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Court should release journalist prosecuted under lèse majesté law
Yet another journalist murdered in Veracruz
Violations of media freedoms in March 2012
IFJ condemns arrest of reporter, shooting of editor
New media bill should be scrapped, says CPJ
World Press Freedom Day 2012: The story of Mohamed Ibrahim
Journalists assaulted, arrested while covering protest
Elderly revolutionary icon sentenced to eight years in jail
Freedom House launches 2012 report on press freedom
Two journalists attacked in Alexandria
Government urged to protect blind human rights defender from extrajudicial violence
Investigative journalist Umar Cheema recounts struggle for freedom
Global call to commemorate World Press Freedom Day
Young activist faces possible death sentence
Activist killed over possession of logging photos
Human rights activist sentenced, on hunger strike
Writer imprisoned for defamation amid rumor crackdown
Columnist, editor post bail re libel case
Clashes erupt outside national TV station after talk of privatizing state media
Boxun, U.S.-based news site, attacked amid Bo Xilai coverage
IPI issues report on Kosovo media
Journalist and human rights defender threatened with sexual violence
Mitigating risks to report safely, CPJ launches Journalist Security Guide
Offices of daily bombed
Press freedom continues to diminish, says new report
Twenty-seven IFEX members call for investigation into brutal attacks on journalists
Leading weekly's website blocked for past six days
International NGOs denied licences
Palestinian Authority blocks critical websites in West Bank
World Press Freedom Day: The ultimate FAQ
Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! submit to external free expression check-up
Hearings into disappearance of opposition journalist continue
French former hostage ready to go back to the front line
Parliament considers death penalty for insulting God, Prophet
Accused gunman has ordered broadcaster's widow, two others killed, says radio exec
Media blackout follows coup
Lawyer killed while investigating murder of journalist
Freedom House holds inaugural photo and art contest
Journalist's death must lead to better combat rules
Publisher, journalist charged in State Security Court
Journalist arrested, government decrees new media controls
Editor receives threat
Journalist says he was tortured in prison
Australia urged to press for human rights improvements in Vietnam
Media Rights Agenda welcomes UN plan for journalists' safety
Internet giants submit to external free expression scrutiny
Author facing jail for army criticism in fiction
Abraji urges investigation into killing of journalist in Maranhão
ARTICLE 19's Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
Reform activist arrested following publication of critical article
Journalist removed for voicing food safety fears
APAI calls on ACHPR to advance the right to access information
Egyptian lawyer sentenced to one year imprisonment, 20 lashes for criticising King
Authorities urged to reconsider death penalty amendment
Journalists regularly barred from immigrant detention centres, campaign shows
Journalists flee homes after receiving threats
TV show host shot dead
Journalist flees after FARC threats
IFJ condemns arbitrary arrests of journalists
Changes to Kosovo Criminal Code Would Force Journalists to Reveal Sources
Deadly Week for Journalists Across the Globe
ANEM's media monitoring report for January and February 2012
Rights activists brought to trial, others still held incommunicado
Radio journalist assaulted, gets death threat from Liberal Party leaders
Protester killed, activists arrested as F1 wraps up
IPI World Press Freedom Heroes condemn imprisonment of journalist Eskinder Nega
Representatives of Egyptian NGOs rejected the new governmental draft law
Journalist assaulted by police
Bill C-11 casts shadow over World Book Day celebrations
Two activists arrested for graffiti art
Television journalist survives mob attack
Court says website blocking violates constitution
Journalist tortured, killed in Karachi
Workshop on "Internet and Free Expression" held in Sidi Bouzid
Colorado repeals criminal libel law
Palestinian journalist sentenced to four months' imprisonment
Journalist seriously injured in assassination attempt
IFJ welcomes quashing of sedition charges in Gujarat state
Media freedom threatened by violence, censorship and curbs on access to information
Mounting concerns for translator Mohammad Soleimani Nia
Journalist kidnapped, threatened by rural self-defense group
