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Government opposes judicial review of ban on sexual diversity festival
International Day to End Impunity: The results
Fundamedios welcomes "El Universo" pardon, but calls for continued monitoring of government's actions
Authorities put Tibet on virtual lockdown
International mission finds impunity, worsening law reform
Correa's pardon won't change alarming free expression situation, say IFEX members
Man jailed for copycat "toy protest"
Violations by Palestinian security forces exceed those by Israeli forces in 2011, says MADA report
Draft electoral law provision threatens freedom of expression
Nominate the blog that best defends free expression
Student handed one year prison sentence for posting cartoon of the king on Facebook
Palestinian TV channels raided by Israeli forces
Ex-FIFA VP formally serves journalist notice of defamation suit
Government seeks to escalate censorship online
IPI releases report on press freedom mission
Journalist sentenced to six years' imprisonment amidst press crackdown
Government supporters start campaign opposing international press and human rights organisations
Somaliland reporter arrested, beaten in custody; two others released
Court access denied to Globovisión reporters
Genocide-denial law declared unconstitutional
Video producer flees Huila after death threats related to controversial video
RSF calls on UNHRC to condemn violations of freedom of information
Freedom House condemns arrest of WOZA members
Mission finds worsening law reform, impunity and self-censorship
CIHRS submits interventions to UNHRC to bring attention to struggle for democracy in the region
RSF supports demand to open detention centres to the media
IFJ urges free reporting of Wukan village elections
Draconian media bill would restrict access for foreign correspondents
Radio station director murdered in Mogadishu
Human Rights Watch reports on unfair trials targeting peaceful demonstrators, activists
President pardons "El Universo" executives and writers; drops lawsuit against "El Gran Hermano" authors
Future of last remaining human rights monitoring NGO in the balance
Wounded journalist safely evacuated to Lebanon
Admit UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, urges HRNJ-Uganda
Three newspaper publishers ordered to appear in court
ARTICLE 19 publishes analysis of Publication of Electoral Opinion Polls Bill
Journalists receive death threats after reporting on prison fire
Courts denying bail in lese majeste cases
Authorities deport Syrian activists after peaceful demonstration against al-Assad regime
Militia urged to transfer journalists to state
Eliminate Obiang Prize, urge seven civil society groups
C-Libre vice-president receives death threats
Activist charged, jailed after advocating for a republican state
Sports journalist gets death threat in Barinas
Media practitioners and associations adopt new code of ethics
Citizen journalist killed; reporters still trapped in Homs
Journalist, in poor health, is released pending trial
Blogger stabbed after criticising royal family member
Newspaper suspended indefinitely, three other papers' print runs seized
Human rights defender renews hunger strike, calls on EU states to take more action
Clinton urged to pressure reform of repressive speech laws
Violations of media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territories in 2011
Government blocks access to prominent site Ferghana News
Blackout imposed by Chinese authorities
IPI challenges authorities to solve journalist murder cases, protect journalists under threat
Government launches broad new offensive against electronic communications
ANEM condemns attack on Studio B television crew
Newspaper director released pending trial
Fundamedios condemns brutal blow against fundamental freedoms
IFJ concerned over announcement of new "monitoring" committee
Authorities urged to allow aid, evacuation for wounded, dead
Local radio station manager decapitated in Urgun, Paktika
Committee to Protect Journalists calls for global coalition against censorship
Deadly day for journalists in Homs
American human rights commission orders suspension of sentence against "El Universo"
Writer arrested in ongoing crackdown
Government muzzles its scientists, says Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
Investigative journalist and family murdered
Nominate a cartoonist for Courage in Editorial Cartooning award
Palestinians facing wave of detentions, attacks
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights orders suspension of sentences against "El Universo"
Authorities urged to immediately and unconditionally release Mazen Darwish and other detained activists
Copies of newspaper torched; transmission of TV channel suspended
IFJ urges Fire Services Department to review media policy
Media professionals call for editorial independence of state media
Trapped journalists killed in Homs bombardment
Journalist for Iranian TV station imprisoned on drug charges
TV anchors threatened by outlawed extremist group
Website editor's trial resumes, court hears defence witnesses
Security forces seize independent daily's entire print run
Former senator files US$5 million libel suit against newspaper
BBC correspondent attacked three times in past year
Authorities block website used to disseminate live videos
NUSOJ condemns new communications law as a "licence to restrict" independent broadcasting and media freedom
IFJ shocked at brutal murder of journalist, his family
Authorities urged to drop prosecutions over vote boycott
Online surveillance bill threatens web users' rights
Reporter and journalism student threatened by armed assailants
CJFE calls on government to stop muzzling scientists and researchers
Two more journalists arrested in continuing crackdown
