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Special committee gives go ahead for "Daily News" licence
Bill punishing "media crimes" a serious setback
Reporters attacked at airport by president's supporters
Months-old court case against editor revived
Court acquits one journalist, six others face prison sentences for defaming president
Three journalists receive death threats in El Salvador; editor harassed in Venezuela
BIANET 2009 first quarterly Media Monitoring Report
JED fears new restrictions on foreign media in wake of military operation will impede freedom of expression
Court allows media access to hearing
A series of incidents revives concern about press freedom
ARTICLE 19 report on defamation law
Former journalist dies in custody
One year on, silence surrounds murder of anthropologist
Journalists banned from entering camp
Attorney General's Office fails to move ahead in murders of 16 journalists
Ban on BBC and CNN lifted
CPJ rejects photographers' alleged confessions; journalist released
Censorship continues to tighten a month after coup
Journalist receives death threats
More than 13,000 signatures on petition for Tibetan filmmaker's release
Reporter's trial postponed
Following journalist's killing, CPJ calls on Mexico to end violence against the press
Human rights activist attacked in Khimki
Media groups condemn attacks on journalists, media
Municipal employees attack journalist for taking pictures of fire
Court rejects journalist's appeal
Charges against translator dropped
Al-Jazeera under attack in Yemen and elsewhere
Journalists document president's repressive legacy
General arrested for murder of journalist in 2000
IFEX members raise alarm over anti-terrorism law
Global protests mark president's 15-year rule
NUSOJ holds forum on safety and ethics in a war zone
Press freedom suffers new threats
Knight fellowship programme seeks applicants
INSI safety code supports journalists in conflict zones
Manager of media outlet where slain journalist worked receives death threat
Arrest of journalist runs contrary to Supreme Court decision, says MADA
Security guards assault journalists during festival in Oaxaca
IAPA protests government's inaction on journalist's murder
Government minister announces he will use legal mechanisms to take away 50% of television station's licence
Journalist summoned after radio show reveals public criticism of judicial authorities
Cameraman brutally attacked in La Paz
Threat to freedom and privacy from police use of spyware
Missing journalist resurfaces, after fleeing threats over corruption article
Journalists barred from covering court case against colleagues
Arrested blogger held incommunicado
Al-Jazeera bureau chief threatened
Authorities say XEJS radio was raided "by accident"
Journalist says he is receiving threats that are related to his work; minister's bodyguard assaults reporter
Media outlets prevented from entering courts; police attempt to detain city councillor after he expresses his opinion regarding corruption allegations
Another birthday in prison for rights activist Hu Jia
Minister carries out threat to shut down French station's broadcasts throughout the country
Advances and reverses for press freedom during King Mohammed's first decade
Radio commentator shot dead
Culture of impunity, safety of journalists the central themes of journalists' conference
Authorities continue to arrest human rights lawyers
Soldiers attack radio journalist, halt protest
Journalist missing, another harassed
Military personnel prevent journalists from covering protest, seize reporters' audiovisual materials
Journalist in Cartago repeatedly threatened
IFJ welcomes court victory for protection of sources
Anti-terrorism legislation further restricts press
Camera operator prevented from covering state visit
Bloggers held without charge
Journalists allegedly threatened
Ukraine must seize opportunity of confessions to reporter's murder to reveal truth, says IFJ
Journalists report they were locked up in press room during Hugo Chávez's visit
Video Tar employees receive death threats, station equipment damaged
Journalist released from prison
Associated Press correspondent penalised for his war coverage
Political prisoner abused in detention
Journalist briefly detained, harassed by the military in Oaxaca
ARTICLE 19 condemns conviction of journalists for defamation
Doctor and journalist arrested and taken to Havana jail
Five IFEX members and numerous other organisations condemn repression ahead of International Day of Solidarity
Newspaper editor detained, interrogated over alleged defamatory advertorials
IFJ condemns lack of fair trial for journalists
Three journalists harassed, attacked by police