Reporter attacked, threatened by legislator and staff
Human Rights Watch calls on national assembly to revoke amnesty legislation
Journalist jobs, media freedoms face the axe under new bill
MISA stresses need for access to information in Africa
Journalist and political activist Dimitry Bondarenko released
Four citizen journalists killed despite ceasefire
Press still shackled despite amendments to law
Prosecutor killed while investigating journalist's murder
International NGOs call on president to investigate brutal attack on prominent journalist
Crackdown on rights activists escalates ahead of F1
Leader of Republican Party interferes with activities of daily newspaper
Iraq ranked worst at solving journalists' murders for fifth straight year
2012 looking to be deadliest year for media, says International Press Institute
Azerbaijani journalist wins UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day Prize
Popular opposition activists released, campaign to free all political prisoners goes on
President vows to reopen case of missing reporter
Three bloggers face 20 years in jail for spreading anti-state propaganda
In a climate of impunity, more danger ahead for journalists
On Philippines' canvas of injustice, anything goes
Know your rights: ARTICLE 19 releases regional legal resources
What we like: Guardian's Battle for the Internet series
IFJ condemns sacking of journalist by broadcaster
ARTICLE 19 legal analysis: Communications Regulatory Authority Bill
IFJ urges Hong Kong police to end discrimination and harassment of media
New report highlights draconian media laws
Regime continues to crack down on press
Released from Cuba's prisons, exiled journalists languish in Spain
Recent journalist deaths add to record total for 2012 so far
CPJ's Impunity Index: Getting away with murder
Journalists threatened by Salafist group
Editor and photojournalist receive death threat
Writer, activist survives assassination attempt
Fifty IFEX members and partners call for freedom for Bahraini human rights defenders, bloggers and activists
Gunmen kill cameraman
Joint submission to UN Universal Periodic Review
Journalist assaulted after reporting on illegal clearing of forests
ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
Independence has not brought freedom for press
Three journalists handed anti-state charges
Grand Prix decision ignores abuses, says Human Rights Watch
Military junta enforces media blackout
Authorities crush pro-democracy protest
ARTICLE 19 submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
Court rules against regional newspaper
Media freedom increasingly under threat
Internet crackdown on Bo Xilai rumors continues
Opposition begins to speak up
Fundamedios reports increased hostility towards media in first quarter of 2012
Two journalists threatened for their reporting
Security bill threatens basic liberties
Screenings of documentary on assassinated human rights activist banned
Radio blocktimer killed in ambush
PEN awards top prize to jailed journalist Eskinder Nega
Activist freed but crackdown widening
CCHR Fundamental Freedoms Fact Sheet: Freedom of Information
Authorities urged to respect press freedom during election season
Broadcaster's equipment destroyed
Serious concern over health of political prisoner
Journalist assaulted by police commander, another roughed up by group of officers
Concern for journalists, serious setback for media freedom
Armed men attack journalist in Sana'a
Human rights activist subject to ten-year travel ban
Presidential candidates ignore serious breaches of freedom of information
Government orders radio show off the air
Human rights defender Nabeel Rajab denied entry into Egypt
Two sports reporters injured by police during football match
Minister seizes newspaper supplement, suspends editor
e.TV journalists detained
Proposed snooping law: What you need to know
New authorities, old-style crackdown
IFEX members and partners urge Iraq not to pass overbroad, punitive cyber crimes law
Security services find new way of censoring critics
Dissident journalist takes own life after year in exile
Kurt Schork Awards now accepting submissions
Journalist killed in armed attack on plane
Poet and translator murdered in Toluca
Detained journalist transferred to hospital
Wave of detentions in West Kasai province
Journalist's home destroyed by tanks, family's passports seized
Police attack journalists covering protest
President should pardon journalists, says ARTICLE 19
Activists arrested, face deportation
IFEX-TMG alarmed by ongoing attacks targeting demonstrators, media, performers and academics
