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Authorities detain Uighur website managers
Natalya Estemirova case must be solved, say CPJ, PEN American Center
Courage in journalism prize awarded to Bulgarian journalist
Weekly to be liquidated as a result of former prime minister's libel suit
President meets with RSF delegation in official visit to Paris
Third Quarterly Report on agressions against freedom of expression
Tension affects news conference in Casablanca in support of Moroccan media
Politicians call for media freedom before 2010 polls
Journalist kidnapped and beaten in brutal attack, another arrested
Editor freed after more than two months in custody
Mass resignations in Bhutan's daily newspaper raise concerns
Drop criminal libel charges against activist, Human Rights Watch urges
Journalist assaulted by former treasury secretary
CJFE honours Paul Pritchard with the first CJFE Citizen Journalism Award
Members of volunteer group arrested, including freelance journalist
Unknown individuals try to break into journalist's home days before she is due to testify against DAS
New bill threatens media freedom, says MISA
Ruling party supporters turn on journalist
Discharge of magazine publisher and partner welcomed
EU fails human rights victims, say Human Rights Watch and RSF
Ruling party militants violently assault radio journalist
Union members attack journalists, threaten one of them
Al Jazeera Net blocked
ARTICLE 19 joins 26 other human rights groups to express concern over new religious defamation submission
Victory guaranteed; opposition clobbered and dissent crushed
CPJ concerned about politicisation in Rwandan defamation case
Civil society gagged at ASEAN conference
RSF concerned over spate of threats to print media
Newspapers crippled by legal action; journalist jailed
Young cameraman killed in bomb blast
Ten years after murder of "Financial Times" correspondent in East Timor, commemoration in London condemns impunity
Rights activist murdered in Ingushetia
Journalists under threat from crime groups
Government reading over citizen's shoulders
Help free imprisoned songwriter
MISA Zambia expresses concern over unsafe working environment for media
Opposition daily fined in libel ruling, offices attacked
Journalist injured during clashes between students and police
Journalist assaulted, allegedly on MP's orders
ARTICLE 19 analyses right to information bill
In separate incidents, unknown individuals fire gunshots at offices of "Viche-inform" weekly and Nova Zorya publishing house
Editor arrested in Tamil Nadu state on charges of defamation
CPJ unveils new database of journalists killed in action
Reporter prosecuted for reporting sexual harassment claims by abuse victims
Sentences handed down against defendants accused of inciting post-election unrest
Journalists in Tartagal, Salta, under threat
Newspaper distributor sentenced to 10 months in prison
Internet activist detained after businessman files libel complaint
Journalists assaulted by Israeli forces; stone-throwing Palestinian youth injures photographer
State media banned from covering opposition party ministers
European Union adopting regulations that will penalize Internet users, says RSF
Activist from Ingushetia killed in ambush
CJFE horrified by attack on editor in Brampton, Ontario
King overturns 60-lashes verdict against journalist
IAPA disappointed at Congress's indifference to crimes against journalists
Journalists fined for practicing without syndicate membership
Alleged gunman in 2004 murder of journalist killed
Radio station dismisses journalist after he insists on providing objective coverage of post-coup situation
Reporter tortured by elite crime force in act of reprisal against newspaper
European Parliament fails to defend free journalism, says IFJ
Judge initiates criminal proceedings against journalist for "inciting violence"
"El País" daily newspaper correspondent threatened
Shots fired at office of daily "Express" for third time in six months
Drug traffickers on lookout for journalists in Huehuetenango
Organisations say EU should provide more support for media freedom
IPI completes press freedom mission, urges respect for editorial independence and credibility
Al Jazeera news crew briefly detained
Election campaign "impossible for opposition media," says RSF following fact-finding visit to Tunis
As Tunisian elections near, attacks on press mount
CJFE honours two journalists and Russian news outlet with 12th annual Press Freedom Awards
Supreme Court orders disclosure of information requested by IJC
Authorities must report progress in Alisher Saipov's murder, says CPJ
Thirty-one IFEX members and 24 other organisations condemn harsh crackdown on press freedom
Book groups praise reader privacy protections in House Patriot Act bill
Trial begins against editor accused of "organising mass disorder"
Head of local government in Puerto Iguazú assaults journalist
More Tibetans arrested in connection with Internet activities
Journalists and activists targeted prior to elections
RSF releases World Press Freedom Index 2009
MISA expresses concerns over the Draft Media Commission Bill
Photojournalist held at provincial governor's house
Demonstrators detonate dynamite outside newspaper headquarters
Education Ministry asks daily to hand over copies of article before it is published
Court upholds harsh verdict against human rights defender
Radio stations practising self-censorship to prevent attacks
