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17 June 2009


Outspoken journalist gunned down

A journalist who is also a local community leader was killed in southern Colombia last month, report the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA).
3 June 2009


Chávez ratchets up threats against media

President Hugo Chávez has stepped up his ongoing bullying campaign against critical media in the country. This time, he's demanded officials either take action against the media that "poison" Venezuela or resign.
27 May 2009


FLIP founder leaves paper over political differences

Javier Darío Restrepo One of the founding members of the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) has announced that he has been made to leave his paper because of a difference of political views, FLIP reports.
6 May 2009


Supreme Court strikes down archaic press law

Brazil's Supreme Court has made a "historic decision" to repeal the 1967 press law, which allowed for jail sentences for press offences, report the Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo (ABRAJI), the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), ARTICLE 19 and Reporters Without Borders (RSF).
1 April 2009



Colombian authorities were able to foil an attempt by a left-wing guerrilla group to kill a journalist who is the president of IFEX member the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and a founder of the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP), IFEX's member in Colombia.
1 April 2009


Colombia: Authorities uncover plot to kill IAPA president

Campaigns and Advocacy

5 June 2009


Cuba and Venezuela called on to stop persecution of journalists

From Paris, IAPA and other international organizations urge Latin American governments to show greater respect for press freedom.
28 May 2009


IAPA issues call for action in murder case

IAPA called for signatures on letter to president asking him to bring those guilty of journalist's 2001 murder to justice.
6 February 2009


CPJ and Human Rights Watch object to President Uribe's accusations against journalist Hollman Morris

(CPJ/HRW/IFEX) - The following is a 5 February CPJ and Human Rights Watch letter to Colombia's president, Álvaro Uribe Vélez:
29 November 2006


Global organisations call for release of jailed Cuban journalists, criticise Venezuelan press laws and media interference in Brazil

(IAPA/IFEX) - The following is a 22 November 2006 IAPA press release:


PARAGUAY: SPP condemns attack on journalist Santiago Benítez's residence 25 June 2009 BOLIVIA: RSF warns of real risk of impunity in case of journalist Carlos Quispe Quispe 22 June 2009 MEXICO/BRAZIL: IAPA hails repeal of university degree requirement in Brazil, welcomes Mexico Supreme Court decision to overturn special safeguards for public officials 22 June 2009 ARGENTINA: Circulation of "Rumbos" magazine insert restricted in San Juan 18 June 2009 PERU: Radio station taken off air for "bogus" reasons after reporting on riots, says RSF 18 June 2009 ECUADOR: Third investigation launched against Teleamazonas; newspaper editor threatened 16 June 2009 BRAZIL: Newspaper editor receives death threats 16 June 2009 URUGUAY: WPFC congratulates Congress for approval of bill eliminating crime of insult, decriminalising defamation 12 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Television station loses appeal, faces fine and seizure of its equipment; camera operator assaulted 12 June 2009 COLOMBIA: Journalist and community leader killed in Caquetá department 10 June 2009 ARGENTINA: Intentionally-set fire destroys Radio Activa facilities in El Bolsón 8 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Journalists threatened after reporting on public's complaints; pro-Chávez group threatens to publicise journalists' personal information 5 June 2009 CHILE: Umbrales TV harassed by Telecommunications Secretariat and police 5 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Journalist prevented from covering protest in support of RCTV; cameraman attacked, videotape stolen 4 June 2009 ECUADOR: President threatens Teleamazonas and "El Universo" with legal action 4 June 2009 COLOMBIA: Concern over delays in defamation trial faced by journalist 2 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Peruvian writer and his son briefly detained, warned they should not comment on Venezuelan political situation 2 June 2009 VENEZUELA: In seeking reprisals against media, Chávez hurts democracy, says CPJ 2 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Globovisión broadcasting team prevented from entering Legislative Council building 1 June 2009 ECUADOR: Unidentified individuals throw bomb at television station headquarters; Chávez and Correa propose the creation of a regional body to monitor the press 1 June 2009 VENEZUELA: Radio programme cancelled, allegedly due to political pressure 1 June 2009 BRAZIL: CPJ hails conviction in 2003 murder of journalist Nicanor Linhares 1 June 2009 PERU: Journalist struck and threatened by jail director after taking his photograph 28 May 2009 BOLIVIA: Supreme decree on terrorism could impact on media owners 28 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Radio station receives bomb threat, director flees country 28 May 2009 ARGENTINA: IAPA concerned over targeting of critical media 26 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Former intelligence officials leak list of news media and journalists whose phones were tapped 25 May 2009 PERU: Police officers beat journalists who attempted to interview football players 25 May 2009 PERU: Journalists receive death threats while covering protest 22 May 2009 URUGUAY: IAPA condemns conviction of journalist 22 May 2009 ECUADOR: Call for investigation of Teleamazonas station; CONARTEL issues controversial resolution 22 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Journalist leaves "El Colombiano" daily 22 May 2009 ECUADOR: Imprisoned journalist faces another lawsuit 21 May 2009 BRAZIL: President sends access to information bill to congress 15 May 2009 VENEZUELA: CPJ urges Chávez to refrain from threatening the press 14 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Radio presenter forced off air on orders of local mayor 14 May 2009 VENEZUELA: Globovisión faces charges for reporting on earthquake; its website hacked 12 May 2009 PERU: Prosecutor drops case filed by journalists assaulted by government party supporters 12 May 2009 PERU: Journalists assaulted by mining company security personnel 12 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Police officers in Valledupar assault photographer 11 May 2009 VENEZUELA: Regional parliament creates commission to "regulate" media outlets 11 May 2009 ECUADOR: Mayoral candidate supporters vandalise radio station's headquarters 8 May 2009 VENEZUELA: Government supporters vandalise newspaper headquarters; students harass reporters in Barinas 7 May 2009 BRAZIL: Journalist harassed by security guards 6 May 2009 VENEZUELA: Photographer threatened while covering protest in Mérida; Chávez supporters insult journalists in Caracas 6 May 2009 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY: FLIP launches its Access to Information Manual 5 May 2009 COLOMBIA: Prosecutors, jurists, journalists call for reduction in "relative impunity" for crimes against the press 5 May 2009 : IAPA disappointed over decision not to review case of murdered journalist; calls for investigation into attempt to intimidate member of Radio Caracol news team 4 May 2009 PERU: Demonstrators beat reporters, steal videocamera 4 May 2009