Local censorship goes global as media under siege, says CPJ report
IPI writes open letter to commissioner of police about recent media raids
Panama grants diplomatic asylum to "El Universo" director
National reconciliation efforts must address journalists' concerns, says IFJ
Concern about treatment of detained journalists and netizens
Australian journalist released following trumped-up arrest
Two human rights activists detained
International journalists attacked while covering land dispute
Defence rights flouted in terrorism case involving RFI reporter
Comedian given three months' imprisonment for "insulting Islam"
IFEX-ALC concerned over recent developments that undermine and jeopardise fundamental freedoms
New authorities use old methods to detain newspaper publisher
State investigator files criminal lawsuit against TV9 channel
Turkish newspaper's Europe offices attacked
Minister shuts down rights workshop
Radio Télévision Catholique, pro-opposition broadcasters allowed back on air
Release imprisoned journalist, says CPJ
Artist killed, activists detained, journalists' houses targeted
Authorities arrest 14 in attempt to block news
Catholic broadcaster shut down ahead of protest march
Union activist detained
Judge claims president's attorney dictated original sentence against "El Universo"
Sentence against "El Universo" is a setback for democracy
Old issues, new debates on Internet freedom
One year after Mubarak: interview on press freedom with "Egypt Independent" managing editor Lina Attalah
RSF concerned about Google's new country-redirect service on Blogger
Media freedom under threat, says Human Rights Watch
HRNJ-Uganda demands investigation of judge's conduct towards journalists
Threats to journalists don't let up
Violations of media freedoms in January 2012
IFEX-TMG concerned by series of setbacks, calls on authorities to consolidate free expression in the country
Activist sentenced for "insulting" the king
Activists attacked, arrested on protest anniversary
Correa's defamation win exposes country's "disturbing" free expression situation
Opposition figure held without charge
Two journalists killed in a week
Blogger faces charges of blasphemy, apostasy after Mohammed tweets
Blogger and activist Zainab Al-Khawaja detained
Repeal of emergency rule has not led to media freedom, say IFEX members
Regional media under siege in Latin America
Protester killed in peaceful demonstration
RSF creates mirror sites to combat censorship
Ekho Moskvy board shuffled ahead of election
Two journalists killed in Dhaka
Journalist's TV show taken off the air
One year on, authorities urged to address abuses, implement comprehensive reform
Journalist killed in Ponta Porá
Journalists targeted with tear gas canisters, rubber bullets
Labour activist detained
RSF monitors freedom of information, media behaviour during presidential election campaign
Writer faces apostasy trial after Malaysia deports him back to Saudi Arabia
A year of struggle for journalists
Police officer brutalises "New Dawn" reporter
Australian journalist, translator detained
Journalists detained by members of militia
Blogger detained following blog entry critical of Sultan Qaboos' reign
Tribunal sets new date for the review of facts in "El Universo" case
Two American activists arrested, deported; news website blocked
HRNJ-Uganda report points to deterioration in media freedom
IRFS is target of government smear campaign
French journalist expelled for interviewing opposition members
Protesters, IFEX members mark uprising anniversary
Police raid "Newsday" office in Trinidad
MISA publishes position on inclusion of media freedoms in draft constitution
Reporter found dead; Czech journalist arrested; young TV journalist assaulted by motorcycle gang
French magazine censored for publishing images from "Persepolis"
Rights activist and lawyer charged for providing legal aid to detained protesters
Authorities urged to respond to rumours of writer's death in detention
IPI hopes court of appeal will reconsider excessive fines against two weekly Turkish papers
IFJ condemns killing of journalist in Barra do Piraí
AMARC celebrates first World Radio Day
Musician detained; band members pledge to hold solidarity concerts
Court forces web firms to remove "objectionable" content
Restrictions on independent media must end, says IPI
Journalist attacked after reporting on police officers
TV programme goes off air after disagreements with station
Defamation protections for regime unwelcome, says PFF
Proposed bill promises to loosen restrictions on the press
RSF lawyer pleads on behalf of imprisoned journalists
IFJ concerned that new media law may fail to ensure press freedom
Journalist threatened over magazine article
RSF to create mirror sites to fight censorship
Reports of intimidation and editorial interference in public broadcaster
"Tribune d'Afrique" journalist interrogated for six hours, fears for his safety
Court decision threatens future of country's largest newspaper
Activists detained over illegal assembly
Translator and poet arrested, whereabouts unknown
Airport officials lock out journalists, hold equipment
Blogger denied travel to Brazil
Human Rights Watch reports on use of excessive force against peaceful protesters in Taizz
Authorities urged to grant entry to journalists
Journalist detained for questioning after publishing open letter to Putin
PEN American Center concerned over "virtual lockdown" on freedom of expression
ANHRI condemns detention of activist
Local media team banned from covering referendum vote counting
Journalists attacked, threatened in Suez protests
Journalist flees country following detention order over tweets
Journalist assaulted in Parliament
Fundamedios and AEDEP challenge constitutionality of amendments to Democracy Code
Journalist killed in Homs
Accreditation disputes at center of journalists' arrests in U.S.
