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Journalist held at gunpoint, unknown assailants seize his files
In its World Press Freedom Day statement, MISA highlights "emerging threats, the need for vigilance and consolidation on media gains in Southern Africa"
Author on trial for book deemed to "humiliate" religion
Two French magazines censored
Journalist seriously threatened in Paraná
IFJ demands overhaul of repressive media laws
Popular weekly column cancelled
CPJ names 10 worst countries to be a blogger
A newspaper "to serve society, not the state": Russia's "Novaya Gazeta" wins IPI Pioneer Award
Court acquits well-known columnist of defaming Parliament
Taliban warn media against hostile coverage
Political thugs assault photojournalists
UN rules dissident's detention illegal
Internet activist kidnapped, detained for three weeks
IFJ accuses governments of "hypocrisy and neglect" over press freedom
Concerns for health of imprisoned writer Zargana
Journalist arrested, detained overnight for questioning by intelligence personnel
Radio station fined for airing materials capable of "inciting violence"
World Press Freedom Day 2009: Focus on media, dialogue and mutual understanding
IAPA conference calls on government for transparency in its war on drugs
World Press Freedom Day 2009 events in Africa
World Press Freedom Day 2009 events in the Americas
World Press Freedom Day 2009 events in Asia-Pacific
World Press Freedom Day 2009 events in Europe and Central Asia
World Press Freedom Day 2009 events in the Middle East and North Africa
Journalist detained for one month, another journalist threatened by official over his reporting
American journalist Roxana Saberi on hunger strike
Journalists in hiding from rioting soldiers
Suspects on trial for plotting to kill editor
Police launch manhunt for recently released journalist
IAPA conference calls on government for transparency in its war on drugs
Blogger detained since October 2008, church orders family to keep silent
IPA awards 2009 Freedom to Publish Prize to OLPEC founders
Journalist El Malick Seck pardoned
Government suspends BBC radio service for "unacceptable speech" in programme on genocide
State newspaper's proposed ban on satellite dishes seen as sign of increased suppression of media freedom
Authorities prevent public seminars from being held
Twenty-six IFEX members and other organisations urge government to amend lese majeste law
Journalist appears in court on defamation charges
Three journalists arrested; radio station ordered closed
"Ogaal" newspaper reporter sentenced to one year in prison
Media regulatory body lifts ban on phone-ins
North Korea will try American journalists
Political cartoonist receives death threat, assaulted in Oaxaca
Regional government's actions targeting private newspaper threaten free expression, says WAN
Newspaper under pressure because of political tension
Radio reporter gunned down in Cauca department
Megamedia Group employees threatened, attacked in Campeche
Bishkek court fines newspaper
RSF welcomes release of editor N. Vithyatharan
Supreme Court to review appeal launched by former first lady in case against magazine and Argentine writer
Secret inquests threaten accountability, says Human Rights Watch
JOINT ACTION: ARTICLE 19 and CIHRS welcome agreement on final Outcome Document of Durban Review Conference
More German journalists join battle to protect confidentiality of sources
Censors prohibit media from reporting on murder case
Draft law fails to fully safeguard independence of national broadcasters, says ARTICLE 19
Ten Years On, IFJ says NATO must apologise over Belgrade media killings
Former president's guards attack journalists, destroy equipment
Mission finds media law reform process "flawed"
More websites and blogs blocked by authorities
Marking World Press Freedom Day, WiPC releases "Declaration in Defense of the Freedom to Write in the Americas"
ARTICLE 19 launches the Camden Principles on Freedom of Expression and Equality
Second journalist murdered since the beginning of the year
Media under attack one month after new president installed
Ruling recognises "Detroit Free Press" reporter's right to protect his sources
JOINT ACTION: Thirty-five IFEX members call for release of journalist Roxana Saberi
Marking World Press Freedom Day, WiPC releases "Declaration in Defense of the Freedom to Write in the Americas"
Journalist Ricardo García Jiménez threatened, harassed
TV reporter released, "defamation" and "insult" charges still pending
Sinaloa university authorities introduce restrictive measures after being criticised by professor
Daily suspended for two weeks
Broadcast media forbidden to let public express views on the air
Journalist Faruq Haji Mustafa held incommunicado, another on trial
"Azadlig" newspaper correspondent released after five-day detention
Two Kurdish newspapers suspended for a month for "spreading PKK propaganda"
New arrest warrant out for suspects in journalist's murder
Sucumbíos police detain journalist, harass camera operator
RSF condemns threats to press freedom in Kurdistan
Two Kurdish politicians sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment for spreading propaganda
AMARC welcomes bill limiting media concentration
