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Nigerian journalist attacked for photographing funeral
Spain fines NGO for information request
Greek journalist's arrest sparks press freedom concerns
Bahrain issues nationwide ban on protests
Argentinian journalist continues to suffer judicial persecution
Syrian activist tortured to death by Assad's intelligence forces
Political prisoners in Iran denied visits, medical care
Critical voices being silenced in Cambodia
Bolivian journalists injured in fire bomb attack on station
Vietnamese activists convicted for online songs
Rwandan opposition leader receives eight-year sentence
Trinidad minister accuses media of plans to discredit ruling party
Journalist beaten in Papua New Guinea over critical story
Sri Lanka's rights rollback should be addressed at UN review
How laws are used to stifle dissent in Cambodia
Qatar's draft media law penalises criticism of rulers
India changes controversial Internet governance position
Kuwaiti Bidun activists released but charges remain
EU condemns Emirates rights climate
Turkish journalist receives jail term over headline
Obama v. Romney in a free expression faceoff
China censors foreign news coverage before party congress
Newspaper correspondent arrested in Nigeria, assaulted while in detention
End to criminal defamation in Grenada will have "domino effect", says Association of Caribbean Media Workers (video)
Activists sentenced for resisting police in Azerbaijan
Lebanese freelancer abducted by Syrian armed rebel group
Colombia Supreme Court urged to overturn defamation verdict
How governments police the Internet - the dark side of digital communications
Correa supporters protest during journalism awards ceremony in US
Russia's new treason law threatens rights
Egypt urged to reinstate suspended newspaper editor
Saudi authorities detain 19 men at peaceful protest
Indian authorities drop defamation charges laid for circulating cartoon
Palestinian journalists arrested, released on bail
Somali poet killed by gunmen; journalist dies a week after being shot
Is Hugo Chávez's re-election good news for free expression in Venezuela?
UN Action Plan on journalists' safety and impunity
Baluchistan latest epicenter of attacks on journalists in Pakistan
Blaming dead officer, court closes probe into Cambodian fixer's murder
Freedom of information concerns on eve of Ukrainian elections
Anti-mining activists assassinated in Chihuahua, Mexico
Palestinian prisoners' rights group harassed by Israeli forces
US policy on warrantless wiretapping: has it changed?
Journalist threatened for investigating ritual killings in Gabon
Decision to drop charges against two Gambian journalists welcomed
Radio host laid off from news program in Venezuela
Bahrain acquits officer on charges of torturing a journalist
Liberian radio station shut down
China urged to end unlawful practice of house arrest
Kuwait bans unlicensed peaceful protests
Egyptian TV presenter jailed for defamation
Tajik human rights group forced to close
Four reasons why the Philippines's cybercrime law should be repealed
TV journalist killed by gunmen in Somaliland
Concern over alleged political interference in Hong Kong broadcaster
Free peaceful activists, journalists, aid workers in Syrian amnesty
Joint statement on journalist safety delivered to UNESCO
Defamation still criminalised in some US states
Mob assault on France 24 reporter in Egypt
Israeli soldiers raid Palestinian journalist's home
Indian journalist arrested on terrorism charges released on bail
Police use excessive violence against Papuan demonstrators, journalist
Call for more protection for embattled civil society activists
How IKEA cut women out of its Saudi Arabian catalogue… and wished they hadn't
Human rights lawyer 'disappeared' in Equatorial Guinea
Report on freedom of artistic expression in China
Shot fired at journalist's home in Bolivia
Turkey leads world in number of jailed journalists, says CPJ
Concerns for media diversity, editorial autonomy in Taiwan
Rebel and government leaders asked to protect reporters in Congo
Iraqi forces violently disperse protest
Report documents government attacks on Ecuador's private media
Bolivian journalists temporarily flee country after harassment
Congolese rebel leader asked to protect journalists
Jordanian activists on hunger strike, health deteriorating
Grenada abolishes criminal defamation
Imprisoned man continues to threaten Honduran journalist
Bahraini minister targets opposition clerics over critical sermons
Three rights defenders arrested during siege on Bahraini village
Canada-EU pact replicates Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement provisions
Film industry plagued by censorship in Egypt
Journalist in Ukraine reports threats against his family
Somali radio journalist badly injured in targeted shooting
Four Tibetan monks arrested for photographing self-immolation
News providers in Syria continue to be targeted
Sri Lankan paper apologises for reporting death threat
Contradictions in journalist's murder investigation in Mexico
No let-up in judicial harassment of journalists in Turkey
Ecuadorian government uses radio messages to discredit private media
Togolese reporter attacked by police
Kuwaitis protesting election law changes silenced by force
Culture of corruption permeates newsrooms in Ukraine
Sedition dropped but other charges hover over Indian cartoonist
European satellite provider drops 19 Iranian channels
Rights defender in Bahrain facing rioting charges after peaceful protest
IFEX-TMG calls on Tunisia to guarantee media independence
Veteran journalist missing in Brazil
UK defamation laws allowed doping to thrive in Tour de France
Journalists assaulted by Indonesian Air Force officers
Egyptian opposition protest suppressed by president's supporters
Chinese activist's nephew held incommunicado
Taliban threatens Pakistani media
Liberian journalist arrested for photographing police director
IFEX members bring free expression concerns to UN body
Ecuadorian newspaper targeted over readers' critical comments
