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Was conviction of Chinese activist's nephew politically motivated?
Tibetan immolations, security measures escalate in China
Egypt's new Constitution fails to protect free expression
Over 100 Jordanian protesters tried in state security courts
US Senate committee passes bill to modernise digital privacy law
Internet shuts down across Syria
Iraqi journalist arrested and tortured, TV station harassed
Burmese riot police crack down on anti-mining protest
Turkish journalist freed after three years in prison
Environmental reporter gets death threats in Honduras
Retrial could mean life in prison for Turkish sociologist
Cuban journalist arbitrarily arrested, harassed by police
Congolese journalists threatened in Bukavu
Security forces in Sudan torture high school demonstrators
UAE's cybercrimes decree attacks free speech
Election results prompt Ukrainian journalist's hunger strike
Argentinian journalist receives threats over his reporting
Free expression NGO launches anti-censorship website
Fully guarantee media independence in new Tunisian Constitution, says IFEX-TMG
Eskinder Nega and the struggle for independent media in Ethiopia
Provincial leader sues Ecuadorian paper for "spiritual damage"
Dissident Chinese poet Li Bifeng sentenced to 12 years
Brazilian journalist killed after reporting on police abuses
Community radio stations suffer ongoing persecution in Honduras
Italian Senate rejects proposal to retain imprisonment for libel
Pakistani judges muzzling critics in the media
Refusal to suspend play leads to charges in Uganda
Israeli statement on 'legitimate media' in Gaza questioned
BBC journalist held without charge in Somalia
The complicated relationship between religion and free speech
Senior Pakistani journalist narrowly escapes bomb attack
Serbian media group demands public discussion on copyright law
Civil society delegates respond to UN plan on journalists' safety
District administrator shuts down radio station in Mozambique
Kenyan activist attacked after filing petition over voter registration kit
Iraqi newspaper editor gunned down in Baghdad
Constitutional decree in Egypt gives Morsi sweeping powers
Burmese reporters, labour representative charged in fish farm dispute
Questions remain one year after Azeri journalist's murder
Mexican journalist assaulted while covering police abuses
Draft media law would sound death knell for independent press in Chad
More Syrian news providers killed by regular army, rebels or Kurdish militia
Ampatuan Massacre: will justice be served?
23 voices, 23 faces, just one battle cry
International Day to End Impunity
'I view the Day to End Impunity with hope,' says Philippine lawyer Prima Jesusa Quinsayas
2012 deadliest year on record for journalists, says global network
Video: 'Journalists should not be stifled by media owners,' says Moldovan journalist group
Four ways the Trans-Pacific Partnership's copyright provisions will lead to digital censorship
The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement: The basics
Journalists' union releases report on impunity in Somalia
Pakistani journalists reported injured in bomb blast
Appeals court upholds Vietnamese blogger's jail term
Two journalists arrested, one released in Iran
Anna Politkovskaya: What's happened since the Russian journalist's murder?
Kazakhstan court asked to ban main opposition media
Company drops defamation charges against Dominican Republic journalists
Media organisations conduct safety training for journalists in Somalia
Government broadcasts in Ecuador used as tool to counter dissent
EU should use Central Asia visit to urge release of activists
Free expression concerns in Turkey overshadow positive developments, says PEN International
Journalist in Djibouti freed conditionally after being held more than three months
Arrests over Facebook comments fan debate in India
Palestinian journalists killed in targeted air strikes
As summit concludes and Obama leaves region, free expression concerns linger
Police storm Bolivian TV station critical of government
A year of broken promises: Bahrain violations continue
News blackout as Goma falls to rebels in eastern DR Congo
Climate change art installation removed from US university campus
More nations join trade agreement threatening digital rights
Congolese journalist illegally held for three days
Media freedom watchdog releases report on impunity in Southeast Asia
Play undergoes criminal blasphemy investigation in Greece
Azerbaijani police attack media at opposition rally
No justice for hundreds of Egyptian children detained in 2012
Declaration limits free expression rights in Southeast Asia
UN plan clarifies countries' obligations regarding incitement to hatred
Young son of murdered Bangladeshi journalists questioned
Cuban reporter gets 14 years on spying charge
Israel targets media facilities in Gaza offensive
Impunity reigns in Pakistani reporter's murder, eyewitness killed
Legal analysis of charges against Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy
Journalist shot dead in restive province of Balochistan, Pakistan
Journalist killed in shooting while on assignment in Mexico
South African minister of police says journalist was wrongfully arrested
Catholic groups in India file blasphemy charges against critic
Gambian journalist reports second set of death threats
Ethiopian authorities must drop terrorism charges against journalist
Turkish journalists accused of supporting alleged coup plot still in jail
Guinea's treasury director shot dead while investigating corruption
Philippines court further restricts coverage of Ampatuan trial
Court rules Ecuadorian paper must apologise to government
Coalition calls for transparency in government funding of Serbian media
U.S. president urged to address media rights in Southeast Asia
Homes of two Yemeni journalists attacked
Journalists' movement still restricted in parts of Sri Lanka