Bouteflika urged to reverse Algerian press freedom abuses
Seven journalists injured by Israeli soldiers in West Bank since January 2009
Court acquits blogger known as "Minerva"
Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi launches legal action against three Moroccan newspapers
Supreme Court rules in favour of "Time" magazine in defamation case
Journalist receives death threat after accusing mayor of corruption
Journalists used as "human shields" in shoot-out
Students vandalise newspaper office, threaten its workers
President, chief justice order review of journalist Roxana Saberi's case
Police disrupt radio show, briefly detain two journalists
Senators threaten to charge local media with contempt of Parliament
Freelancer Roxana Saberi convicted of spying
Press freedom abuses rise during elections
Member states should not boycott UN anti-racism meeting, say IFEX members
"Time" magazine cleared of defaming Suharto
Financial blogger acquitted of spreading false news
NUSOJ unveils bulletproof gear for journalists
New security measures introduced for Internet cafés
Civil defamation a worrying trend in Slovakia, says IPI
Index on Censorship honours free expression champions
Security forces crack down on anti-government radio and TV stations
Five years of unanswered questions since journalist Guy-André Kieffer's abduction
Misdemeanors court acquits Cairo News Company and director of all charges
Freelance photojournalist Anderson Shadreck Manyere finally released on bail
King pardons hundreds of activists following international outcry
Controversial radio station manager removed from his post
Government considers legal action against Television New Zealand
Journalist Nur Muse Hussein shot while covering fighting between rival militia forces
Bookstore owner sentenced to one year in jail for pro-Kurdish statements
Imprisoned writer Liu Xiaobo to receive top PEN honour
Journalist Rasim Ozan Kütahyali assaulted by youth leader
Court denies motion to dismiss charges against suspected masterminds in Esperat murder
Local TV station chief resigns because of death threats
Pacnews journalist detained for 12 hours; military orders closure of ABC relay transmitters
Criminal investigation into suspected murder of journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin closed
ARTICLE 19, CIHRS concerned about member states' withdrawal from Durban Review
Two newspapers censored by police
Federal Penal Code reform falls short in protecting right to freedom of expression, says ARTICLE 19
Appeal court increases sentence for blogger Hassan Barhoun
Three IFEX members and 14 other organisations urge UN member states to participate constructively in Durban Review Conference
Journalist threatened, stones thrown at his home after he criticises former president Fujimori; radio station attacked after accusing former mayor of corruption
RSF calls for release of newspaper editor imprisoned for "insulting" judge
"Narodnih Novina" editor and journalist fined in defamation case
ARTICLE 19 calls for revisions in draft outcome document of the Durban Review Conference
Journalist Andrés Guardiola García-Gómez harassed by local officials in León
Reporter dies as a result of shooting injuries; another injured by roadside bomb
Tribunal issues decision aimed at avoiding "prior censorship" during election campaigns
Journalist Roxana Saberi sentenced to eight years' imprisonment on spying charge
National Lottery official leaves position and political party after being accused of attempting to bribe Megamedia publishing group newspapers
Journalist Edwin Nand released; PM says free speech "nothing but trouble"
ARTICLE 19 and partners launch awareness campaign on the right to information
Foreign journalists harassed and expelled by authorities
Media barred from citing unofficial sources on prisoners' situation; editor forced to resign
Al Jazeera journalists warned about covering southern Yemen
Al Quds correspondent freed in Jenin
Media mogul and political leader Sondhi Limthongkul survives slay attempt
Radio presenter Julio Ricardo Blanchet Cruz stages hunger strike after dismissal for refusing to censor himself
One hundred and seventy-eight activists and human rights defenders released
Journalist Jama Ayanle Feyte pardoned and released
Jailed newspaper editor pardoned by head of military government
IPI report uncovers worrying trends
Publisher of "L'Action" Boussada Ben Ali loses appeal
Editor Ali Hasanov released from prison
Two Moroccan journalists prevented from covering presidential election
Provincial radio station Idéale FM ordered reopened following forced closure
Government-run NBT TV goes off air following shutdown of opposition DTV
Authorities break silence on "disappearance" of "Daily Observer" reporter Chief Ebrima Manneh
Conscientious objector Mustafa Karayay acquitted in Ankara court
PMO bars critical online newspaper from covering cabinet announcement
Iraqi military files lawsuit against London-based newspaper, Dubai-based television channel
Journalist group expresses concern following attacks on media covering demonstrations
Journalist Rodrigo Oliveira threatened by police, prevented from reporting on incident at soccer game
