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Civil liberties suspended in state of emergency
Local crime critic slain
Editor's children witness his assassination
Reporter shot dead riding his motorcycle
Three journalists still imprisoned years later
Help free abducted journalist
NUSOJ says media environment deteriorating in Somaliland
ARTICLE 19 highlights global laws on right to know day
U.S. reporter sued for defamation in Brazil
Two reporters go into hiding after security forces attack demonstrators
Journalist goes into hiding after receiving threats
TV crew violently attacked at protest rally in Odessa
IAPA deplores delay in solving murder of journalist
Journalist receives death threat, motive unclear
Government announces lifting of restrictions on printed press
Right to Know Day 2009: a global snapshot
Escalating security offensive to blame for rising attacks on the media, says RSF report
Two renowned writers allegedly placed under surveillance by armed forces
ARTICLE 19 launches model information disclosure policy for World Bank
Supreme Court verdict quashes case against human rights activist
AFP and RFI correspondent completes 100 days in jail
Nine IFEX members call for reforms and the removal of restrictions on the media in the Republic of Belarus
Journalists endangered by police tactics, says IFJ
Students disrupt live television broadcast, throw stones at journalists
Officials shut down Radio Globo and Canal 36 television station, two journalists assaulted
Leading editor detained, interrogated for several hours
NUSOJ calls for UN Human Rights Council to renew mandate of Independent Expert
WAN-IFRA calls for greater media freedom in Azerbaijan
Bahia State announces it will make amends to murdered journalist's family
Prosecutor investigating journalist, actress over newspaper interview criticising "Kurdish Initiative"
New university a chance to expand freedom
CPJ calls for an end to smear campaign against Al-Jazeera
National Telecommunications Commission attempts to interfere in Sustainable Development Network's activities
Latest draft resolution on freedom of expression "a breakthrough", says ARTICLE 19
De facto government's decree suspends constitutional guarantees, further compromises media
Military junta bans coverage of political party's press conference
Television journalist reports that she was assaulted, threatened by members of group that opposes the coup d'état
Journalist denied release for refusing to play volleyball in prison
Two journalists convicted of defamation, fined
News team threatened
House of Representatives and Senate disobey Supreme Court decision ordering them to provide documents to newspaper
Four IFEX members, civil society groups fear Gambia proposal will prevent ECOWAS court from ruling in Saidykhan case
Supreme Court moves trial in attack on radio journalist
CPJ to honour five international journalists
Journalist threatened by police officer implicated in assassination
Editor imprisoned on defamation charges
IPYS condemns ministry action against La Voz de Bagua radio station
Journalist shot dead at radio station's offices in Chihuahua
Two journalists arrested, charged after reporting on local government corruption
Prosecutors violate online free expression to protect copyright
RTHK loses fight for independence in Hong Kong
Former Radio Rwanda journalist sentenced to life imprisonment
One radio station re-opened, but another loses its licence
Burma Action Group urges UN General Assembly, ASEAN to appeal for release of political prisoners and to call for an end to human rights abuses
Journalist killed in Supía
IRFS correspondent receives several death threats
Conclusions of emergency forum on freedom of expression held by IAPA in Venezuela
Two radio journalists suspended for one month
Editor abducted
"The Independent" editors charged with sedition
NUSOJ report on Somaliland: "Media Freedom Kept Within Bounds"
Radio journalist beaten by opposition party supporters
No end in sight for crisis; voices of dissent, particularly ousted president's supporters, threatened and harassed
Television and radio station signals intercepted; radio station shut down for one day after reporting on resistance to the coup
"Times of Swaziland" journalist threatened during parliamentary session
Journalists assaulted by correctional officers
Cameraman attacked by police officers in courthouse
Abysmal ranking as world's worst place for journalists
Journalists forced to confess in show trials; detainees tortured
Surge in political prisoners despite release of four journalists
CPJ urges prime minister's intervention in journalist's murder case
EU trade agreements ignore media repression
Bloggers assaulted and on trial for being "hooligans"
National Day preparations trigger censorship, cyber attacks
Save free expression on the Internet and help journalists under threat
Reporter assaulted, threatened after publishing information about irregularities at public school
Irina Bokova from Bulgaria nominated to lead UNESCO
Journalists and the environment: a new war
Telesur correspondent assaulted, motive unknown
Photojournalist assaulted, receives death threat
FMM, media groups urge president to free Tissanayagam
Nature: 100 photos for press freedom
Government imposes Blue Shield filtering software on ISPs
Ministry of Information undersecretary orders blocking of 1,040 websites
ARTICLE 19 analyses draft Penal Code
Government pushes through "spruced up" version of draconian Internet piracy bill
Journalists prevented from reporting on National Day preparations
Eritrea now shares title of world's biggest prison for journalists with China, Iran, says RSF
Four journalists among prisoners released by junta
Authorities seize embattled weekly's print run