Two journalists charged with criminal defamation in Dominican Republic
Rwandan editor jailed for column on Tutsi women
ASEAN summit in Cambodia: parallel civil society events disrupted
Egyptian President sidelines rights groups
Changes to UAE cybercrime law threaten free expression
Google report says government surveillance is on the rise
ECOWAS Commission pledges to ensure compliance with community court decisions
Use of Kurdish banned in Turkish trial of 44 journalists
IFEX launches online game for Day to End Impunity campaign
Newspaper kiosk fire is latest threat to daily in Argentina
Secrecy, censorship surround Chinese Party Congress
Philippines FOI bill stalled at critical stage
Jail for Bahraini journalists, impunity for police officer
Turkish court acquits three journalists of terrorist charges
Senegalese president commits to decriminalising press offences
Merkel should press Putin to end human rights crackdown in Russia
Palestinian journalist charged, TV station seeks justice following raid
Report documents legacy of two decades of impunity in Cambodia
Flawed rights declaration for Southeast Asia should be postponed
Internet bill of rights threatens freedom of expression in Brazil
Argentinian photographer beaten while covering police operation
Judicial enquiry launched in Paris over jamming of Eritrean radio station
Judges order definitive closure of radio station in Ecuador
Burmese journalists meet to debate media challenges
New Costa Rican cybercrime law will not apply to journalists
Police raid on civil society group in Zimbabwe sparks fears of broader crackdown
Journalists targeted while covering Karachi violence
Libyan parliament passes new law regulating demonstrations
Call for EU export controls on spyware technologies
Polish journalists dismissed over report on plane crash
Ukrainian news agency fines editors for article on president
Dominican Republic journalist assaulted after report on business owner
Cuban reporter charged with anti-state crimes, sparking protests
Artistic censorship highlighted in latest monthly report
Azerbaijan freezes main opposition newspaper's bank accounts
Japanese journalists barred from anti-nuclear protest coverage
TV journalist arrested for coverage of vigilante attack in India
Cameroonian journalists arrested for covering secessionist gathering
Radio commentator shot dead in northern Philippines
Palestinian protesters assaulted, journalists questioned in Gaza
Syrian video editor dies in prison, media arrests continue
Free press necessary in Burma to properly address Rakhine conflict
Launch of first global network in support of artistic free expression
Jailed Iranian netizen dies after prison interrogation
Imprisoned Turkish journalists' health deteriorates while on hunger strike
Nepalese journalist threatened over timber smuggling report
Confidential military files stolen in Ivorian media office raid
Bolivian editor, free expression activist brutally beaten
Bahraini citizenship revoked for 31 activists
Russian human rights activist's home, office attacked
Draft Tunisian constitution fails to protect basic human rights, says report
Ugandan journalist attacked for recording taxi impoundment
Serbia's draft criminal code does not decriminalise defamation
Freedom of Information bill enters critical stage in Philippines
Sign petition to free Tibetan journalist Dhondup Wangchen
South American states urged to engage with rights system reform
Report by Sudanese journalist documents freedom of expression violations from 2005 to 2011
Moroccan forces violently suppress Sahrawi protests
As forum begins, policy makers urged to keep Internet free
'Watch List' draws attention to media freedom issues in Europe
Thai netizen freed for lack of evidence in lèse-majesté case
Serious doubts in Mexico over investigation of journalist's murder
Iranian prison's degrading jail conditions prompt hunger strikes
Sudanese journalist found after being abducted, tortured
Jordanian professor dismissed over video about harassment on campus
Cambodian NGO workers, villagers face intimidation
Report highlights dire media situation in Eritrea
Opposition party supporters assault journalists in Zambia
Rights activist threatened after health study publication in Venezuela
Shots fired at newspaper office in western Venezuela
Award-winning novel torched, Nepali author threatened
Report details Internet restriction, netizen detention in Azerbaijan
Father of boy killed by Bahraini forces arrested at peaceful protest
New restrictions on online speech included in US legal proposition
Bahraini rights defender arrested for documenting security violations
Inter-American court recommends ways to end impunity
IFEX members call on EU to defend freedom of expression in Greece
Guinea-Bissau expels Portuguese journalist; another flees into hiding
New legislation limits Internet access in Russia
As UN review of Sri Lanka begins, free speech a concern
Bahraini Twitter user sentenced to prison
Community radio station shuttered in eastern DR Congo
CCHR urgently requests dialogue on draft ASEAN human rights declaration
Imprisoned Swedish-Eritrean journalist's case referred to African human rights panel
Five threats to Internet freedom you've probably never heard of
Man held in Saudi Arabian jail since April after posting tweets on Islam
IFEX launches 2012 Day to End Impunity campaign
Impunity prevalent in Bahrain; rights group holds King responsible
Nepalese media impacted by party split, working conditions
Journalists convicted on criminal defamation charges in Burkina Faso
Explosive device planted in Serbian journalist's backyard
Journalists dismissed after criticising Greek government minister
Violations of media freedom in Palestine in September 2012
Deterioration of press freedom in Ecuador causes international concern
South African president drops defamation suit over rape cartoon
Journalist threatened after gang investigation airs in Ecuador

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