Journalist William Jalulah assaulted by ruling party supporters
RSF calls for journalists to be allowed into area where "major humanitarian crisis" is unfolding
Two suspects detained in murder of journalist Rolando Santis
Taliban partially lift ban on cable TV broadcasting in Swat valley
Official accuses press of extortion
Telecosta TV station equipment damaged by acid attack, Radio Gaviota director threatened
Foreign journalists deported, media censored in state of emergency
Twenty-five IFEX members condemn post-election media crackdown
Two journalists freed from prison
Political crisis inflicts fresh blows on free expression
Draft media laws seriously threaten free expression
Sixth Gathering in Istanbul for Freedom of Expression
Demand release of unjustly imprisoned writers in Vietnam
Telecosta TV station equipment damaged by acid attack, Radio Gaviota director threatened
"Ibda'e" magazine licence cancelled; issue of "Share'e alsahafaa" newspaper confiscated
Correspondent for Belgrade-based "Vecernje novosti" threatened
ARTICLE 19 voices serious concerns on draft press law
Kidnapped journalist Khawar Shafiq escapes his abductors
Draft media law undermines free expression, says Human Rights Watch report
Authorities question critical journalist and his family, confiscate books and other materials
Journalist Tuver Wundi Muhindo threatened by armed intruders
Photojournalist Anderson Manyere granted bail, but state prosecutor appeals order
FLIP welcomes verdicts in cases of two assassinated journalists
Government announces withdrawal of Ministry of Information directive for foreign journalists
Reporter Carly Falcão forced to delete footage of police attack on football fan
JOINT ACTION: Twenty-five IFEX members and 10 other organisations protest violations of access to information rights and attacks on journalists following elections
Journalist and blogger Ahmed Seif Al-Nasr arrested in Fayoum
Journalist Sakit Zahidov, editor Asif Merzili freed from prison
CB Plus television station suspended in response to political coverage
Foreign reporters ordered to be deported, media censored after government declares state of emergency
Journalists from New Zealand and Australia deported as regime tightens control on news media; local media outlets refuse to report on political stories
Imprisoned writers Nguyen Hoang Hai and Pham Thanh Nghien in poor health, denied family visits
Regional press freedom groups alarmed by draft media laws
Anti-government protestor throws homemade explosive device near ASTV television station offices, CPJ calls for journalist security amid protests
Journalist Roxana Saberi charged with spying for the United States
Broadcast journalists Varunee Suesatsakulchai, Somphote Thoraksa and Sathien Viriyapongsa assaulted, harassed during demonstration
Serbian president cancels interview with Austrian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent
CEPET concerned over spate of attacks on journalists in Oaxaca State
Authorities ban distribution of the film Milk
Judicial police officers assault photojournalists José Antonio León Castañares and Oscar Bolaños Herrera
Journalists prevented from entering Moldova; journalists and media workers assaulted, detained and interrogated by police officers
Lawyer of imprisoned reporter Abdurrahman Gök to file complaint for torture and maltreatment
"Atylym" newspaper handed one-month publishing ban, website blocked for allegedly spreading propaganda
Local media groups concerned about recent attacks on journalists, violations to access to information
Court drops some charges against "The Point" editor, he is still accused of falsifying citizenship documents
Idéale FM radio station closed for refusing to reveal sources
Justice minister silent on calls to probe murder of editor Slavko Curuvija; 15-year "suicide" death of journalist Dada Vujasinovic reclassified as murder
Private radio station ordered to shut down for 24 hours by Al-Shabaab forces
RSF denounces "disgraceful" impunity three months after journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga's murder
President Obama urged to launch "credible investigations" into media killings in Baghdad, role of US military
Armed men disrupt Karachi cultural festival over photo montage
Prime minister urged to repeal restrictive laws, foster conditions necessary for national dialogue
Kurdish politician Mahmut Alinak on trial for "insult" following his criticism of PM
IFJ welcomes UNESCO press freedom award to slain journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge
Newspaper publisher Ali Soumana charged with defamation and publishing false information
Vancouver police seize photojournalist Jason Payne's camera at crime scene, threaten him with arrest for "obstruction of justice"
New prime minister frees 13 internal security law detainees, lifts suspension on opposition party newspapers "Suara Keadilan", "Harakah"
Border guards deny Romanian journalists entry as protests over election results continue
Prime minister threatens action against journalists who cover groups said to "promote separatism"
TV journalist Fana Soumah suspended indefinitely for allegedly "broadcasting false information"
Journalists barred from entering city affected by 2008 earthquake despite providing requested documents
