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IRFS launches 24-hour media hotline in Azerbaijan
Newspaper given one-week suspension by censor board
Reporter under security surveillance
ARTICLE 19 recommends improvements to draft information law
ARTICLE 19 submits comments to World Bank Information Policy Review
Prime Minister says no legal obligation for media to register until commission is formed
IAPA issues call for action in murder case
Journalist struck and threatened by jail director after taking his photograph
Fears for safety of author Lydia Cacho
Court upholds heavy fine against blogger
Prime minister launches new lawsuit against news media, withdraws another
Court breaks law by refusing to release journalist on health grounds
Police assault journalists, local correspondent arrested and briefly detained
Suicide car bomb injures 20 journalists, damages offices of newspapers, television stations
Supreme decree on terrorism could impact on media owners
Radio station receives bomb threat, director flees country
ANHRI releases annual freedom of expression report
Academic acquitted of charges in Hisba lawsuit, one of several he is facing
Activist apparently targeted for exposing prison abuse must be freed, says Human Rights Watch
Government imposes news blackout on President Bongo's health
Proposed bill threatens media freedom and confidentiality of sources
Court affirms ruling rejecting dismissal of case against alleged masterminds of journalist's murder
Previously abducted blogger harassed by police
Academic acquitted of charges of "abusing Egypt's reputation"
RSF urges presidential candidates to defend free expression
Journalists die amid renewed violence
Foreign journalists welcome to do their job, says PM
Crime reporter found dead in Durango
FLIP founder leaves paper over political differences
Suspects in journalist's murder arrested
CPJ concerned about well-being of kidnapped journalists
Journalists on trial for criticising Libyan leader
Journalist finds himself on army "hit list"
Pressures weaken public interest reporting
Radio B92 celebrates 20 years of social responsibility
2009 Bastiat Prize competition
Maharat Foundation launches report on the status of freedom of speech and expression
Police raid opposition party headquarters, arrest protesters amid continuing unrest in Perak State
Police officer assaults, threatens journalist in Chihuahua
Body of assassinated journalist found in Durango
IFJ and RSF call on president to protect journalists in NWFP
Historic day in Baghdad as IFJ launches journalism support programme
Journalist succumbs to bullet wounds sustained in targeted shooting
President sends media bill back to Parliament
Human rights organisations urge president to lift blockade on newspapers, websites
Three Fatah members sentenced for murder of journalists
Offenders guilty of beating editor-in-chief still at large after three years
MFWA urges speedy passage of the Right to Information law
IAPA concerned over targeting of critical media
CJFE welcomes Supreme Court decision in Daniel Leblanc case
Radio Mada reporter freed after two weeks in detention
Trial of suspected perpetrator of Chauncey Bailey's murder begins
ARTICLE 19 calls on government to improve draft information law
Academic threatened and censored in Sinaloa
Special security forces prevent people from holding public seminar
Culture Ministry confiscates book following criticisms
"Mail & Guardian" lodges complaint over state spying on its journalists
Newspaper founder jailed on defamation charges
Reporter's assailants issue apology
Government delays granting of licences to community media outlets as a form of control, says senator
Former intelligence officials leak list of news media and journalists whose phones were tapped
Parliament debates harsh new press law; RSF and human rights lawyer call for amendments
Police officers beat journalists who attempted to interview football players
Local legislature calls for harassment of journalists who cover federal public security secretary's actions to stop
Newspaper publisher turns herself in to police, bail set at "extortionary" level
Journalist Michel Kilo free at last
Journalist given prison sentence for "insulting" prosecutor
IPU Assembly: ARTICLE 19 welcomes resolution on freedom of expression and right to information
International publishers and librarians agree to enhance the debate on open access
IFJ calls for full access as World Health Forum opens door to Taiwanese journalists
Diplomats and journalists allowed access to Suu Kyi trial
Broadcaster critically injured in latest shooting
Human Rights Watch calls on Kazakhstan to improve its human rights record
Dissident, long imprisoned, is dead
Indonesian Air Force detains four journalists to prevent news coverage of plane crash
Journalists receive death threats while covering protest
Human rights defender harassed, threatened with death by police
IFJ demands justice over 1996 targeted killing
IAPA condemns conviction of journalist
Journalist killed during fighting in Mogadishu
Call for investigation of Teleamazonas station; CONARTEL issues controversial resolution
Five journalists face charges of defaming Libyan president
Journalist leaves "El Colombiano" daily
Journalist included in military "order of battle"
Imprisoned journalist faces another lawsuit
Obama opposes release of torture photos
Journalist threatened by police officer
News website latest target in government's offensive against independent media
Emergency funds for journalists forced to flee Swat valley
Army holding three doctors for "providing false information" to the media
Pro-reform daily closed one day after publishing first issue in five years
