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Police officers assault a reporter and photographer from the daily "El Economista"
Journalists assaulted during political rally in Chiapas
In Qaddafi case, Moroccan court hands down harsh judgment
President restricts government advertising in media
CONATEL opens fourth case against Globovisión television station
Journalists and media attacked, threatened in wake of coup d'état
Two newspapers sued
Court threatens to fine and imprison editor
IFJ condemns crackdown against media
TV crew harassed while reporting on drowning
Obama should address Russian impunity in upcoming summit, says CPJ
Journalist and cameraman attacked by security guards
Detained journalist granted bail
Activist Liu Xiaobo formally charged, could spend 15 years in jail
MADA demands the release of journalist Abu Samrah
CPJ Special Report: Reporting, and Surviving, in Ciudad Juárez
Supreme Court orders retrial in Politkovskaya murder
Journalist attacked by police at protest rally
The right to freedom of expression of activists is threatened by homophobia, says ARTICLE 19
Free Dhondup Wangchen!
Journalist gets jail term for exposing corruption in government
Court convicts newspaper editor for "publishing false information"
IFJ welcomes legislative changes eliminating "press crimes"
Tibetan in prison for more than a year for sending texts and e-mails
BBC back on air under strict conditions
Concern over law banning public references to sexual orientation
Government revives harsh press law
Months-long assault on media continues
CJFE calls on government to make killing a journalist a federal offence
Editor sentenced to six months in prison
Two journalists sentenced to three months' imprisonment, publisher exonerated
US and European companies jointly responsible for Internet censorship, says RSF
IFJ welcomes lifting of ban on newspaper
Printer's offices vandalised
SPP condemns attack on journalist Santiago Benítez's residence
Human rights activist sentenced to three years in prison
Twelve states sign world's first treaty on access to information
New information and communications technology bill proposed
IAPA criticises shutdown of radio station
Journalist threatened in Atlantic coast area
Blasphemy amendment contrary to free speech, says ARTICLE 19
Police interrogate two newspaper editors about their sources
Television station attacked, journalist harassed
Police assault photographer
Nearly 400 journalists exiled since 2001, says CPJ
Media repression continues into second week
Ménard calls it quits at Doha Centre
U.S. and Afghan journalists escape Taliban captors
Court issues landmark ruling on protection of journalists' sources
Twelve countries sign world's first treaty on access to information
Journalists charged with sedition freed on bail
Say no to EU visa discrimination after Zimbabwean band forced to cancel tour
Newspaper raided and staffers detained
IFJ hails milestone victory of journalist on protection of sources
More than 300 journalists killed in Russia since 1993, says joint report
Poet sentenced to one year in jail
Repressive mania continues as more journalists arrested
News website director arrested
Cameraman beaten and stripped naked by police in Kinshasa
"New York Times" reporter and his fixer escape from Taliban kidnappers
Kurdish journalist concerned about safety
Six journalists released on bail, another arrested
Detained journalists charged
NIA storms newspaper's printing offices, three journalists in hiding
CJES, GDF and IFJ launch report on journalists killed
Freedom to publish under siege: IPA report slams censorship in Iran
Journalists' group declares news blackout on judiciary
CIJ calls for release of Burmese refugees arrested at peaceful assembly
Canadian journalist and filmmaker arrested
Three more journalists detained, BBC correspondent to be deported
Repression stepped up yet again as Iran becomes world's biggest prison for journalists
Journalists arrested, Khamenei calls media 'evil'
Various newspapers banned and censored
RSF warns of real risk of impunity in case of journalist Carlos Quispe Quispe
Journalist sentenced to two years' imprisonment
IAPA hails repeal of university degree requirement in Brazil, welcomes Mexico Supreme Court decision to overturn special safeguards for public officials
Plainclothes officers storm privately-owned Mobi TV
Mayoral candidate launches lawsuit against magazine editor after publication of article linking him to drug traffickers
Kurdish human rights activist on trial after criticising arrest of children
Writer detained and prevented from travelling
Journalist under arrest
Government must stop attacks on media, says PFF
Court rejects journalist's lawsuit
Authorities try to close down independent weekly in Dagestan
Corruption to continue if media freedom is not addressed, says MISA Zambia
Defence Secretariat sanctions military personnel for assault on journalists
Dissident photographer held incommunicado, faces jail on "pre-crime social danger" charge
Security force actions against journalists on the rise in Chihuahua
Armed men steal vehicle with 1000 copies of "La Jornada Guerrero" newspaper
Unidentified men fire at provincial media offices
CPJ special report: Journalists in Exile
YouTube blocks "El Universal" from its site following allegations of plagiarism
President withdraws suit against newspaper
Newspaper violates child's rights
Stop prosecuting criminal defamation cases
Palestinian security forces detain Al Jazeera crew, erase footage
