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Journalist detained, accused of terrorism
Radio station owner Ricardo Palma ordered released
Government pledges to lift restrictions on the press
IFJ/WAJA mission report available
Bangladesh editor killed
WAN welcomes amnesty for Vietnamese dissident Doan Viet Hoat
Tamil journalist arrested
Sports journalist beaten by football club staff member
International PEN President Homero Aridjis receives death threats
Threats made against President of International PEN
WPFC receives response to concern regarding possible expulsion of Serbian journalists
Attacks against foreign journalists
Journalist fired from radio programme; censored, says Periodistas
Two journalists arrested in separate incidents
Radio station ordered closed for 90 days
Five Sierra Leonean journalists sentenced to death ARTICLE 19 expresses disquiet
New government in Paraguay restricts work of journalists
Iraq asked to produce arrested journalist
Exiled Ethiopian journalist arrested in Nairobi
Colombian journalist Nelson Osorio Patiño killed
Journalist Anatoly Levin-Utkin killed
Editor of daily "El Tio" receives death threats
Germany considering expelling Serbian journalists
Serbian journalist and driver missing in Kosovo
Journalist Musa Kurhasku arrested and beaten
Members of WTN crew detained in Kinshasa released from detention
Five journalists sentenced to death for treason
Journalist sentenced to ten months in prison for defamation
Journalists report from guarded "sex tape" court case
Fiji Government official says new Media Council will be "empowered" by law
Journalists harassed and detained
Journalists harassed and beaten
Complaint filed against journalist César Hildebrandt; public prosecutor asks police to investigate charges
Cameramen beaten and arrested in Hebron
Proposed amendments violate freedom of speech
Proposed legislation would make broadcasting "slanderous and insulting matter" a crime
Journalist sentenced to pay US$50,000 in damages
Opposition politicians warn of threat to press freedom; proposal to investigate reports on closed session of Congress; concern for journalist César Hildebrandt
MISA protests banning of newspapers by the Zanzibar authorities
Government expands censorship regulations
Newspapers harassed by Criminal Investigations Department
Journalists attacked for reporting on gang rape
Journalist detained incommunicado in Baghdad
Journalist released
Armed police keep Papua New Guinea reporters from "sex tape" court case
Ethnic Albanian journalist arrested in Kosovo
Media freedom groups appeal to King of Jordan to veto new press law
Further details on attack on journalist Albert Cheng
Radio journalist Albert Cheng attacked
Recent harassment of several journalists
Slovak journalist assaulted and detained
Independent Communications Network Limited denies connection to terrorist activity
Offices of newspaper ransacked
Ethnic Albanian journalist arrested in Kosovo
Welcome ceremony planned upon release of jailed editors
Journalist ordered temporarily released from military service
Confiscation of first two issues of "Alf Lela" newspaper
Asia-Pacific journalism training organisations form council
Journalist K.P. Gautam sentenced to five days in prison
President and Home Affairs minister serve separate summonses on newspaper
Government officials castigate reporter because of story
Newspaper editor Khawaja Danial Salim attacked
Journalist Sergei Fufaev attacked; persecution of media in Republic of Bashkortostan continues
Developments in trial against former Frecuencia Latina owner Baruch Ivcher
German television crew expelled from Kosovo; authorities carry out campaign to harass foreign media
Authorities force closure of CITY Radio
Call for stories on corruption
Journalist Maurizio Giuliano detained; material confiscated
French journalist Romain Franklin deported
Four journalists assaulted by military security officers
Information Minister announces plans to restrict foreign journalists
Three journalists sentenced to eight months' imprisonment for defamation
Journalists sentenced; newspaper censored
Threatened journalists at Dhaka University receive apologies and promise of protection
Foreign Ministry reverses decision to deny journalists access to Ministry premises
Editor Hussein Emoush arrested
Editor Nahed Hattar violently assaulted
Court to rule on whether or not to allow verbatim reports by journalists of legal proceedings against two journalists and publisher
Ten years of military repression in Burma: RSF launches campaign to have imprisoned journalists released
Guatemalan Journalists Association presents report on press freedom to Inter American Commission on Human Rights
Journalist Luz Amparo Jiménez Pallares killed
Prison sentence against journalist Shadi Mardiev confirmed by supreme court
Three journalists arrested for "attacking the honour" of presidential couple
UK taxpayers' money used for Nigeria trade mission while political prisoners rot
Two journalists receive death threats
Disappearance of Iranian journalist Mahmoud Saremi
Editor and photographer beaten and severely injured
Judge reserves decision on "Samoa Observer" criminal libel charges
Romanian journalists sentenced for libel
New press law ratified
Fiji Assistant Information Minister says new council will be more regulatory
Police officers implicated in assault of journalists granted immunity from prosecution
Seven journalist remain imprisoned
Journalist Dipak Chowdhury assaulted by police officer
Editor Sergeï Odaritch injured in armed attack
"The Star" allowed to publish
IFJ delegation visits Indonesia and celebrates forth anniversary of Alliance of Independent Journalists; excerpts from press conference
The weekly "Khaneh" banned
Authorities deny entry visa to journalist with German television station
Journalist Bezunesh Debebe arrested; journalist Alemayehu Kifle released, goes into hiding
IFJ condemns attacks on journalists in Kosovo
Human Rights Watch selects 44 writers from 19 countries to receive Hellman/Hammett grants
President says censorship likely to continue
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister criticises international news media
Independent media under attack
Jailed editors Atta and Baako Jr. denied bail
Journalists convicted of defamation launch appeal; other journalists await hearing of their appeal
New clampdown on press spells further repression
President pledges to abolish censorship
Two Russian journalists assaulted
Cartoonist Dogan Güzel detained, sentenced to prison; journalist Kerem Türk assaulted by police; journalist Cemal Dogan shot at
Journalists Ovidiu Scultelnicu and Dragos Stangu each sentenced to one year in prison for defamation
Draft press law approved by parliamentary committee
Court refuses to give authorisation to Palestinian journalist Taher Shriteh to enter Israel and West Bank
"Tous" newspaper banned until further notice
Authorities refuse to provide information to journalists with "El Día"

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