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RCTV Internacional journalists assaulted by police
Doctor under investigation for giving "unauthorised information" about H1N1 virus to the press
CMFR welcomes venue change in journalist's murder trial
Two Somaliland journalists detained for 12 hours, after trying to photograph arguing MPs during parliament session
Two journalists reportedly threatened by former mayor's bodyguard
Paper's cartoon of president draws interrogation
Journalist receives death threat
Journalists summoned after reporting on extortion case involving police officers
MISA-Zimbabwe Monthly Alerts Digest- July 2009
RSF concerned about media restrictions in lead-up to presidential election
Newspaper editor's convicted murderer is behind bars again
IAPA calls for investigation into journalist's disappearance to move ahead
Radio and television group shut down for payment default
Journalist threatened after reporting on corruption
New abuse of jailed dissident
With second charge added to case, bloggers face up to seven years in prison
Officer investigating journalist's murder shot dead in Ciudad Juárez
Activist gets 18-year prison term for lese majeste
Opposition journalist released from prison after serving full four-year term for alleged "extortion"
Radio station head bans political programmes
CPJ calls for editor's release, outraged by lack of due process
IFJ gives cautious welcome to pledges of media reforms
"Günlük" newspaper banned over alleged "terrorist propaganda"
Journalist speaks out against intimidation tactic used by judge
Internal security threats suddenly off-limits for news media
IAPA protests intimidation campaign against newspaper
High Court judge jails two editors on old charges under obsolete law
Journalist threatened, robbed of his equipment while covering eviction of squatters
Two journalists receive death threats in Petén
President of Alta Verapaz journalists' association targeted in bomb attack
Journalists' groups protest over US media vetting
ARTICLE 19 calls on President to annul resolution which violates Access to Public Information Law
Israeli soldiers seize radio station's equipment
Authorities enforce media blackout during elections; journalist critical of Taliban killed
Journalist's murder highlights deteriorating press freedom situation in east
Martial law could lead to free expression abuses, says NUSOJ
Editor dies in detention
Death threat against activist sign of ongoing post-war repression
Underfunded witness protection programme contributes to impunity
West African journalists invited to apply for Norbert Zongo prize
Four "Monitor" journalists face criminal prosecutions
Editors receive death threats
Four journalists face charges
Uyghur blogger freed after six weeks but kept under close watch
Assailants force two broadcasters off the air
ARTICLE 19 calls for comprehensive reform of print media legislation
Editor threatened by prime minister's advisor
Two human rights activists' Twitter pages blocked
Problematic licencing law hampers distribution of new cartoon magazine
Reporter assaulted by former president's security guard
Online journalist freed
Censors ban weekly journal
Opposition party bans book by dissident member
Police in Doti assault, detain journalist
Harassment by provincial authorities could send newspaper editor back to prison
Paramilitary forces and government intelligence agencies besiege offices of newspapers in Quetta
Journalist assaulted, injured while photographing marble factory
Concerns about government interfering with state broadcaster resolved
Newspapers, magazines burned by activists
Death threat deals new blow to free expression
Two journalists dismissed amid harassment of radio station
Police officer who assaulted photographer Víctor Salas identified; another photographer detained
Journalists sentenced, website banned in Somaliland
JED calls for investigation into Radio Star journalist's death
Afghan journalist gunned down in Pakistan's Khyber Pass
Online journalist faces jail for reporting on plant explosion
Special forces deployed to prevent public figures from expressing views on Independence Day
Globovisión camera operator and assistant detained for more than three hours at military base
Detained editor released without charge
BIANET 2009 second quarterly Media Monitoring Report
Four IFEX members express their position regarding the National Human Rights Commission's recommendation on crimes against journalists
Afghan police beat, detain journalists during election
Controversial bill would restrict freedom of opinion, says RSF
Journalist goes into hiding, fears for his life
Website editor gets six months in prison for "offending public decency"
Journalist shot, blamed for arrest of criminal after he publishes photograph
NUSOJ concerned about implications of martial law for media freedom
IFJ calls for release of journalists in Somaliland
TV programme cancelled; journalist robbed
Call for release of peaceful democracy advocates
Temporary injunction slapped on daily over businessman corruption allegations
MADA responds to Gaza Information Ministry statement
Journalist receives death threats
Three government media staff hurt in shooting attack
Six jailed journalists appeal against harsh sentences
CPJ special report: "Under Oath, Under Threat"
IAPA deplores assault on newspaper
Photographer threatened by Universal Church security guard
IAPA, Mexico Supreme Court forum encourages adoption of inter-American legal standards
Well-known human rights blogger placed under house arrest
Another round of violence against the media post-coup
Journalist threatened, harassed in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz
Murders in south suggest systemic rights violations
Journalists stage unprecedented protest against free expression restrictions
Government allies seize control of journalists' union
New broadcasting act keeps public media under state control
Ten years on, IAPA asks authorities for justice in Garzón murder
Help save community radio stations in the U.K.