Newspaper editor-in-chief threatened, in hiding following publication of article about president
Radio station shut down, staff arrested following election coverage
Critical journalist shot by security forces
ARTICLE 19 calls for a federal policy to prevent aggressions against journalists
"La Jornada" journalist granted protective measures after being threatened
Expand free expression rights in new draft constitution, says ARTICLE 19
Artists' right to free expression curtailed with arrests, detention, censorship
Aung San Suu Kyi on trial for breaking restrictions
Triumph for journalists as government agrees to amend media law
Michel Kilo released
Government behind campaign to destabilise media union
Journalist sentenced to three years on "disrespect" charges
ARTICLE 19 new project: "Defending the right to express sexual and gender identity"
Help Swat Valley journalists in exile
Four journalists face legal action for "defamation"
MISA expresses concern over ACHPR case processing delays
Continued violence against journalists symptomatic of ongoing repression in the region, says ARTICLE 19
Special mandates highlight framework for media and elections
CPJ calls on new prime minister to reform press freedom
Security authorities confiscate book about corruption
Police arrest accused in 2005 murder of journalist
Blogger detained on charges of attempting to overthrow the government
CNDH investigates anomaly in allocation of federal government advertising contracts
Government wants prior restraint on community radio programmes and satellite, cable television stations
Newspaper vendor detained, accused of defaming mayoral candidate
Editor-in-chief violently attacked by ruling-party members
Military government imposes new restrictions on Internet usage
Journalist's home shot at following article on local electric company
Independent journalist sentenced to three years in prison
Senate president apologises for attacking radio reporter
Aung San Suu Kyi facing trial and incarceration in Insein prison
IJC - Memorandum on the Freedom of the Press in Moldova
Media defense lawyer arrested
Reporter arrested as she returns from Gaza Strip
High court grants bail to detained photojournalist
Journalist detained after insulting mayor
Leading journalist escapes murder attempt
Critics of Tiananmen still face reprisals 20 years after crackdown, says Human Rights Watch report
In continuing harassment, newspaper editor forbidden to leave country
IFJ condemns new attack on journalists' sources
President sends access to information bill to congress
Editors detained, special press court established in Yemen
TV reporter cleared of inciting teenager in body piercing "suspension"
"The Post" targeted in two separate incidents
Local businesses refuse to provide billboard space to IJC
Authorities threaten independent media
CPJ urges Chávez to refrain from threatening the press
Central bank security officer attacks TV journalist
Court directs private radio station to resume transmission
Newspaper editors face charges, arrested and released on bail
Radio presenter forced off air on orders of local mayor
Government to dispel repressive clause in media law
ARTICLE 19 assists with drafting of freedom of information law
Newspaper faces bankruptcy after being ordered to pay millions in damages
New York State legislator faces felony charge in attack on photographer
Government denies threatening EOHR with dissolution
Two American journalists deported
More arrests reported as government continues crackdown on online journalists
Investigate abduction, beating of rights activist, says Human Rights Watch
IFEX-TMG calls on president to end government interference in SNJT work
Israeli authorities close Palestinian media centre in East Jerusalem
Police raid paper, wound three
Roxana Saberi freed
JOINT ACTION: Thirty-two IFEX members and other partners call on Uzbek President to release wrongfully imprisoned journalist Salijon Abdurahmanov
Journalists flee Swat Valley
Eighty arrested in standoff over control of Perak state
Thirty-two IFEX members demand release of reporter serving 10 years
President pardons editor convicted of defamation
Scholar Rescue Fund fellowships
Global Integrity seeks experts for 2009 Report
Amendments to Criminal Code inhibit investigative journalism, says WAN
Three injured as newspaper offices attacked
Sichuan authorities arrest local writer, harass foreign journalists reporting on earthquake anniversary
Journalists harassed by police while attempting to cover student protests
Globovisión faces charges for reporting on earthquake; its website hacked
Prosecutor drops case filed by journalists assaulted by government party supporters
Journalists flee Swat valley en masse
Journalist harassed by party activists
Broadcasting commission suspends licence of private radio station
Editor held incommunicado, critical newspaper sued
ARTICLE 19 wins key case at UN Human Rights Committee
Civil society adopt the Machakos Declaration on Freedom of Expression
IFJ denounces "blatant" breach of protection of sources
Journalists in Fiji released after 48 hours in detention
Former minister sues two newspapers for defamation
IFJ deplores deportation of news team
Four journalists injured in press conference shelling
IFJ joins Pacific call for action on media freedom
Journalists assaulted by mining company security personnel
Journalist dismissed from Radio Zacatecas
IAPA censures prime minister for restricting two newspapers' access to information
Police officers in Valledupar assault photographer
Human rights defender refused entry into country
Regional parliament creates commission to "regulate" media outlets
