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And now for some context… IFEX introduces new monthly publication
Kuwaiti TV channel shut down by authorities
UN Human Rights Council urged to reject resolution on "traditional values"
UN chief wrong to say anti-Muslim filmmaker abused free expression, says Middle East rights group
Parcel bomb kills Indian freelance journalist
Ugandan media group suspends coverage of district chairperson
In government-media fight, Argentinian journalism suffers
Report explores access to information requests in Ecuador
Right to Know Day: importance of information to health highlighted
President of Google Brazil arrested over YouTube videos
Your right to know
Nigeria's Freedom of Information Act
Draw attention to impunity: IFEX launches editorial cartoon contest
Should WikiLeaks be entitled to same First Amendment rights as The New York Times?
10 controversial cartoons from India's Aseem Trivedi
Probe into massacre of protesters in Yemen flawed, says Human Rights Watch
Bill to recriminalise defamation withdrawn from consideration in Ukraine
Protestors, political activists detained in Georgia
Censorship at state-owned Radio Nacional in Paraguay
Ecuadorian journalists harassed in court and on the street
UN passes resolution in favour of journalist safety
Guinean stadium massacre victims await justice
Struggle against silence and impunity in Mexico
Saudi demonstrators sentenced to months in prison, lashes
Tunisia should accept all UN recommendations on free expression, says IFEX-TMG
Radio journalist missing in Nepal, another reporter threatened
Lessons learned 40 years after the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines
Journalist killed by sniper during attack by rebels in Syria
Syrian journalist killed in allegedly targeted attack
Indian authorities urged to drop charges against two men for circulating cartoon
Burmese law on assembly found to be inconsistent with free expression
Argentinian government threatens to sell off media group licenses
As online repression grows, activists fight back
Media freedom, independence key in wake of anti-Islam film
Muhammad cartoons by French satirical magazine set off fierce debate
Pakistani media worker killed, others injured in violent protests
Guinean journalist attacked, radio station vandalised
Ugandan radio stations forced to take song off the air
Honduran lawyer advocating for land rights killed
Human rights reforms urgently needed in Venezuela
Hong Kong photographer assaulted by police in mainland China
Blogger arrested in Kuwait, accused of defamation
Heavy jail sentences for three Vietnamese bloggers
Law requiring registration of SIM cards in Uganda a threat to privacy
Media in Pakistan targeted by protests against video
Police detain, assault members of music group, journalists in Turkey
Rights defenders threatened, despite Bahrain's support for UN review
Peru's government should prevent unlawful killings of protesters
Ivorian authorities lift ban on privately-owned publications
Omani blogger sentenced to a year in prison
Belarusian media under pressure over election coverage
Freedom of information group condemns YouTube block in Sudan
Australian journalist held, equipment confiscated in Belarus
Ecuadorian investigative journalist takes leave after her safety is threatened
Thirteenth journalist murdered in Somalia, fourth in twenty-four hours
Sri Lankan editor of private newspaper dismissed
Bomb blast destroys radio studio in Brazil
UK "Snoopers' Charter" draws sharp critique
Journalist charged after writing about cholera and dengue in Cuba
Suicide attack kills three Somali journalists
Journalists under attack ahead of parliamentary elections in Belarus
'Malaysians are tired of a broken electoral process,' says Bersih activist Ambiga Sreenevasan
Media remains at centre of struggle for control in Egypt
Tunisian draft constitution threatens free expression
Media association pickets South African Broadcasting Corporation
UK phone hacking inquiry: implications for press freedom
Vietnam's press freedom shrinks despite open economy, says report
Unease over new broadcasting authority in Guyana
Serial attacks on media workers in Yemen
Threats against anti-corruption blogs in Vietnam
Chadian journalist convicted for publishing petition
Azerbaijan not protecting free speech, says Index on Censorship
Burmese political detainees among prisoners released in amnesty
Plan to recriminalise defamation threatens freedom of information in Ukraine
Activist sentenced to two years in jail, newspaper loses appeal in Azerbaijan
Colombian journalists get death threats, reporter sued for defamation in Peru
Philippines passes first law since 2000 affecting cyberspace communication
Confessions allegedly obtained by torture used to imprison protesters in Morocco
Former professor jailed in Beijing on allegations of subversion
Lebanese journalist detained while investigating alleged arms smuggling
Ahead of Venezuelan elections opposition ad censored
Kenyan lawyer examines regulations governing new online media
Somali group discusses safety of journalists with UN General Assembly president
Dominican Republic journalist sentenced to prison for defamation
Liberian national football team coach calls press the "enemy"
Shots fired at radio station in the Philippines
Zimbabwe's information minister threatens media organisations
Controversy and censorship over anti-Islam film
End persecution of human rights defenders in Bahrain now, says appeal to UNHRC
Twelve years on, no justice for Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze
