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Radio presenter attacked after criticising mayor
Media group targeted by violence
BIANET releases media monitoring results for 2011
Rights activist detained over opposition protests
CMFR hails UNHRC recommendations
Three journalists defamed and threatened after investigating regional president
BCHR concerned about Bahrain's election to UNESCO education bureau
NUSOJ outraged over live radio broadcast that exposed journalists to danger
New arrests of labour activists
After publishing document on wiretapping, journalists experience harassment and threats
Journalists detained after protesting government's proposed restrictions
Freedom House opposes US arms sale
Jailed activists begin hunger strike
Government attempts to discredit journalist and his investigation
Shahzad Commission fails to identify those responsible in killing of journalist
Journalists threatened by politician
IFJ deeply concerned by attack on broadcast studio
Senior journalist murdered
Authorities reject application to establish rights organisation
Journalist briefly detained after covering oil spill
Twitter urged not to cooperate with censors
Independent newspaper suspends publication in response to pressure
Editor sentenced to 10 months in jail on libel charge
Journalist receives death threat after reporting on local administration
Newspapers burned during nationwide strike
Criminal gangs intimidate, silence Córdoba journalists
Authorities urged to refrain from using excessive force against protesters
Activist summoned on charges for unspecified actions
Information minister speaks out against NUSOJ's Annual Report
IFEX-TMG delegation meets members of the Constituent Assembly
RSF releases press freedom index for 2011/2012
OAS adoption of working group proposals threatens independence of Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression
Freedom Forum releases report on press freedom violations
Blogger risks death penalty as judge confirms charges
Television correspondents threatened by unidentified individuals
New media law stifles free expression, says CPJ
IFJ welcomes call for greater protection of media at major conference in Doha
CORRECTION: Death penalty for blogger, prison for journalists
Independent editor imprisoned
Fundamedios condemns decision against precautionary measures on Democracy Code veto
State intelligence law challenged in court
Director charged for broadcasting "Persepolis"; journalists assaulted
ANEM's December 2011 media monitoring report
Charges against MMPZ staffers reduced
Exceptions to ending emergency law invite abuse, says Human Rights Watch
Police officer shoots at journalist
Editor jailed in politicised case
Editor sentenced to additional five-year jail term while still in prison
Human Rights Watch urges West to accept Islamist rise to power, support Arab Spring protesters
Government's promises of reform unfulfilled, mission announces at Arab Free Press Forum
Journalist protection law falls short, should be repealed, says CPJ
Crackdown on dissent extends to "last available sanctuary" for free expression: the web
IFJ joins 'Black January' campaign against attacks on journalists
Journalist attacked, injured by political activists in Santa Cruz
Journalist receives six-month sentence and harsh fine in defamation case
EFJA calls for concerted global efforts to stop abuses
Globovisión news crew denied entry to swearing-in of defense minister
Former minister gets life sentence for seditious T-shirt
Journalist killed while covering terrorist bombings
Following fact-finding mission, RSF reports on press freedom situation in the country
In state-owned publishing industry, censorship reigns, says IPA
Nominate an organisation for IPI's Free Media Pioneer Award
Independent editor detained, newsrooms raided
Blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad freed after being held for 10 months
Newspaper faces defamation charges
Books of slain Kurdish poet under investigation
Radio journalist attacked at gunpoint in front of his family
Three journalists released pending trial, 11 others still imprisoned
PACE urged to demand freedom for political prisoners
Newspapers fined for "damaging honour" of businessman
Arrests, intimidation of displaced activists continue
Another member of journalists' collective receives death threats
Copies of newspaper set on fire by political party supporters
WAN-IFRA denounces government's authoritarian turn
Freedom House delegation denied entry
UN agency's member states urged to guarantee freedom of information
Oxfam Novib/PEN Awards celebrate writers against the odds
Government scraps plan to force journalists to inform police
Community radio station back on air after three-month suspension
RSF releases video interviews with recently freed journalists and blogger