Communication bill adopted by National Assembly
Venezuela moves to silence hundreds of broadcasters
Police assault, threaten photojournalist in Oaxaca
Journalist prosecuted for writing article, faces large fine
Journalists refused entry to trial of blogger
New arrests solidify Iran's standing as world's leading jailer of journalists
Propaganda department censors two sensitive news stories
Human Rights Watch condemns forced confessions, poor conditions in notorious Evin prison
Reporter's assassins remain at large one year on
Free Papuan activists, revoke laws criminalising free expression, Human Rights Watch urges government
More journalists arrested in ongoing government crackdown
Political activists arrested for shouting party slogan and wearing party t-shirt
Government scraps import duty on newspapers
Journalist sues state over illegal detention
Journalist assaulted; activists attack press van, set fire to newspapers
Journalists' syndicate files complaint over arrest of reporter
MISA questions media commission's hiring process
Authorities step up campaign against critics ahead of elections
Human rights defender brutally murdered
Media still under attack, says international press mission
Officials target enemies with 'disinformation' laws
Two journalists killed; radio station raided
Join global day of action in a city near you
Survey of right to information laws in Latin America released
FOPEA concerned over threats against television station personnel
IFEX-TMG calls for an end to intimidation, attacks on Tunisian journalists ahead of October elections
Judge orders humour columnist to refrain from writing about actress; police arrest photographer, hinder work of reporters
Four rights activists on trial for "alienating the public against the military"
Four IFEX members, allies express concern over deteriorating free expression environment
Baku appeal court refuses to release sick journalist from prison
Foreign journalists arrested, fined for trespassing
New arrest warrant issued against novelist Mosaad Abu Fagr; lawyers prevented from meeting with imprisoned blogger Kareem Amer
Tabling of freedom of information bill delayed
Court upholds pre-trial detention sentence for two bloggers
Al-Jazeera suspension in West Bank lifted
Media outlets go on strike over press freedom restrictions
Newspaper confiscated for reporting allegations of police rape
Government closes Beijing-based legal aid and research organisation
Police continue to harass Radio Kalima journalists
Journalist Milton Chacaguasay Flores re-arrested
Federal authorities raid radio station, force it off the air
Plaintiff journalist suddenly arrested during trial, taken to prison
Appeals court reverses decision on exclusion of foreign scholar Tariq Ramadan
Tribunal orders high level officials to fulfill stipulations of ruling regarding protective measures for journalist
Gendarmerie interrogates two journalists
High court allows media to publish election news during campaign-free period
IPI deeply concerned about recent media developments
Attempt to censor private university publication reported
Editor, NGO manager charged with "insult to God"
Poet acquitted of insult charges
IAPA condemns murder of two more journalists, calls for investigation
Campaign for jailed Uyghur blogger
Resurgence of violence against journalists
Violent attacks against media continue post-conflict
Moroccan reporter turned back on arrival, disputes between two countries blamed
Two feminist movement radio programmes censored
FOPEA condemns assault on member of television programme team by head of local government in El Bolsón
Reporters assaulted at two universities
Foreign journalists attacked, harassed during and after poll
Politically-motivated threats against journalist working for opposition website
Journalist receives death threats from senior official
Journalist beaten in Puntland courtroom
Journalist dismissed for opposing coup; Radio Globo journalist prevented from entering the Presidential Palace
Government should grant amnesty to Ling and Lee, says CPJ
New regulations limit lawyers' rights; human rights lawyers targeted
ARTICLE 19 calls on president to veto media law
Two radio journalists arrested, cable television station banned
Libel sentence ignores Press Law, says press council
IFJ welcomes court's rejection of libel case
Tébessa-based reporter gets six months in prison
Bloggers detained by police for online content
Tunisia must end reprisals against critical journalists, says CPJ
Television host reassigned following question on prime minister's ratings
Journalist sentenced to 14 months in jail
Seven media workers, including Franco-Iranian cameraman, arrested