Asylum for Assange in Ecuador boosts free expression debate
Indian daily attacked for the fourth time in six months
Three years on, no justice for Ugandan riot victims
In social media age, EU needs to defend free expression, says Index on Censorship
Gambian daily newspapers ordered to shut down
Four Turkish journalists released pending trial on terrorism charges
Filipino reporter receives threatening visitors
Former political prisoners persecuted in Burma
Journalists' sentence confirmed in libel case in Panama
Critical Honduran radio journalist threatened
Ivorian journalist attacked by minister's security detail
Young Somali journalist murdered
Legal amendments a setback for online expression in Jordan
Arrest wave signals growing intolerance for dissent in Jordan
Minister's announcement could augur drastic increase in censorship in Kazakhstan
TV journalist's killer gets 28 years in Honduran prison
Political pressure forces radio station to fire journalist in Peru
China will change leaders, but keep censorship
Harsh sentences handed down to six activists in Oman
Private television station's transmission signal cut in DR Congo
United Arab Emirates accused of torturing imprisoned activists
Mass trial in Turkey, journalists get two more months in jail
Expanded telecom regulations could threaten Internet freedom
New report addresses crucial free expression issues in Brazil
Indian Supreme Court permits gag orders on judicial proceedings
Roots of backlash against free speech in Vietnam
Cuban independent journalist beaten by state security officers
Journalists held, interrogated for investigating death of Chinese activist
Harsh climate for free expression in Russia
Nigerian journalist beaten and arrested by soldiers
Ugandan journalist injured while covering protests
US security concerns taking precedence over free speech
Editor killed by bomb blast in Iraq
Iran persists in its crackdown against journalists
Ivorian authorities ban six privately-owned publications
UPDATE: Indian cartoonist released on bail
Detained Bahraini activist Zainab Al-Khawaja faces 13 cases
Human rights defender Nabeel Rajab faces ill-treatment in Bahraini prison
Cambodian journalist killed after reports on illegal logging
CPJ welcomes release of Swedish journalists, calls on Ethiopia to discharge others
Journalists' organisation condemns violent attacks on Hong Kong media outlets
British government starts controlling exports of surveillance technology
Academic freedom as vital to democracy as a free press, says UK group
Pinochet era legacy still a barrier to media diversity in Chile
WPFC releases report on freedom of news media in Georgia
Demonstrators protest moves to silence independent media in Ukraine
Arrests, intimidation of protesters mar Olympic preparations in Russia
Turkish court rules for release of journalist after six years in detention
Forty-four journalists on trial in Turkey, accused of supporting terrorism
Burmese protestors arrested at copper mine demonstration
Eleven years post 9/11, free expression still restricted
Gambian journalists charged after requesting to protest executions
Arrest of Indian anti-corruption cartoonist sparks outrage
IPI welcomes announced pardon of Swedish journalists in Ethiopia
Twenty-seven employees fired from state TV in Paraguay
Coalition submits recommendations in lead-up to UN review
Violations of media freedoms in Palestine in August 2012
Iranian journalist summoned to serve one-year prison sentence
Vietnamese journalist sentenced for undercover reporting into police corruption
Mayor threatens "to bury" newspaper journalists in Bolivia
Call for release of Cambodian activist and broadcaster
Chinese security forces arrest five Tibetan monks in raid on monastery
Maldives journalist and others arrested for photographing riot police
Two Azerbaijani poets released by Iranian authorities
Journalists at risk in Azerbaijan's prisons, newspapers face persecution
Guinean ruling party militants assault journalists, destroy equipment
Vladimir Putin's grip on the Internet in Russia
Jordanian government approves repressive media bill
Press freedom group removed from Burmese blacklist after 25 years
Radio station owner brutally attacked in Argentina
Colombian magistrate's efforts to uncover corruption end in resignation
"El Universo" correspondent gets death threats in Ecuador
Provincial governor bans demonstrations in Hatay, Turkey
Radio journalist found dead in Maguindanao, Philippines
Mexican media giant blocks distribution of critical magazine
Wife of missing journalist speaks for Sri Lanka's disappeared
The battle for privacy intensifies in Australia
Tanzanian journalist killed in political rally
Human rights groups call for immediate release of all prisoners of conscience in Bahrain
Appeal court upholds life sentences for Bahraini activists
Three journalists held since 2001 die in Eritrean prison camp
Arrest warrant issued for critical Indian cartoonist
United States grants political asylum to persecuted Ecuadorian columnist
U.S. Secretary of State urged to raise issue of political prisoners in Indonesia
Violence is destroying press freedom in Mexico, report reveals
Suspect arrested in connection with Maguindanao massacre in Philippines
Photojournalist attacked in India's Nagaland state
Opposition journalists, cyber-dissidents hounded in run-up to elections in Belarus
Chinese cyber dissident freed after 10-year sentence
Israeli gag order prevents press coverage of bomb attack
Journalist abducted, assaulted by several armed men in Gaza

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