Government forbids reporting attacks during election
Private radio station suspended indefinitely
CPJ concerned over police intimidation of "Star" reporters
Former police officers sentenced for torturing "O Dia" journalists
IRFS condemns government for editor's death in custody
IAPA asks attorney general to look into threats to journalist
Several radio stations threatened with closure for retransmitting RFI
Human rights commission issues recommendation regarding detention and inhumane treatment of journalists
Government supporters seize control of journalists' union
Rights activist arrested
ARTICLE 19 and partners launch the platform of action for strengthening of freedom of expression
Newspaper publisher gets three months in jail for criticising arrest warrant
Journalists banned from Gaza Strip hospitals and Rafah until further notice
New wave of violence against the media
Radio station studios ransacked, equipment destroyed
Behind the walls of fear: Disclosing the police oppression of human rights and freedom of expression in Fayoum
Reformist newspaper "Etemad-e Melli" closed
Journalist struck in the face by rubber bullets
MISA concerned about pro-government bias during election coverage
Another human rights defender harassed
Military personnel prevent journalists from carrying out their work in Sinaloa
Twelve journalists from privately-owned media group attacked, employee of parastatal foundation arrested
US immigration officials detain Pakistani journalist
Radio presenter attacked by opposition party militants
Human Rights Watch responds to Israeli officials' attempt to discredit report
Daily's offices attacked with Molotov cocktails
Lawyers protest lack of access to hearing
State broadcaster backs Karzai's re-election campaign
Government backs down on "Green Dam" but concerns remain
Youth league storms TV station
Writer and advocate released from prison
Newly-passed education law threatens media freedom
Satellite broadcaster found guilty, fined in slander suit
Television reporter shot dead
Publisher sentenced to one year in prison
Website editor receives death threats
International mission report expresses concern over media concentration
Copies of "Al-Watani" newspaper confiscated; editor of "Al-Tariq" threatened
New broadcasting law gives president control over state media
ANHRI director denied entry to Morocco
Journalists threatened, attacked during protests against the coup d'état
Prosecutor acts as both "judge and plaintiff" in television reporter's trial
Ministry of Information halts printing of two newspapers
Education bill threatens press freedom, says IPI
Editor arrested, detained incommunicado
Civil society activist held for criticising President Tandja
One journalist released, dozens remain behind bars
Government bill seen as opening way to online censorship
Disregarding NGO warnings, government reinforces campaign against lese majeste
Twenty-one organisations, including fifteen IFEX members, condemn guilty verdict, extended detention for Aung San Suu Kyi
Owner of information technology firm arrested for "sending e-mails"
Journalists assaulted outside Lahore court
Authorities close two Lebanese television station offices
Radio Okapi journalist target of brutal attack in Lubumbashi
Newspaper editor fired over article defending regional identity
IPI calls on governments of Ethiopia and Kenya to stop pressuring broadcaster
Suu Kyi gets eighteen months' house arrest amid international outrage
Chávez's war on media continues, say IFEX members
Journalist murdered in gruesome fashion in Guerrero
Six journalists sentenced to two years for sedition
Bill Clinton returns to U.S. with pardoned journalists
Two AP journalists wounded in Afghanistan IED attack
Pledge solidarity with Sudanese journalist facing 40 lashes for wearing pants
Vienna to host IPI conference on terrorism, media and the law
Rory Peck Awards for freelance camera operators
IAPA calls for greater effort to solve murder of journalist Jaime Garzón
Journalists assaulted while covering protest march
Draft law poses new threat to journalists, says IPI
Police demand that journalist reveal sources
One year after start of games, Olympic flame extinguished for good, says RSF
Hate campaign by Shiite party against newspaper journalist
Blogger detained at Cairo airport
Journalists harassed by protesters, videotape seized
Impunity and witness protection: an analysis
Government wages smear campaign against Al Jazeera
Drop sedition charges against parliamentarian, says Human Rights Watch
Violations of media freedoms in Palestine during July 2009
Editor shot and killed in Dagestan
"Diario de Yucatán" journalist receives death threat from mayor
Municipal government personnel harass journalist in Guerrero
Killing of NGO activist silences another independent voice in Chechnya