ANEM protests amendments to media laws
PFF urges investigation into broadcaster's suspension
Supreme Court allows publication of civil servants' salaries
Israeli forces detain, harass journalists
Al-Jazeera suspended in the West Bank
Attack on "Vanguardia" magazine office, manager robbed
One hundred prominent journalists call for release of Maziar Bahari
Human Rights Watch urges government to rescind new Internet law
Journalist faces defamation charges over article on corruption
Harshest crackdown in years, says Human Rights Watch
Right to Information Act comes into effect
Police harass journalist and his family
Bogus charges filed against "Post" reporter
Television station shuts down due to economic and political pressure; judge harasses journalist
Suspension lifted for independent television station
President characterises newspaper as corrupt after it criticises the government
Authorities threaten to close Al Jazeera office
Government continues attacks against independent media, lawyers
IFJ says Italian talk of Israel "boycott" is absurd
Human Rights Watch asks parliament not to revive censorship law
Pan African Media Observatory deeply flawed, say media freedom advocates
Now world's worst jailer of journalists
Journalists and political opponents speak from prison
Militants raze homes of two journalists
Government arresting activists one by one
Sedition law to be scrapped, finally
Demand China respect rights in crackdown on Xinxiang violence
Journalists detained in Xinjiang and expelled
Leading Chechen rights activist murdered
Individual accused of murdering journalist captured in Cauca department
Venezuelan journalists leave Honduras after harassment
Forty-one journalists in prison after a month of unrest
Thirty-two IFEX members and partners raise concerns about proposed AU-EU Pan African Media Observatory Project
Two radio journalists attacked by Accra security personnel
Reporter on trial for "dressing in a sensational manner"
Journalist kidnapped, IFJ concerned that dangers faced by journalists may escalate leading up to August elections
Shocking police intimidation of journalists
Two bloggers attacked, arrested
"Swazi Observer" journalists harassed by authorities
"The Post" journalists harrassed
Logging company detains television journalists
Government increases pressure on private media
More journalists' homes destroyed, damaged in ongoing conflict
ARTICLE 19 artist alert
Press freedom situation continues to be very bad, says RSF
Journalists, media outlets come under pressure after criticising public officials
CPJ urges president to end increasing media censorship
Journalist threatened, fears for his life
Transport minister assaults journalist
Individuals who assaulted journalistic team in Tucumán sentenced to time in jail
Author Nedim Gürsel acquitted of "humiliating" religion
Journalist fined for defamation
Comedy show reporters assaulted; lawyer insults journalists and hits photographer
IFJ calls for end to repression of independent media
Journalist receives death threats
Taliban militants blow up journalist's house in Buner district
Reporter assaulted, robbed by individuals presumed to be political party supporters
Editor arrested, released on bail
"El Periódico de Quintana Roo" journalists receive death threats while covering electoral process
Editor Milton Chacaguasay released
Arrests continue, one journalist released
Government to decriminalise defamation
Authorities arrest young pro-democracy blogger
Constitutional Court finds Criminal Code article affecting slander and libel cases to be unconstitutional
Journalists attacked while reporting on riots
Police officer faces investigation over radio broadcaster's murder
PFF calls for revival of media standards committee
Independent newspaper takes government to court over controversial media law
CPJ condemns harassment of journalists, censorship in Urumqi
Editor sentenced to six months' imprisonment now behind bars
Academic arrested following publication of online article
MADA report on press freedom violations in June 2009
Academic sentenced to eight months in prison for posting message on Facebook
Journalist harassed by police officer and court security guard
Nuevo León Congress increases maximum prison term for murderers of journalists
IPI calls for release of journalists
Issue of "The Economist" censored due to article on lese majeste
CPJ urges president to veto restrictive Internet law
Journalists harassed, prevented from covering home demolition story
Foreign reporter freed, but local journalists continue to be harassed and arrested
Supreme Court bench ratifies legislation that endangers freedom of expression
Government closes bureaux of two Iranian satellite TV stations