Reporter injured after reporting on allegations of irregularities in municipal administration
Roxana Saberi finally freed
Government suspends French public radio broadcasts
"Tribuna" newspaper editor beaten, threatened by unknown persons
Reporters refuse to cover senate news after president assaults colleague
ARTICLE 19 calls on new EU Eastern Partnership to probe attacks on journalists
Publishers challenge Media Practitioners Act in court
French photographer freed after being held for 16 months
Journalist accused of wiretapping
Mayoral candidate supporters vandalise radio station's headquarters
CPJ concerned by pressure on media
Detained Radio Mada reporter charged and transferred to prison
Parliamentarian threatens online journalists
Journalist summoned for allegedly defaming Civil Service Bureau
Suspect in killing of radio journalist convicted; another acquitted in separate case
Censorship board limits reporting on one-year anniversary of Cyclone Nargis
Authorities arrest 80 writers, activists, members of opposition during protests
Government pressure on television programme considered too liberal
Journalist arrested; authorities seize copies of seven independent newspapers
CIJ condemns government's intimidation of media and electoral reform activist
Media in danger in Swat Valley
IPI/SEEMO strongly condemns threat against journalist by Serbian Orthodox priest
Broadcast ban on two independent media outlets lifted
Government supporters vandalise newspaper headquarters; students harass reporters in Barinas
Prison term for online defamation remains, Indonesian High Court says
Jestina Mukoko granted bail; Shadreck Manyere rearrested, denied bail
EOHR condemns detention of protestors and assault of journalists
One year on, authorities still arresting activists, obstructing media over Sichuan earthquake reporting
Election watchdog calls for transparency regarding fiscal verification of non-governmental organisations
Twenty-six IFEX members protest against lese majeste charges
Journalists under attack on World Press Freedom Day
Reporter under threat killed on World Press Freedom Day
Supreme Court strikes down archaic press law
Government threatens to dissolve EOHR
IPA awards 2009 Freedom to Publish Prize to OLPEC founders
Jailed Chinese writer receives top PEN honour
Journalist harassed by security guards
Journalist assaulted by senator
JOINT ACTION: To mark World Press Freedom Day, SEAPA, TJA and six other organisations issue proposals for media freedom
Military regime rejects Aung San Suu Kyi appeal
Photographer threatened while covering protest in Mérida; Chávez supporters insult journalists in Caracas
Opposition party member threatened with criminal defamation suit
Editor hospitalised, police refuse to open investigation
Saberi ends hunger strike
Reporter who criticised local officials gunned down in Durango state
Court of appeal upholds "police obstruction" conviction against photojournalist
JOINT ACTION: World Press Freedom Day conference concludes with commitment to tackle impunity, repressive media laws
CPJ alarmed by press violations in Iraqi Kurdistan
Three journalists arrested in Tehran
FLIP launches its Access to Information Manual
Prosecutors, jurists, journalists call for reduction in "relative impunity" for crimes against the press
Conference commemorates World Press Freedom Day in Lagos
Government seizes newspaper offices
Country's largest newspaper systematically attacks scholars, judges for views and rulings on minorities
On World Press Freedom Day, journalists in exile call on international community to pressure government to lift ban on free press
Journalists and media outlets call on new government to pass laws and public policies that democratise communication
Journalists manhandled by political party workers at Karachi airport
IAPA message on World Press Freedom Day
Press still exposed to threats, pressure and censorship that undermines its credibility, says JED on World Press Freedom Day
Journalists commemorate World Press Freedom Day; government disbands Media Council
Several journalists still in hiding after attack by rioting soldiers in Papua province
On World Press Freedom Day, PEN launches Americas campaign, condemns rising violence against journalists in Latin America
IAPA disappointed over decision not to review case of murdered journalist; calls for investigation into attempt to intimidate member of Radio Caracol news team
World's press protests against jailings, attacks, on World Press Freedom Day
Demonstrators beat reporters, steal videocamera
On World Press Freedom Day, CIJ calls on government to implement media freedom road map
IRFS World Press Freedom Day statement
World Press Freedom Day: when governments take journalists hostage
PINA media statement on World Press Freedom Day
CEMESP renews commitment to upholding free speech in Liberia
Statement by ACM on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2009
ARTICLE 19 reaffirms the need to protect freedom of expression on World Press Freedom Day
Photographer illegally detained
New charges against detained activist
IFJ annual report documents alarming trends in journalists' safety, press freedom
World Press Freedom Day: Statement from the MFWA
Victory as Federal Supreme Court repeals dictatorship-era press law
New investigation into murder of "Novaya Gazeta" journalist
Global press freedom declines in every region for first time, says Freedom House report
JOINT ACTION: ARTICLE 19 and MRA promote access to information in health matters
Newspaper reporter Garmonyou Wilson detained
Online editor severely beaten, hospitalised
EOHR under threat of dissolution
IAPA condemns conviction of journalist

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