Media council wants tabloid suspended for defaming President Kagame
Criminal charges laid against opposition blogger
Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to 18 months in detention
Venezuelan security force personnel censor Colombian journalists in border area
Reporter receives death threat
Politkovskaya retrial to go ahead, as court denies family and prosecution request for fresh investigation
Reporter attacked by security personnel
Teenager sentenced to community service for insulting prime minister
Editor sentenced to three years' imprisonment
Former member of paramilitary group confesses to having killed journalist in Nariño
Editor-in-chief of radio station threatened by local politician
Armed forces attempt to close Radio Globo
Two radio journalists sentenced in Somaliland
Indigenous radio station in Santiago de Estero attacked with incendiary bombs
Journalist briefly kidnapped, receives death threat after investigating illegal natural resource exploitation
Murder of activist, then threats to others
Cabinet continues monitoring of Namibian Broadcasting Corporation programs
Two journalists assaulted, threatened by mayor
Six people arrested for attack on local journalist
Internet filtering plans intensify censorship
High court dismisses music company's lawsuit against freelance journalist
Journalist arrested, detained
Speaker of Parliament defends media commission interview process
Syrian blogger arrested by Saudi forces, detained in unknown location
Official files two libel suits against newspaper
MFWA condemns jail sentences and outrageous fines handed to six journalists
Columnist survives grenade attack
Journalist receives three months' suspended prison sentence over article criticising soldiers
Journalist receives death threats in Orán, Salta
Authorities close journalists' association; three journalists arrested
Magazine director faces prison sentence for "defamation"
Media banned from covering local elections in two northern cities
Lithuanian law outlawing mockery draws protests
Government bans newspapers from covering culling of seals
ARTICLE 19 calls upon the government to implement the UN Human Rights Committee's recommendations
Three men arrested for 2006 murders of Al Arabiya reporter and crew
Journalists arrested over criticism of president in press union statement found guilty of sedition
Telecommunications company urged to restore access to newspaper website
Congolese army officers attack community radio station
House arrest may be over for Zouari, says RSF
Community radio stations targeted in police operations
IAPA condemns prior censorship of news media
Four Tibetan writers jailed for criticising Chinese government
Government urged to cancel trials of quake victim advocates
Photojournalist among Americans charged in Iran
Freelance journalist released after completing one-year term; three Americans among new arrests
Journalist, blogger among those charged in show trials
ARTICLE 19 launches analysis on draft Access to Information Bill
Television channel news team detained by armed men, later released
Authorities urged to drop charges against peaceful demonstrators, repeal Internal Security Act
Journalist sentenced to over 12 years in prison
Regional government's press team assaulted, arrested
Journalist receives death threats after denouncing irregularities at Barcarena city hall
Youth activist arrested, sentenced to pre-trial detention
Journalist arrested in Comayagüela; explosive thrown into Canal 6 television station building
Social commentator subjected to intimidation tactics
Municipality rejects television station's accreditation request; reporter harassed
Judge in Táchira issues order for journalist to be imprisoned; reporter in Caracas struck by a stone while interviewing political leaders
Media groups condemn re-activation of Press Council Law
Religious institute interferes with thesis results
Probe official role in rights defender's murder, says Human Rights Watch
Another filmmaker arrested, two journalists freed
Halt investigation of publisher, IPA tells authorities
Kim Jong-il orders release of U.S. journalists
Government supporters attack Globovisión headquarters
National Telecommunications Commission orders closure of 32 radio and two television stations
IFJ condemns seizure of magazines
Human rights lawyer arrested, charged
Ministry to investigate police violence against journalists
Two journalists attacked by lawyers on court premises
Finnish journalist faces jail time over broadcast accusing government of corruption
Police officers assault journalists and camera operators
Two journalists released, four others arrested
Journalist assaulted, seriously injured by police officers in Sinaloa
Eight newspaper editors questioned
Appeal court exonerates journalist in 2004 criminal defamation case

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