"Diário do Pará" newspaper staff harassed by military police officer
Two journalists held by Kano state police released
Campaign for press freedom goes global as government revokes journalists' bail
Newspaper editor assaulted, hospitalised
Newspapers' headquarters attacked
Authorities refuse to disclose results of investigation into journalist's mysterious death
Regime urged to lift Public Emergency Regulations
Police warn editor about photo distribution
Parliament rejects restrictive amendments to media laws
Journalist's prison sentence commuted, fine increased and complaint against police dismissed
Court bans access to Google Sites website
Online news site threatened with defamation suit for not revealing sources
Press freedom violations continue post-coup
Radio reporter killed in Mogadishu
Beijing backs off from filtering tool; Uighur protests blamed on Internet
Nicaragua at war with media, says CPJ report
Access to information action plan in force in Americas
Funding report confirms challenging situation for free expression groups
Guerrilla techniques for online activism
Journalist sentenced to two years in prison
French student held because of photographs and e-mails
ECOWAS Court dismisses government's objections over jurisdiction in case of tortured journalist
Federal Court of Appeal upholds sentence against editor and newspaper
More newspapers censored, another journalist arrested
Two Al Jazeera journalists held by Israeli authorities
Growing threat to news media from political tension
Journalists leave their district after receiving death threats
Community broadcasters criminally charged
Journalists barred from covering workshop for legislators
Seven journalists rearrested for defaming President Jammeh
CPJ Special Report: Daniel Ortega's Media War
Correspondent's "confession" posted by news agency; photographer released
Transportation minister assaults journalist
Mexican cartoonist receives CRNI Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning
Journalist assaulted, threatened in Barranquilla
Lese majeste complaint filed against Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand
Televisión director in Aguán another victim of assault on freedom of expression
Army holds journalists at Mindanao checkpoint
Journalist shot in Esmeraldas
Three journalists arrested in separate incidents
Egyptian authorities detain blogger in airport
Journalist detained by Public Prosecutor's Office security director
News agency website targeted by hacker attacks
Journalists and media workers assaulted by occupation forces
Journalist killed in Mogadishu, NUSOJ demands immediate end of hostilities
Respect press freedom, IAPA again urges Honduras
Radio América journalist killed
Military personnel harass "La Jornada Guerrero" newspaper reporter
State concedes Mukoko's detention was illegal
Government backs down on accreditation policy for journalists
Court of appeal upholds acquittal of ANHRI director, two bloggers
Television station condemns harassment of journalist following series of reports on public security issues
Proposed counterterrorism bill violates free speech
Politically motivated closure of "Akhbar Al-Khaleej" newspaper
Police officers suspended after assaulting journalists
More journalists arrested, others released
Mayor sues journalist for broadcasting audio recording allegedly revealing how he is paying for debts incurred during his election campaign
Newspaper to close after being ordered to pay US$306,000 in defamation lawsuit
IAPA urges action on unpunished murder of journalist
Human Rights Watch urges authorities to release prominent reformist
RSF urges president to take action following recent attacks on media
Civil servant sentenced to three years in prison for writing poem
Detained website editor faces up to five years in prison
Journalist begins hunger strike to protest continued detention by US forces
Free expression in jeopardy following coup
Another journalist gunned down
Government resurrects draconian press council
Editor succumbs to head injuries
Parliament drops most contentious changes to NGO law
Parliament adopts bill curbing online expression
President vetoes anti-gay law
Three dailies heavily fined for criticising Libyan leader
Help journalists in Iran
WAN and IFRA merge into world publishing giant
Independent editor dies in hospital
Reporters detained after coup
Radio broadcaster shot dead
Broadcast outlets blocked
Newspaper employees receive death threats
African Commission rules in favour of MISA, IJAZ, and ZLHR
Media access to parliament proceedings tightened
CPJ urges inspector general to probe police harassment, assault

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