Electoral campaign marred by attacks, prosecutions against media
Amid fresh bombing, security forces torture children, says Human Rights Watch
Editor's detention exposes regime's crushing of dissent in wake of December violence
UN declares defamation conviction a free expression violation
OAS adopts proposals that could weaken role of free expression special rapporteur
Journalists attacked by men at funeral
Have your say: What should the global standards for free expression be?
Nominate a woman for Courage in Journalism Awards
Court acquits “Daily Monitor” editors
Fundamedios condemns million-dollar fines against journalists Calderón and Zurita
IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - February 2012
New government must guarantee safety and rights of journalists
Journalists receive death threats; news media attacked
MADA condemns escalating campaign against journalists
GALI report reveals public officials are the worst free expression offenders in the Andean region
Send flowers to the people of Bahrain
Confirmation of court order could lead to return of Internet censorship
Government shuts HIV-prevention group's website
Justice ministry harassment targets IRFS activities, says group's director
French journalists detained, thrown out of restive state
Rights activists risk imprisonment
Journalists' Twitter accounts hacked after posting controversial photos
ANHRI condemns attacks on protestors, raid on residential building
Twenty-nine IFEX members call for release of independent newspaper editor
Coup charges against writer dropped, still faces military tribunal
Journalist harassed by police after publishing interview with subversive leader
FMM voices concern over allegations in "Dinamina" newspaper article
Blogger sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment, newspaper suspended
Court urged to drop prison sentence given to journalist
Documentary filmmaking threatened by court ruling
Danish journalists refused visas
Arrest sweeps target Arab minority
Rapper arrested, detained, for lyrics critical of outcome of revolution
Senior newspaper staff fired for reporting inflation concerns
IFJ warns press freedom remains under siege after threats against editor
New report highlights ongoing press freedom challenges, says MISA
Foreign newspapers to be banned
"UAE 5" activist denied entry into Kuwait
Make rights key to good relations, says Human Rights Watch
TV news crew allegedly threatened by village councillor
Authorities "at war" with bloggers in Chelyabinsk region
IFJ urges authorities to uphold post-Olympic press freedom promises
Two detained journalists released
Security service interrogates editor, raids newsroom
Ahead of elections, crackdown on press continues
Journalists' families targeted in campaign against the media
Human Rights Watch report documents security forces' use of torture on child detainees
Radio journalist threatened and tortured for 24 hours
MADA condemns arrest of journalist in Ramallah
Journalist injured by Israeli forces
IFJ supports proposed electoral reporting reforms
Television stations in Balochistan suspended by cable operators following threats
Police use social media to monitor activists
Government increases range of documents to be classified
Twitter policy that restricts tweets sparks outrage
Copyright agreement will restrict online free expression, say French MEP and IFEX members
More journalists get jail time on anti-terrorism charges
Journalist's murder highlights country's notoriety as most dangerous place in Africa for media
Journalists worldwide commemorate Black January
Knight International Journalism Award open for nominations
Activist's sentence upheld; others await trial
WiPC interview with Robert Wanyonyi on witnessing and reporting on crime
ARTICLE 19 publishes analysis of Freedom of Information Bill
News site threatened with multiple lawsuits
Soldiers threaten to shoot journalist
Newspaper editor arrested for publishing "confidential information"

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