Campaign for Reader Privacy launches next phase in campaign to restore safeguards stripped away by Patriot Act
CPJ concerned about crackdown on websites and blogs
Current issues of three French publications banned on eve of presidential election
Government-run newspaper attacks FMM secretary; news editor removed from post at Sinhala-language weekly
RSF expresses concern about conditions in which journalists and cyber-dissidents are being held
Newspaper editor Asif Merzili sentenced to one year in jail for defamation
Newspaper editor Jaime Abanto Padilla threatened after denouncing corruption committed by penitentiary officials
National Assembly president calls for investigation into conduct of journalist Beatriz Adrián; journalists prevented from covering arrival of kidnapped youth at medical centre
ARTICLE 19 calls on Parliament to adopt progressive law on access to information
Journalist Jean-Pierre Katende briefly detained following broadcast of controversial programme
Government promises to adopt right to information law
Television station "Televiva" arbitrarily shut down by local authorities
Unidentified individuals cut cables supporting LT 43 Radio Mocoví's antenna in Chaco Province
Journalist José Granados Fernández receives death threats after denouncing corruption
Blogger Suwicha Thakhor sentenced to 10 years in prison; two IFEX members concerned about routine use of lèse majesté to silence dissent
Federal Court rules against professor Amir Attaran's access to information request
Egyptian editor Khaled Hamza prevented from travelling; Tunisian journalist Siham Bensedrine denied entry into Algeria
Journalists' union leader released as deal reached at troubled TV news station
National Human Rights Commission requests protective measures for journalist Anabel Hernández, law professor Roberto Vidal Méndez detained
Chamber of Deputies approves initiative to make crimes against journalists a federal offence
Journalist injured during meeting in Paris in support of Algerian president
CPJ urges prime minister to examine restrictions, military strikes on media in Gaza
Murdered journalist Musa Khankhel received threats before he was killed
Taliban suspected in attack on Radio Pakistan Wana
Megamedia publishing house denounces bribery attempt by federal government official
Freedom House dismayed by new regulations, increasing censorship on video-sharing websites
Judge in Jean Dominique murder case suspended for corruption
Dounia TV director and editor arrested and detained for "broadcasting false information"
Constitutional Court overturns ruling sentencing "Semana" magazine editor to three days in jail
Television reporter Rolando Santiz murdered, photographer Juan Antonio de León Villatoro wounded
"Estado de Minas" newspaper ordered to print university's reply to an article, IAPA equates "disproportionate" ruling with censorship
IPI concerned by assaults on free expression as nation undergoes new leadership
RSF mission finds alarming impact on press freedom in Swat valley following imposition of Islamic law
Newspaper founder Arseny Makhlov faces trumped-up bribery charges
Broadcaster Patricia Pacheco Guzmán "suspended indefinitely" after criticising local official
Freelance journalist Kudzai Musengi kidnapped, later released, warned against reporting on land issue
Authorities must investigate sudden death of newspaper designer Sergei Protazanov, says CPJ
Three journalists harassed after reporting on senator under investigation for alleged fraud
IPI calls on G20 leaders to discuss barriers to press freedom
Two TVC Noticias journalists detained and interrogated after filming official's home
Two "Le Répère" newspaper journalists convicted of insulting president
Reporter Gerardo Flores Rodríguez assaulted by security guards while reporting on a death at a hospital
Writer Jiang Qisheng detained and interrogated by police
Journalist Rafael Munguía Ortiz murdered in San Pedro Sula
Two US journalists could face up to 10 years in labour camp if convicted of "illegal entry" and perpetrating "hostile acts"
Editor-in-chief and correspondent of Russian newspaper assaulted
Human rights advocate Lev Ponomarev seriously hurt; Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and others urge Obama to address attacks on activists in talks with Medvedev
Wife of special prosecutor for human rights kidnapped, tortured following publication of report on human rights abuses
ARTICLE 19 and FNJ express concern over government's adoption of regressive film regulation
Author Latife Tekin harassed for questioning archaeological land acquisition
International: UN Council passes defamation of religions resolution
Egypt: Local members mark centenary of press freedom demonstrations
Colombia: Authorities uncover plot to kill IAPA president
SEEMO calls for entries for human rights photo award
CAPSULE REPORT: Freedom House study identifies emerging governmental threats to Internet freedom in 15 countries
Columnist Veysi Sarisözen and managing director Ziya Çiçekçi charged with producing "terrorist propaganda"
Criminal court accuses media of influencing public opinion in police trial

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