Television programme editors accused of facilitating the "expression of sin"
RSF announces launch of new website for media professionals as exodus of journalists continues
RSF index highlights drop of Europe and Israel in rankings; Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan worst places for journalists
Journalist freed on bail; repression continues
Radio stations self-censor; foreign journalists barred
Controversial new broadcast law
Greater reform needed, says mission
Journalists condemn new law on police wiretaps
Call for nominations for Hellman/Hammett grants
Cameraman killed in explosion
IAPA concerned at press freedom restrictions in proposed communications law
Ban on foreign radio stations broadcasting via FM frequencies to remain in effect
Al-Shabaab administration orders closure of two radio stations in Baidoa
Military authorities bar foreign journalists
Journalists dismissed after denouncing unethical practices at newspaper
Three broadcast outlets back on air after being shut down by officials
Government begins decriminalisation of defamation, concerns remain for Northern Ireland
Call for release of prisoners sentenced for expressing their political views
AFP and RFI correspondent released from prison
Mayor of Yondó, Antioquia, lashes out against journalist
ARTICLE 19 concerned about continuous threats to freedom of expression
Government approves bill on audiovisual communication
Journalist sentenced to prison for libeling de facto president of Abkhazia
Media lawyer pleads not guilty to contempt of court
Respected website put up for sale after being blocked by the government
Radio Gualcho threatened with closure for broadcasting programming from another closed radio station
Journalists in Montelíbano, Córdoba, receive death threats in lead up to referendum
MISA concerned over withdrawal of broadcasters' code of conduct
Journalist Maziar Bahari released on bail
Mayor bans newspaper's reporters from municipal council meetings
IFJ condemns assault on union activist
Prominent activist missing
Independent newspaper editor-in-chief on trial for contempt charges
Unlit petrol bomb thrown into editor's home
New penal code a threat to free expression, say critics
Editor imprisoned, court upholds decision to close independent paper
Book groups seek meaningful reader privacy protection in Patriot Act reauthorisation
Cameroonian journalist expelled
Interior Ministry reveals intention to keep blogger in prison
International media and press freedom organisations demand radical reform of media
Reporter who accused local police of corruption is charged with sedition
Network of women's rights organisations targeted for questioning Islamic law and its application
Twenty-three IFEX members and other organisations raise concerns about proposed mechanisms to combat racial intolerance
TV crew threatened, forced to leave Ingushetia
ARTICLE 19 urges the UN Human Rights Committee to hold Russia accountable
Journalist starts hunger strike after 80 days in preventive detention as clampdown continues
FLIP concerned over dismissal of columnist during election period
IAPA criticises government for preventing acclaimed blogger from leaving the country
Tunisian government confiscates issue of newspaper; pro-Ben Ali "advertisements" appear in Egyptian media
IPI publishes Press Freedom Audit report
Suspension of constitutional guarantees continues; order to cancel broadcast licences sent for publication in official gazette
CPJ special report: As blogging flourishes in the Middle East, so does repression
Following mission to Russia, IPI warns impunity still gravest obstacle to press freedom
Police must respect rights of journalists in Chattisgarh State, says IFJ
IFEX members protest journalists being used as spies and police disguised as journalists
Bloggers and writers sentenced to long prison terms
Deadly edicts issued against press; journalist honoured
Free expression activists assaulted during protests
Appeals court upholds ruling against magazine, editor
Journalist beaten; state monitors blogosphere
"War on Words" conference examines national security vs. media freedom
Call for nominations for Daniel Pearl awards
Whistleblower released from psychiatric hospital
Two websites unblocked, over 1,300 others remain inaccessible
Justice ministers endorse experts' decision on ECOWAS jurisdiction
Body of radio presenter discovered 48 hours after he goes missing
Radio host flees Colombia following alleged plot to kill him
Local officials hijack community radio station
Journalist threatened by community members after reporting on municipal meeting
Repeal of emergency decree a sham, says C-Libre, as three media outlets remain off the air
ARTICLE 19, FNJ and Freedom Forum condemn government's intention to use journalists as informants
Transmission of four news channels blocked during Taliban attack in Rawalpindi
MISA condemns justice minister's outrageous remarks against newspaper and editor
Israeli soldiers disguised as photojournalists endanger journalists' lives, says MADA
Gag on UK's "Guardian" newspaper lifted
Journalist beaten, believes assault is linked to corruption allegations against mayor
IAPA condemns "politicised" process surrounding passage of new broadcast law
Eight bloggers get sentences ranging from two to six years in jail
NUSOJ outraged over wave of violations against independent media in Kismayo
Marking World Day Against the Death Penalty, RSF releases interview with imprisoned journalist's lawyer