Russian journalist faces jail term on forgery charges
Rights activist arrested, threatened
Investigators wiretap daily without court consent
Two more bloggers arrested, websites blocked
Radio correspondent assaulted by security officials
ARTICLE 19 Artist Alert - August 2009
Former president sues Manila newspaper
Journalist shot dead after opening door to killers
Spokespersons for two government agencies threaten editor
Authorities block websites, detain another journalist
Two photojournalists assaulted
Head of kidnapping investigations unit threatens journalist
Chamber of Deputies passes controversial broadcasting bill
Journalist accused of insult and slander
Two journalists freed after being held for a year
Municipal employees hinder distribution of daily, assault and threaten editor
Journalists' health deteriorates in prison
AJI, ARTICLE 19 host regional launch of Camden Principles on Freedom of Expression and Equality
CPJ calls for the release of journalists during Ramadan
Risky return of TV current affairs programme after eight-month interruption
Suspected explosives found outside press group's headquarters
Prosecutor in show trials accuses Facebook, Youtube of waging "psychological war" against Iran
Publisher convicted of slandering GHM spokesperson
IFJ, IMI renew call for action in investigation into Gongadze murder
NUSOJ condemns oppressive edicts targeting the media in Gedo region
Jailed blogger beaten by prison officers
CPJ calls on President Karzai to investigate threats to journalists in Kandahar
Shoe thrower released from prison, says he was tortured
Media advocate acquitted of defamation
Two television programmes taken off the air
Television station's antenna shut down following critical report on former government official
Senior officials systematically suppress dissenting voices
CPJ special report: The Unsolved Killings of Journalists in Russia
President calls for television station's definitive closure
President promises to stop violence against journalists
Thirty-one IFEX members call on President Museveni to lift the ban on the four radio stations and address the state of free expression
Journalists assaulted by prison guards in Valledupar, Cesar
TMG protests as independence of Tunisian journalists' union usurped
Crackdown on radio journalists
Proposed electoral law restricts Internet freedom, says ARTICLE 19
Journalist freed on bail, faces sedition charges
Bloggers face severe repression due to policies on China
Journalists protest savage attacks on colleagues
Members of journalists' union fight for independence
Radio One journalist hospitalised; two journalists suspended over radio reports
IFEX members concerned about candidate for UNESCO director-general
A blogging revolution
ARTICLE 19 provides analysis of draft Law on Electronic Media
Madrid prosecutor demands three year jail sentence for "El Mundo" deputy editor accused of "revealing state secrets"
Human Rights Watch releases new report on forgotten political prisoners
IFJ welcomes expert report on jailing of journalist
Canal 36 television station attacked again
Another detained blogger released by police
Another online journalist detained, released
Police release senior opposition leader U Win Tin after detaining, questioning him for several hours
Government minister refuses to reveal identity of police officers who attacked television crew
Weekly "RíoDoce" in Culiacán, Sinaloa, targeted with explosive device
Ombudsman tightens rules on release of government officials' statements of assets and liabilities
Jakarta police launch criminal defamation investigation against rights activist
Election body implements government ban on advertising in independent newspaper
Driver for newspaper dies after being shot while dropping off employees, motive unknown
Five suspects arrested in investigation into filmmaker's murder
"El Horizante" journalist assaulted, detained overnight by police officers
Whistleblower placed in psychiatric hospital for denouncing corruption
CPJ Special Report: Chronicling Cuba, bloggers offer fresh hope
PEN presses Yale University to restore images in book on cartoon controversy
Jailed journalist on hunger strike; opposition party website editor arrested
Radio presenters acquitted in election coverage lawsuit
State security bill infringes on press freedom, says SEAPA
"Ayan" editor-in-chief hospitalised after being beaten
JED demands investigation into anonymous death threats against three journalists
Blogger sentenced to three years' imprisonment for "spreading false news"
CPJ calls for comprehensive inquiry in "Clarín" tax raid
Trial of MBC producers on defamation charges is an "act of revenge", says RSF
Police chief issues death threat against journalist, storms into newspaper offices
Drop defamation claim against human rights defender, says Human Rights Watch
Online news site staff questioned by authorities over "cow's head protest" videos
Australia investigates "Balibo Five" murders as war crimes
Media mogul sentenced to two years' imprisonment for libel
Harassment of journalist continues in Tizimín, Yucatán
Violations of media freedoms in the Palestinian territories during August 2009
Four radio stations closed; talk-show host detained for "inciting riots"
Journalists who cover police beat assaulted in Potosí
Authorities tighten grip on Tibetan websites and readers
Investigative journalist threatened
Sports reporter assaulted by security guard
IAPA repeats its warning that the Venezuelan government intends to shut down independent media
Mayor of San Felipe Usila, Oaxaca, threatens the media
Radio Horyaal director jailed in Somaliland
Journalists physically attacked, harassed in Xinjiang and Guangdong provinces
Two US filmmakers denied visas, journalists harassed