Circulation of "Rumbos" magazine insert restricted in San Juan
Radio station resumes operations
Journalist threatened following publication of article
Legislators consider defamation suits against telecom providers
Second journalist killed in a week
Radio station taken off air for "bogus" reasons after reporting on riots, says RSF
UNESCO urged to continue defending freedom of expression worldwide
IFEX members call for end to government crackdown on media following election
Journalist killed; second in a week
Beijing tells computer makers to install web blocking software
Outspoken journalist gunned down
Authorities arrest seven journalists for criticising President
New press law will lead to "more suppression"
Thirty IFEX members sign on to appeal to Parliament deploring proposed changes to NGO law
Call for the release of Vietnamese lawyer/writer Le Cong Dinh
Freedom House takes an in-depth look at authoritarianism
Apply now for the Freedom to Create Prize
Centre documenting human rights in Arab world opens
Two Al-Jazeera producers detained
Government cracks down on foreign news media
Five suspects detained in connection with journalist's murder, one admits to firing fatal shot
Maoist groups attack journalists covering strikes
Journalists sentenced to two months in prison
Group sues independent journalist on behalf of Moroccan royals
Authorities crack down on media in election aftermath
Media face threats from revised law
Three press union executives and four journalists detained by National Intelligence Agency
Third investigation launched against Teleamazonas; newspaper editor threatened
Newspaper editor receives death threats
Government plan to disconnect Internet pirates is unconstitutional, council rules
IFJ report finds "Partial Justice" in hunt for killers of journalists
IPI concerned that attackers of journalist still not caught after more than a year
Draft law threatens to silence journalists
Safety issue in Northern Ireland as journalist fights to protect sources of information
Kurdish newspaper receives two-month publication ban
President attacks religious leader and threatens media
Media advocate arrested for "spreading propaganda against government"
Editor of private newspaper arrested
Television correspondent assaulted
Government blocks French international radio broadcasts in Bukavu
States attack human rights experts at UN rights body; thirty-five organisations, including six IFEX members, express concern
Cyber-dissident Huang Qi still detained, in very poor health
News and information fall victim to electoral coup
No independent coverage of presidential election campaign
Journalist threatened over television programme
Live discussions on privately-owned media banned
CPJ urges Canada, Australia to step up efforts to free Somalia captives
Two broadcast journalists badly beaten by militiamen
"Journalism in hell": Mumia Abu-Jamal relates his experience as a journalist from his prison cell on death row
WPFC congratulates Congress for approval of bill eliminating crime of insult, decriminalising defamation
Media workers harassed, attacked in several incidents
IAPA asks Zacatecas state government to cease discrimination against local newspaper
Television station loses appeal, faces fine and seizure of its equipment; camera operator assaulted
PFF warns global media conference to "watch out for government interference"
Government raises objection in trial of tortured journalist
Journalists attacked at various polling stations
Television team assaulted; Maoist supporters set fire to copies of daily
Press freedom abuses cited in letter to prime minister
Civil society groups slam government's harsh suppression of freedom of expression
Security officials defy High Court order allowing journalists to cover summit
State security police force Internet café owners to report on customers visiting "political" websites
Pro-opposition editor beaten in Bishkek
ANHRI concerned over parliament's approval of draft press law
Members of media team shot at by security forces
Doubts arise about government's desire for justice in case of BBC reporter killed one year ago
Fiji's extended censorship alarms IFJ
"Voices to be reckoned with": Women speak out at Global Forum on Freedom of Expression
Highlights from the Global Forum on Freedom of Expression
More joint actions emerge from IFEX GM and GFFE
ARTICLE 19 and CIHRS condemn attacks on UN Special Rapporteur
Radio director assassinated in busy market
Two reporters shot dead in unrelated incidents
U.S. journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labour
National daily's correspondent detained in eastern city
Journalist killed by unidentified assailant
MADA, one of IFEX's newest members, wins PEC award
Journalist summoned for questioning in Kongolo
Journalist and community leader killed in Caquetá department
CJFE urges broadcast regulator to allow Al Jazeera English broadcasts
Court seizes magazine, suspends distribution
Journalists assaulted while covering protest by student group
MISA condemns arrest of human rights lawyer
Government tightens clamps on Internet usage
Political activists threaten to kill journalists
Armed men storm online daily's offices
Broadcast journalist shot dead
Supreme Court to review case involving writer and former first lady
ARTICLE 19 urges government to promote greater public awareness of climate change
Reporter faces up to 28 years in prison for book about journalist's murder
Journalist summoned for questioning in Kindu
Journalist attacked in articles written in pro-government newspaper
