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Israeli forces target journalists, raid media offices in midst of Aqsa crisis
IRFS condemns "politically-motivated" verdict against "Azadliq" executive director Faig Amirli
Brunei government employee charged with sedition over Facebook post
After Liu Xiaobo: Tributes, ramped-up censorship, and calls to free Liu Xia
Vietnamese activist Trần Thị Nga sentenced to 9 years for 'propaganda'
Global condemnation for Turkey's detention of innocent digital security trainers
Can Facebook connect the next billion?
Pakistan: The conviction of Taimore Raza and its implication for privacy issues
Yoani Sánchez
Libyan activists face threats, harassment, attacks at hands of armed group
Bahraini rights activist Ebtisam Al-Saegh charged under anti-terrorism law
Australia: Press freedom concerns with proposal to create super "Home Affairs" ministry
Malaysia: Immediately investigate death threats against human rights defender Siti Kasim
Kadri Gürsel defence statement: Charges against me defy logic
Gareth Peirce: A lifetime defending the rights of society's "pariahs"
Cartoonist Musa Kart's opening statement at Cumhuriyet trial
Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency officials assault and briefly detain journalists
Journalist Chakka Bahadur Malla arrested in west Nepal
Journalists receive death threats in Mexican state of Quintana Roo
Where is Burundian reporter Jean Bigirimana?
Publications could be shut down under Zambia's "state of threatened public emergency"
New bill could compromise independence of Somalia Media Commission
Transgender human rights lawyer Chase Strangio
A newspaper in the dock on Turkey's Press Freedom Day
Morocco obstructs coverage of Rif protests
Media websites blocked; South Sudanese denied access to information
Bangladesh's ICT Act paved the way for hundreds of lawsuits over online speech
Poland's controversial judicial reforms and the media
How the right to information can help fight poverty
Fighting back against sexual violence: Jineth Bedoya Lima
Vietnam: Media must have full access to meetings of the National Assembly
"The most dangerous woman in Britain": Lawyer Shami Chakrabarti
Turkey: A year of emergency measures, a year of global solidarity
Surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden
Media freedom NGOs ask Polish defence minister to drop complaint against journalist
IFEX strongly condemns charges against 10 HRDs
In state of emergency, Turkey jails six human rights defenders pending trial
Russia's repressive laws and policies restrict online speech, stifle critical voices
Prominent Bedoon rights advocate remains unjustly imprisoned in Kuwait
Responding to Pakistan's UN review: In conversation with Owais Aslam Ali and Matthew Redding
Reporters and media house attacked in Nepal
Revealing work: Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras
Senegal's new press code: One step forward, two steps back
Championing content equality on Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality
Journalist faces five years in prison for "publishing stolen documents"
Sudan censors newspapers for reporting FIFA suspension of Sudan Football Association
Australian government assault on encryption deeply concerning
China's newest censorship methods on display
Pakistan dismisses civil society concerns regarding freedom of expression before UN Committee
Proposed changes to Burmese Telecommunications Law fail to protect free expression
Gunmen kill Nigerian Television Authority journalist
Support from five continents for detained human rights advocates in Turkey
China: Democratic voice Liu Xiaobo dies in custody
Liu Xiaobo: A Nobel behind bars
Ukraine: Drop government proposals that restrict NGO activity
PNG court silences political blogger's comments, blogger posts gag image
Emirati activist surviving six weeks of hunger strike
Pakistan's clampdown against data freedom
Letter to European Commission protests Hungary's new NGO law
Surveillance and ATI from a child's rights perspective
Hong Kong government urged to stop 'discriminatory policy' against online media
IAPA expresses concern over multi-million dollar lawsuits
Peña Nieto: Your country has become the world's deadliest for journalists in 2017, even deadlier than Syria
Last nail in coffin of Russian Internet freedom
Egyptian websites resist government blocking
Algerian journalist jailed pending trial for 'espionage'
UN prepares to examine civil and political rights in Pakistan
Pressure mounts on Cambodia a year after Kem Ley's killing
UPR submission highlights Burundi's "markedly worsening situation" for free expression
South Africa journalists obtain order to stop intimidation campaign
Open Letter to Ambassadors in the Kingdom of Bahrain - To the Canadian Ambassador
Global coalition urges "Five Eyes" to respect encryption
The never-ending struggles of Eaten Fish, Musa Kart & Zunar
Russia: Conviction of librarian must be quashed
Bangladesh: End disappearances and secret detentions
Chinese journalist arrested on charges of revealing state secrets
Ghana's Seth Kwame Boateng named "journalist of the month" by free expression group
Activist Jean-Marie Kalonji & lawyer Sylva Mbikayi Kabanga detained in DRC
A new low: Turkey detains eight human rights defenders
Network of African free expression groups calls for end to impunity for crimes against journalists
Rights advocate Ebtesam al-Saegh lawlessly detained for second time in as many months
Appeal to China: Permit Liu Xiaobo to travel overseas on humanitarian grounds
Africa at a glance: Elections, mining for trouble and a threat to the state
Sherlyn Montoya: Honduran defender of LGBTQI+ rights
Freedom on a leash for Liu Xiaobo, Hong Kong protests, and a cruel prison sentence for blogger 'Me Nam'
End of June marks a complex, violent half-year in the Americas
Hong Kong media censored and controlled during visit by Chinese president
Vietnamese blogger Phạm Minh Hoàng detained, stripped of citizenship, and exiled to France
Salvador Adame's body found in Michoacán
IAPA condemns Donald Trump's attacks against the press
Pluralism under attack: The assault on press freedom in Poland
Signature campaign launched for release of journalists in Burma
MENA round-up: A clear return to authoritarian tactics across the region
Qatar renews travel ban imposed on prominent human rights lawyer Najeeb Al-Nuaimi
Pakistan: Journalist arrested for posting critical posts on Facebook

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