Free expression and law in 2011
Publisher Ragip Zarakolu released pending trial
Writer sentenced to seven years' imprisonment
OSCE study confirms nearly 100 journalists currently in prison
Free expression and law in 2011
Press silent on unrest in Mali, Syria
Riot police deliberately attack journalists covering street demonstrations
In Somaliland, two journalists detained without charge
In Boston, journalist battles to keep sources confidential
Detained journalist admitted to hospital in serious condition
Free expression and law in 2011
Government urged to adopt free press recommendations
Journalist Mae Azango moves a nation
Cameraman killed by cross-border gunfire
Seven-year prison terms handed down for mockery of Islam
Draconian cyber security bill could lead to Internet surveillance censorship
Journalists provide global prescription for fighting violence and impunity
Fourth journalist killed since year began
Press freedom situation worsens as authorities attempt to whitewash actions
Omani blogger threatened with deportation
Kefaya activists sentenced to three years in prison
New campaign highlights free expression abuses in "Europe's last dictatorship"
Authorities prohibit distribution of books at international fair
Journalist threatened after investigating drug trafficking
Magistrate orders assault and arrest of journalists
Prominent journalist attacked
"Walk to Work" group declared illegal
Forty-four IFEX members and partners call proposed cyber crimes law a setback to free speech
Town mayor sues broadcaster for libel
Correa questions IACHR and maligns Fundamedios
Escalating assault on free expression
Seven journalists among those seriously injured in suicide bombing
Five reasons why IFEX members are sceptical about Burma's progress
Growing concern over targeting of independent journalists
By-election shows greater respect for press freedom, says IPI
Internet regulation reform vital, says ARTICLE 19
Police crush anti-government critics
Authorities rid city of dissent ahead of ASEAN summit
Court bans media from reporting on water pollution claims
Nominations now open for Freedom to Publish Prize
Protecting free expression and free information in the new Constitution
Journalist murdered
Human rights activist in critical stage of hunger strike
Every step you take, every move you make: The British government's new plans for mass surveillance
IAPA welcomes Inter-American Court's ruling in case of missing journalist
Seven journalists among those seriously injured in suicide bombing
Join our call to save human rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja
Journalist's murderer gets 21 years in jail, but motive is still unknown
Draft Communications Act good, but needs wider consultation, says ARTICLE 19
Seven journalists wounded in suicide bombing at Mogadishu theatre
Parliament urged to reject amnesty that would include murders of five journalists
A "sword of Damocles" in the making?
Demonstrators beaten in custody
Journalist receives death threat
Trial against "El Gran Hermano" authors continues after proposed pardon is rejected
Car bomb kills TV presenter in Tikrit
Authorities announce arrest in murder of journalist Argemiro Cárdenas Agudelo
International delegation expresses concern about press freedom
Lives of citizen journalist and activist who helped resistance media in danger
Hona Al-Quds network office raided, equipment seized
Damning UN report shows need for urgent action on human rights
Global coalition of NGOs calls for official withdrawal of censorship plans
Six netizens arrested, sixteen websites shut down
Journalist released on bail after one week in detention
CCHR deplores curtailment of freedoms, silencing of civil society during ASEAN Summit
Journalist struck by police vehicle, suffers serious injuries
Police try to arrest editor out on bail
Rights groups urge passage of Freedom of Information Bill
Rapper arrested for critical lyrics
Armed civilians affiliated with security forces kill citizen journalist
Politician sentenced to 15 years in prison for campaign speeches
Wary about Burma? So are others
Authorities order closure of American, German pro-democracy organisations
Court asked to protect TV journalist in attempt to seize riot video
Officials stifling freedom of association, says Freedom House
Court sentences activists to two years in jail
Police arrest members of civic organisation
Journalists attacked in coup aftermath
Journalist charged with slander despite defamation reforms
Violent crackdown on critics

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