TV reporter shot dead in eastern Guatemala
Two journalists sentenced to five years in prison following closed-door hearing
Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling sentenced to 12 years of hard labour
Intentionally-set fire destroys Radio Activa facilities in El Bolsón
Newspaper's staff members receive death threat after reporting on drug traffickers; military personnel assault journalists
Key witnesses in journalist's murder go into hiding amid death threats
Journalist's alleged assassin sentenced following judicial process plagued with irregularities
Fifth journalist assassinated, another seriously wounded; UNIVERSAL TV director released
Member of community radio station faces legal action
Journalists threatened after reporting on public's complaints; pro-Chávez group threatens to publicise journalists' personal information
Human Rights Defenders' Office must be recognised as an important actor in protecting fundamental rights, says ARTICLE 19
Cuba and Venezuela called on to stop persecution of journalists
Journalist forced into hiding after being threatened
Journalist and his family held incommunicado
Forty-five IFEX members call for release of journalist Chief Ebrimah Manneh
Radio station director's murder still unpunished two years later
CIJ calls for dialogue and debate over legal action against publication
Umbrales TV harassed by Telecommunications Secretariat and police
Two newspaper journalists arrested, released following six-hour detention
Thirty IFEX members call on governments to respect fundamental human rights of free expression and privacy of communications
Information Communication Bill reintroduced in Parliament
State broadcaster accuses newspaper of theft following broadcast of documentary
ARTICLE 19 and CIHRS call on Human Rights Council states to protect mandate of Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression
Freedom House report points to growing threat to Internet by authoritarian regimes
Authorities block international news sites, harass foreign journalists on eve of 20th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre
Journalist prevented from covering protest in support of RCTV; cameraman attacked, videotape stolen
Serbian police arrest suspects in deadly Croatian bombing
President threatens Teleamazonas and "El Universo" with legal action
Magistrate grants application by lawyer accused of "obstructing the course of justice"
Khost-based reporter freed after being held for two days
Participants at IFEX General Meeting demand action
IFEX network grows to 88 members
20 years after Tiananmen, government still stifling debate
Journalists protest press law before parliament
Authorities don't see death threats as crimes
Chávez ratchets up threats against media
Sports journalist killed by car bomb
Obama should condemn free expression violations during visit
New CEI award for outstanding investigative reporting
Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize
IPI urges Slovak agency to drop case against newspaper
Kazakhstan must improve free expression record ahead of OSCE chairmanship, says Human Rights Watch
"Azadlig" journalist receives death threat
Journalist killed in crossfire
UNIVERSAL TV director kidnapped
Journalist assaulted by demonstrators
Thirty IFEX members call on government to protect journalists and end impunity
CJFE calls for renewed effort in investigation of journalist's murder
IFJ welcomes withdrawal of lawsuit against website
Forty IFEX members protest attacks on free expression
Forty IFEX members appeal for diplomatic support in detained journalists' case
Thirty-seven IFEX members express concern about deterioration of free expression
New government must safeguard freedom of expression, stress ARTICLE 19, FNJ and Freedom Forum
Dark days for Yemeni media
Families of journalists Ling, Lee urge talks to resolve detentions
Concern over delays in defamation trial faced by journalist
CPJ urges President Obama to reaffirm U.S. leadership on press freedom when he speaks in Cairo
French investigation at standstill four years after journalist Samir Kassir's murder
All references to Tiananmen Square massacre closely censored for 20 years
Opposition presidential candidates blocked from equitable access to the media
Second person charged under Electronic Information and Transaction Law
Peruvian writer and his son briefly detained, warned they should not comment on Venezuelan political situation
Journalists trying to cover fate of Tamils threatened, obstructed
Journalist killed, three injured in separate attacks
In seeking reprisals against media, Chávez hurts democracy, says CPJ
Another journalist attacked
Journalists welcome European call to review anti-terrorism laws
Government renews intentions to pilot a new media bill
Globovisión broadcasting team prevented from entering Legislative Council building
Ruling party supporters vandalise radio station, attack employees
Unidentified individuals throw bomb at television station headquarters; Chávez and Correa propose the creation of a regional body to monitor the press
Two more journalists arrested as a result of tension between political factions
"Zimbabwe Independent" editors to stand trial
Radio programme cancelled, allegedly due to political pressure
CPJ hails conviction in 2003 murder of journalist Nicanor Linhares
Journalist threatened; another assaulted by leaders of teachers' union
More journalists receive death threats following reporter's assassination in Durango

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