Intelligence agency personnel visit free expression organisation, director goes into hiding
Another blogger arrested
Lubna Hussein convicted, ordered to pay US$200 or go to prison for a month, in infamous trousers trial case
Regional government manager accuses journalists of falsifying documents
Unidentified individuals break into C-Libre offices
IFJ protests over police violence at journalists' union headquarters
Online journalist attacked, brutally beaten in southern Siberia
Court rejects appeal against gag order, IPI concerned at broad nature of injunction
Journalist arrested, others summoned
MISA denounces priority given to new state-owned newspaper
University student penalised for distributing pamphlets calling for reform
IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign bulletin - September 2009
Stronger legislation needed to sustain community radio
Defending the right to offend, shock or disturb
Photojournalist/documentary filmmaker killed
Journalist released from detention after being fined for wearing pants
President pardons six journalists
Journalist freed; another killed in raid
Second massive fine in six months against media group critical of Turkish PM Erdogan raises press freedom concerns
IAPA concerned at recent spike in the number of direct and indirect censorship cases
Kidnapped "New York Times" journalist freed; Afghan interpreter dies in crossfire
Another blogger detained in Vietnam; three others released
Police officer threatens photojournalist
Mayor of La Paz initiates legal action against magazine, police use violence to suppress protest march by journalists
Police vehicle crashes into television news team's car, officers destroy camera
Journalist to take case to European Court of Human Rights
Amendment Act a "grave intrusion" on freedom of expression, says FXI
New law grants president absolute control over media regulatory body
ARTICLE 19 urges Human Rights Council to address free expression
Media regulator censors private radio stations
Suspicious visits raise fears for security of Memorial Human Rights Center workers
ICTV journalist threatened by police
CIJ condemns censorship of controversial protest videos
Police officers confiscate photojournalist's camera
Mother of jailed Cuban journalist awarded US$27.5 million in compensation for emotional distress
Media targeted in political violence and tension following disputed election results
Three journalists held without charge
Journalists interrogated over article on king's health
Radio station's news programme director threatened
Journalist Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh freed on presidential pardon
Leading human rights defender sentenced to four years' imprisonment
Supreme Court orders further investigation into Politkovskaya murder
Journalist beaten, receives death threat
Case of individuals implicated in journalist's assassination sent to trial
Community television station's journalists attacked, equipment stolen
President grants pardon to six journalists jailed on defamation charges
ANEM warns of serious threat to media freedom
ARTICLE 19 provides submission to UN Universal Periodic Review
Filmmaker who documented Salvadoran gang violence murdered
One year on, Reuters cameraman remains jailed without charge by US forces in Iraq
Journalist says mayor has threatened her
American blogger detained at Cairo airport, barred from entering Egypt
Former mayor and his supporters interrupt radio programme, intimidate journalist
Radio América transmitters damaged by unidentified individuals
WPFC releases world survey of insult laws
Television station shut down during coverage of presidential election
Tamil journalist sentenced to 20 years of hard labour
Activist jailed for 18 years for insulting monarchy
Second investigator in journalist's murder case killed
Qaddafi celebrates 40 years of rule while media repression goes on
Media restrictions interfere with coverage of elections
Ahead of elections, authorities crack down on media
News safety conference heading to Malta
Ailing editor taken to remote prison
Controversial Films and Publications Amendment Bill signed into law
Authorities stall press visa for "overly critical" German journalist
Journalist receives death threat
Supreme Court upholds decision regarding imprisoned journalist's manuscript
Photographer for "Times" newspaper hit by rubber bullet while covering protest in Durban
AMARC 2008 Annual Report
Online journalist and blogger arrested over China references
Attack on radio station interrupts broadcast
Police harass journalists photographing demolition
Journalists attacked by protesting farmers
Private radio station demands Parliament speaker disclose MPs' assets
Newspaper editor threatened in pro-regime blog
RSF issues report on missing journalists to mark International Day of the Disappeared
Give rights defender a fair trial, Human Rights Watch urges
Gadaffi urged to mark anniversary by restoring rights
Shots fired at journalist's home
"Le Quotidien" journalists interrogated
ANEM Monitoring Publication, "Legal Monitoring of Serbian Media Scene"
Newspapers face legal action after reporting on prime minister's private life
Journalist sentenced to 20-year jail term under terror law
IFJ welcomes end to US media vetting in Afghanistan
Television comedy programmes banned in Egypt and Kuwait
Newspaper dismisses reporter over blog entry critical of Soviet Union
"The Post" editorial staff face six months in prison on contempt charge after op-ed in paper by Ivy League professor
Criticism of coup government leads to crackdown on dissenters, demonstrators
Mayor and police storm newspaper office; lawmaker seizes journalist's recorder

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