Arab Spring protests deserve strong international support, says Human Rights Watch report
Writer detained, faces up to 50 years in prison
International Mission to Bahrain Report says promises for reform unfulfilled, while situation deteriorates
Targeting of journalists ongoing
Popular television programme censored
Press freedom suffered significant setbacks in 2011, says IFJ report
Journalist illegally detained, while another is attacked
Two journalists given suspended prison terms
TV reporter killed while covering Kano suicide bombings
Peasants' rights activist assassinated in Colón
Three journalists assaulted as police arrest opposition politicians
IPI calls for professionalisation of public broadcaster
Church files lawsuit against television station, journalist
IFJ cautiously welcomes statements by authorities, calls for implementation
Salman Rushdie receives death threats, withdraws from literature festival
TV satellite operator usurps court's prerogative to silence Kurdish TV station
Al-Shabaab militant group conducts illegal raid on radio station, abducts journalist
Revived draft law would give state security control over civil society
Senate must reject Armenian Genocide law, says ARTICLE 19
Journalist targeted by drug traffickers may have to move abroad
Authorities urged to drop charges for "undermining royal dignity"
Journalists convicted under anti-terror legislation
Blogger released
Attacks, arrests, legislation restrict press freedom
PEN protests charges against Zhu Yufu, insisting "poetry is not a crime"
Political satirist takes government to court over "Cartoon-O-Phobia"
Lawyer shot to death after reporting on human rights violations
Solution to journalist's murder within reach
Freedom House survey highlights significance of Arab uprisings
Jailed opposition activist receives presidential pardon
Attacks on the press up in 2011, says NUSOJ annual report
Journalists assaulted while covering anti-government protests
Former minister gets life imprisonment for demanding an end to the dictatorship
IFEX member websites go dark in protest against online piracy bills
Justice not served in Hrant Dink's case
IFEX members welcome release of journalists, bloggers
Inquiry unable to find culprits of journalist's murder
Journalist may have been killed for exposing land disputes
Publisher threatened after condemning colleague's murder
Tribal journalist gunned down in Charsadda
Independent journalists arrested in unprecedented numbers
Index calls for nominations for 2012 Freedom of Expression Awards
ANHRI condemns assault on human rights defender
Journalists set to appear in court after year-long detention
Life sentence and acquittals handed down in Hrant Dink murder trial
Two private newspapers shut down by authorities
SOPA poses threat to free expression, says CJFE
IPA report criticises censorship
Arrests of netizens ongoing
Call for release of labour activists
Columnist David Rohde is IPI's 63rd World Press Freedom Hero
Journalists see light at end of tunnel, but dangers remain
Start of 2012 marked by violations of freedom of information
Newly elected Parliament urged to dismantle tools of repression
Provincial TV journalist and cameraman assaulted, camera destroyed
Demonstrator killed, others injured as security forces crack down on peaceful protest
BCHR concerned over "show trial" of police officers accused of torturing two detainees to death
MADA responds to Government Media Office accusations
#OccupyNigeria protesters take on news media coverage
"National Chronicle" editor briefly detained, faces criminal complaint
Authorities detain blogger
National security officials violently assault photojournalists
Journalist faces threats of criminal prosecution for publishing leaked document
Arson attack on radio station; journalist gets death threat
Police allegedly assault reporter
TV station raided, journalists detained
Journalists released
Athletes targeted for exercising their rights as country prepares for the Formula One
Ahead of elections, CCHR reports on the right to vote
Concern about rights violations on eve of Africa Cup
Authorities urged not to deny the Bidun's right to freedom of expression
Ireland to prioritise Internet freedom during OSCE chairmanship
IFEX-TMG calls for recent public media appointments to be revoked and for journalists' protection
Journalist threatened via Twitter
On the first anniversary of the revolution, RSF writes an open letter to the authorities
Police beat up journalist, delete photos and charge him with trespassing
Violations of media freedoms in December 2011
President proposes restrictions to journalistic work during 2013 elections
Human remains found not to be those of missing journalist
Sentence against blogger overturned
RSF revives tourist awareness campaign
