubakar
New infringements on press freedom
Magazine faces injunction; new charges against "The Star"
Independent radio station closed
Journalist charged
UN Intervenes in Doan Viet Hoat Case
Journalist attacked
"La Republica" columnist gives testimony before prosecutor investigating telephone tapping
WPFC letter to President Jiang
13 IFEX members sign WAJA statement on developments in Nigeria

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