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The good, the bad and the ugly: Free expression in Europe and Central Asia in November
Bahrain must stop using travel bans as a silent weapon to censor Nedal Al Salman
Nine women from MENA remembered on International Women Human Rights Defenders Day
Threats, attacks on independent voices growing as presidential election looms
Pakistan suspends TV news channels and social media sites to block protest coverage
IFEX network condemns Hun Sen's brazen attack on local member, CCHR
Is there hope for media freedom in Honduras after the election?
Guinea: Radio Espace journalist charged with "divulging military secrets"
Guinea: President Alpha Condé threatens to shut down media outlets that report on teachers' union leader
Prime Minister Hun Sen threatens to close down Cambodian Center for Human Rights
Vietnamese artist Mai Khoi defiant after eviction for Trump protest
Imprisoned Rif protesters mistreated
The other travel ban
"Red Pepper" staff arrested in Uganda
Catalonia's alarming free expression climate
UN resolution calls for an end to attacks on women journalists
Philippines: Looking back at the 8 years since the Ampatuan, Maguindanao Massacre
Algerian editor Hadda Hazem goes on hunger strike to save her newspaper
Turkey: "Cumhuriyet" editor's three-year jail term called "height of absurdity"
Afghanistan's Rah-e-Farda TV cameraman killed in suicide attack
When the Supreme Court dissolves democracy
NGOs call on governments to support Nabeel Rajab's appeal against 2-year sentence for speaking to press
5 years of 'foreign agents' law devastates environmental groups in Russia
Guatemalan journalist Jerson Xitumul Morales imprisoned after covering protests
Trump abandons commitment to press freedom abroad
Data, democracy, and Kenya's contested elections
45 days and counting: Cameroon's internet shutdown
Six times Facebook ignored its own community standards
Fighting impunity: The MFWA facilitates meeting between Gambian Government and families of victims
Nigerian journalist Ikechukwu Onubogu killed by gunmen
15-year-old peaceful protester beaten, detained in DRC
Nepal: Concern over attacks on peaceful election campaigning
Saudi activist Naima Al-Matrood sentenced to six years in prison
Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj on trial for drawing Jesus
How can UN resolutions make it safer to be a journalist?
Russia retaliates after RT forced to register as "foreign agent" in US
Hungarian taxpayers fund unique 'fake news' industry
Campaign Snapshot: Pakistan's First Cyber Harassment Helpline
The Pakistani government must release Zeenat Shahzadi from custody
Implementation of the Kremlin's law on "undesirable organisations" reaching farcical proportions
Indian cartoonist Bala G arrested for caricature of Tamil Nadu chief
Manipulating social media to undermine democracy
Burma jails journalists for using drone near parliament
Blatant disregard for fair trial rights as Altans' entire defence team expelled in free expression case
Criminal complaint filed against French surveillance company for connection to Sisi regime
From death sentence to freedom: Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed
Bahrain sentences journalist to life...with no evidence
Chinese writer and PEN member Yang Tongyan dies while on medical parole
Gunmen storm Shamshad TV station in Kabul, Afghanistan
Death is not the end: Keeping Kem Ley's message alive
For Pakistan's unprotected and threatened journalists, can new legislation make a difference?
"Traditional values": A potent weapon against LGBT rights
Two decades since the creation of the IACHR's Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression
Can media and the public fight fake news?
Justice for Deyda, Ebrima and Musa?
Does Donald Trump see himself as a media mogul?
Tomislav Kezarovski's struggle finally over
Demand the Release of Cartoonist Ramón Esono Ebalé
Alarming violence against journalists in northern Iraq
Moroccan journalists keep fighting to cover the Hirak movement, despite state intimidation
Indonesian police go after social media users for mocking House Speaker
How repressive Arab regimes are expanding their reach
Turkey: Arrest of civil society leader Osman Kavala arbitrary, punitive
Death as a constant: Attacks continue in the Americas
Peace through pluralism, a 'Minister of WhatsApp,' and Tanzania's big panic: October in Africa
Korean public broadcast journalists strike for editorial independence
Thai historian Sulak Sivaraksa could face 15 years in jail for 'insulting' a 16th-century king
Ahmed Ismail Hassan: A shuttered case of impunity
The October revolution: Europe and Central Asia round-up
Turkey: "Cumhuriyet" newspaper hearing marred by procedural violations
The Impunity Index

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