Man jailed for 2008 murder of Filipino radio journalist
Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals ratifies life sentence against editor
Mongolian investigative journalist convicted
Emirati judge, activists arrested in latest crackdown
Malawi online journalist arrested
Nigerian journalist wins landmark court victory
Tunisian authorities fail to investigate attacks by religious extremists
Caribbean governments urged to repeal criminal defamation laws
Nepalese politician threatens journalist over news report
Mongolian newspaper editor sentenced for "illegal privatisation"
Members of parliament in Slovakia challenge data retention law
Cameroon: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Video depicts Chinese Nobel laureate's wife under house arrest
IFEX members call on new Somali government to protect journalists
Masked men attack gay-friendly club in Russia
Tunisia's Constitution will not criminalise blasphemy
IFEX urges Bahrain to free member Nabeel Rajab prior to appeal
Independent Russian television channel may be forced to stop broadcasting
Ecuador limits use of phrases, constraining public debate
Kuwaiti authorities clamp down on stateless activists
Chinese environmental citizen journalist on trial
Progress report cites free expression as major concern for Turkish accession to EU
Media freedom needs closer attention in post-war Sri Lanka
Reports say police played key role in Tanzanian journalist's death
Army personnel charged in deaths of Guatemalan protestors
Report condemns deteriorating press freedom in DR Congo
Saudi activist sentenced to 15 years in prison
Canada: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Pakistani teen blogger shot by Taliban gunman
Congolese authority's attempt to ban poster overturned by Belgian court
Former police colonel continues to threaten Brazilian reporter
Controversial Thai lèse majesté law deemed "constitutional"
Djibouti: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Journalists targeted for criticising Moroccan officials
Two Filipino journalists survive shooting attack
Cuban blogger released after 30 hours in custody
Zimbabwean editors arrested for story about local businessman
Bangladesh: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Commission of enquiry concludes Malawi blogger murdered
Cameraman killed in deadly month for journalists in Syria
Russia: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Azerbaijan: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Pakistani journalist killed, three injured in attack on political gathering
Report shows mixed reviews of Zambia press freedom
Guatemalan journalist threatened after reporting on child abuse
Appeals court in Russia frees Pussy Riot member, confirms sentences for two others
Justice long overdue in Politkovskaya murder case in Russia
Turkmenistan: UN Universal Periodic Review Submission
Serbian authorities ban Belgrade Pride Parade
Appeals court upholds convictions against Bahraini medics
Concern over European project to cleanse Internet of terrorism
Philippines suspends implementation of cybercrime law
Cambodian activist's murder investigation dropped
Guerrillas take responsibility for radio station bombing in Paraguay
Argentinian journalist detained at Venezuelan airport
Radio station shut down in semi-autonomous region of Somalia
Opposition leader sentenced to seven a half years in prison in Kazakhstan
Artists' free expression curtailed around the world
Ethiopian authorities detain journalist covering Muslim community
Sixty NGOs support English libel law reform
Three Cuban bloggers arrested en route to covering trial
Bahraini rights defender Nabeel Rajab on hunger strike
New Council of Europe criteria will help define "political prisoners"
Ugandan police beat journalists covering opposition leader
Provincial reporter hounded by courts in Kazakhstan
Copyright policies threaten internet use in Panama and Colombia
In Trinidad personal attacks on investigative journalists raise alarm
Syrian human rights lawyer detained
Iran steps up its campaign against the press
Zimbabwean police raid news agency, seize equipment
Supreme Court petition filed against Philippines Cybercrime Prevention Act
Maoist party bans Indian film in Nepal
Tibetans jailed for providing information about self-immolation
ARTICLE 19 analyses South Sudan's draft Broadcasting Corporation Bill
Media face unknowns after parliamentary elections in Georgia
Ecuadorian court fines newspaper, media cannot report sentence
Study published on impact of free expression law in Moldova
Blogger arrested in Azerbaijan, held incommunicado for two days
Armed men threaten broadcaster, family in Philippines
Human Rights Watch researcher threatened in Russia
Turkish ruling party denies dissident journalists access to party congress
Two protesters killed by police gunfire in Bahrain
Former Iranian official charged with involvement in post-election abuses
Missing colleague of Tibetan filmmaker causes concern
Arab states subjected to unprecedented scrutiny at UN Human Rights Council
UAE rights defender assaulted repeatedly
Burma charges peaceful protest organisers
Attacks, arrests of journalists on the rise in West Bank, Gaza
Rights to peaceful assembly and association online recognised by UN
Government urged to end harassment of political prisoners in Belarus
Bahraini court sentences activist Zainab Al-Khawaja to two months' imprisonment
Honduran journalist linked to peasant group receives death threats
Ecuadorian magazine fined $80,000 for opinion article
UN resolutions endorse journalists' safety
The trouble with blasphemy laws
Chinese writer released, remains under tight surveillance
Intruders threaten newspaper journalist in Ecuador
Journalist gunned down in Balochistan, Pakistan
Editor convicted in criminal libel case in Italy
Cambodia sentences broadcaster to 20 years
Resolution on safety of Somali journalists adopted by UN Human Rights Council
Journalists injured in protest against gold mining in Dominican Republic
Two more journalists killed in Somalia

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