Tajik opposition journalist stabbed in Moscow
BCHR fears for life of imprisoned minor
Journalist shot dead by unidentified gunman
All DVB journalists, freelancers and blogger freed under amnesty
Journalists, media workers harassed in Manila demolition
Government launches smear campaign against human rights organisations
Academics oppose Internet filtering in universities
Kurdish Roj TV fined but remains on air
Murdered journalist may have been mistaken for someone else
MADA welcomes lifting of ban on newspapers
Judicial police and prosecutor's office close down radio station, seize its equipment
"UAE 5" still face restrictions after pardon
European Union urged to press Vietnam to respect human rights
Newspaper journalist charged with criminal defamation
Army shoots protesters attempting to reach observers
Media independence crucial to democratic transition, says ARTICLE 19
Parliament urged to reject immunity law for President Saleh and aides
Free expression special rapporteur under attack
Journalist who had participated in protest receives death threats
IFEX-TMG concerned by attacks on journalists and academics
Journalist's killing encouraged by culture of impunity, says CMFR
Watch RSF parody on al-Assad's censorship regime
Human Rights First calls for nominations for international human rights advocacy award
Add your signature to IPI petition to free journalist Nedim Sener
French TV reporter killed in Homs
Fundamedios records 156 aggressions against the media in 2011
IFEX-ALC calls for withdrawal of three recommendations that impact on mandate of free expression rapporteur
Bloggers' death sentences confirmed; more journalists arrested
Growing impunity for alleged instigators of radio journalist's murder
Witnesses in "Al-Ayyam" case turn against prosecution
IPI reports on deadly trends for journalists in 2011
Newspapers suspended on alleged administrative violations
IAPA calls for prompt investigation into reporter's death in Nuevo León
Journalists detained, barred from traveling in Somaliland
Independent reporter imprisoned
Leading journalist released, his blog remains banned
RFI returns to airwaves
RSF launches parody video on censorship
Human remains found could be those of missing journalist Guy-André Kieffer
Two media outlets suspended for opposition coverage
Human rights defender Nabeel Rajab attacked, hospitalised
HRNJ-Uganda condemns assault on journalist by police
Human Rights Watch calls for government to reverse interference with courts, media
Tragic start to 2012 as media worker is murdered
Authorities tighten grip on the Internet
Puntland authorities urged to explain detention of journalists
Proposed media law fails to safeguard free press
The Arab world is the most dangerous region for journalists, says WAN-IFRA
Press freedom overview reveals ongoing violations in South East Europe
Decriminalisation of press offences a major issue in 2012
National Court of Justice ratifies three-year prison sentence against Emilio Palacio
Peaceful activist sent to "education center" for 24 months
RFI broadcasts suspended over election coverage
Recent deaths of Syrian journalists cement Arab world's ranking as deadly region for journalists in 2011, say IFEX members
Security forces launch unprecedented raids on human rights organisations
Dissidents who posted "subversive" articles online get up to 10 years in prison
IFJ calls for an end to the harassment of journalists
Rise in number of lawsuits filed against media professionals
Swedish journalists given 11 years on terrorism charges
Front Line seeking nominations for human rights defenders award
President pressures "Bild" to kill story
Ruling party MP assaults TV reporter
Journalist attacked, robbed in Nepalgunj
Journalists Killed Methodology Research Project
Human Rights Watch calls for end to violence against peaceful protesters
Newspaper reporter arrested for undercover investigation of police corruption
Arab League observers urged to visit jailed bloggers and journalists, demand their release
Cyber-dissident gets long jail term for "subversive" articles
IFJ cautiously welcomes end of Public Emergency Regulations
Journalist succumbs to injuries
IFJ presses UN for action on media killings after violence claims 106 lives of journalists and media staff in 2011
Journalists threatened after questioning role of military
Five-month jail terms for two journalists and their source confirmed on appeal
Pro-opposition news website attacked, shut down
TV presenter provisionally released after being held for five months
Renewed protests defy ban; reform advocates arrested
Canal 7 journalist and camera operator attacked
Citizen journalist killed in Homs
BIANET releases third quarter media monitoring report
IAPA reviews state of press freedom in 2011

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