ARTICLE 19 in landmark open justice and right to know case
Reporter files complaint saying he was threatened for reporting on union conflict
News website owner and editor fined in defamation suit
IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign bulletin - October 2009
"War on Words" Conference on terrorism, media and the law ends with discussion on Draft Declaration of Principles
Journalist faces 16 politicised lawsuits
Demonstration in defence of free expression violently dispersed by police
Appeal denied, three journalists sentenced
Weekly cleared of charges, but writer still required to pay damages
Journalist still held in custody despite quashing of criminal case against him
Editor of Tamil newspaper arrested by police without warrant
Soldiers target journalists as crisis continues
ARTICLE 19 urges government to promote public engagement as key strategy to mitigate climate change
Court overturns gag order against "Dnevnik" newspaper
Violations of media freedoms in Palestine during September 2009
IFJ condemns attempts by embattled food company to censor free speech
Police attack media personnel
Shots fired at journalist two days after he receives death threat
IPI urges Italy to ensure independence of public broadcasting system
EOHR condemns council's decision to close down newspaper
Journalist assaulted in Cali
Court grants bail to two detained journalists
IPI delegation raises issue of impunity, self-censorship with Human Rights Ombudsman
On the hunt for journalists; massacre of demonstrators
Right to know; thousands protest
State muzzles critical voices; civil groups join forces
Smear campaign against Al-Jazeera; journalist beaten
UN resolution on free expression welcomed
Presidential guards threaten journalists
No understanding of press freedom, says IPI
Eastern European press freedom awards 2010
Members of indigenous groups detain journalistic team; police officers demand that photojournalist delete images from camera
Sports website project leader and journalist sentenced to "corrective labour"
Telecommunications authority bans access to LGBT social networking sites
ARTICLE 19 analyses draft media policy
Three newspapers shut down
Municipal authorities accused of preventing distribution of newspaper
Military personnel assault photojournalist
Anti-corruption journalist attacked
Postponing Dalai Lama meeting sends wrong message, says Freedom House
IFJ hails "momentous success" in demonstration for "Right to Know, Duty to Inform"
PFF calls on military regime to relax stranglehold on media as Fiji Media Council chooses new leader
Bomb attack on broadcaster creates additional sense of insecurity among the media, says ANEM
Government antiquities body launches smear campaign against researcher
NUSOJ welcomes UNHRC's decision to renew rights expert's mandate
Journalist in hiding after security agents raid his home
PEN applauds passage of US congressional resolution for writer Liu Xiaobo
MADA welcomes UN resolution on journalists in armed conflict, slams delay of Goldstone Report
IFJ launches ethical journalism campaign, calls for release of journalists
ARTICLE 19 and partners' submission to UN Universal Periodic Review
"Le Témoin" newspaper editor released on bail
ARTICLE 19 cautiously welcomes new resolution on freedom of expression
Newspaper journalist threatened at her home
Newspaper editor threatened over corruption coverage
Lawyer, actor and writer each sentenced to one year in prison for using the terms "Kurds" and "Kurdistan"
Court orders regulatory authority to compensate Joy Radio
Ministry of Transportation monitors blogs and websites
WPFC calls for release of leading editor
Hisba lawsuits filed against two more critics
Regime eliminates Aung San Suu Kyi from 2010 elections
In light of regime's censorship, IFJ urges Australian Society of Travel Writers to rethink meeting in Fiji
Ruling party proposes law that would hinder freedom of expression and association
Proposed law attempts to regulate history and memory, says ARTICLE 19
European journalists support demonstration for freedom of information in Italy
PEN protests exclusion from U.S. of German publisher and PEN member
NUSOJ condemns suspension of three VOA journalists
Sixty years of news media and censorship
Guanajuato government accused of discriminating in allocation of advertising contracts
Students assault journalists during demonstrations
ICANN system a lesser threat to free expression than other Internet governance models, says RSF
Police detain photojournalist, force him to delete photographs; journalist threatened
ARTICLE 19 releases its comment on Genocide Ideology Law
Swedish journalist detained at Cairo airport, prevented from entering country
BIANET releases its second quarter media monitoring report
AMARC denounces attack on community radio station
President's son calls for tighter regulation over Facebook content
Reporter attacked by late politician's sons
National Day censorship intensifies
SABC's investigative unit subjected to office raids, questioning, while corporation continues to probe show leak
HKJA and local partner collect 1,350 signatures in support of journalists targeted in Sichuan and Xinjiang provinces
Paper closed amid increasing attacks on the press
ARTICLE 19 condemns attacks against Wal Fadjri media group and its journalists
Radio station closed down, two journalists arrested
Former editor beaten by police after arriving in Tunis

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