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Campaigns and Advocacy

3 February 2009


Twenty-eight IFEX members call for review of restrictive media law

(MISA/IFEX) - The following is a joint action by 28 IFEX members:
27 June 2008


Constraints to freedom of expression highlighted in report of mission to Zimbabwe by team of African media experts

(MISA/IFEX) - The following is an abridged report by AFMF, IFJ, MISA and other organisations:
17 June 2008


Fear pervading media, public denied information, notes fact-minding mission

(IFJ/MISA/IFEX) - The following is a 13 June 2008 joint statement by IFJ, MISA, members of the Network of African Freedom of Expression Organisations (NAFEO), and other organisations:
3 May 2002


11 IFEX members sign appeal urging Zimbabwe to drop charges against journalists

From the Communiqué

27 May 2009


Foreign journalists welcome to do their job, says PM

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai announced last week that foreign journalists are free to report from Zimbabwe, where many have previously been banned and others arrested and harassed, report the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and news reports.
11 March 2009



The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and other IFEX members welcomed the release of journalist and human rights activist Jestina Mukoko last week after three months in jail, but urge the Zimbabwean government to free another journalist who is still in detention.
21 January 2009



Botswana has hurriedly passed a controversial media law that journalists fear will restrict their work, say the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and news reports.
14 January 2009



Zimbabwean authorities have accused freelance photographer Anderson Shadreck Manyere and former journalist Jestina Mukoko of a terrorist plot to overthrow President Robert Mugabe, report the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and other IFEX members. They were abducted in December and are now being held in high-security prisons - and face possible death sentences.
5 November 2008



Tanzania's journalists took to the streets of Dar es Salaam last week to protest against the three-month banning of a newspaper that exposed official corruption. According to the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), it was the first time in Tanzania's history that journalists marched against the government, accusing it of trying to stifle media freedom in the country.
30 July 2008



The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the International Press Institute (IPI) are calling for an inquiry into the death of London "Times" photojournalist Richard Mills of Northern Ireland, found dead in his hotel room in Harare on 14 July and declared by the police to be the victim of asphyxiation by hanging.


ZIMBABWE: New information and communications technology bill proposed 25 June 2009 ZIMBABWE: Police assault photogragher 25 June 2009 ZAMBIA: Plainclothes officers storm privately-owned Mobi TV 22 June 2009 ZAMBIA: Corruption to continue if media freedom is not addressed, says MISA Zambia 22 June 2009 BOTSWANA: President withdraws suit against newspaper 19 June 2009 MALAWI: Radio station resumes operations 18 June 2009 ZIMBABWE: Journalist threatened following publication of article 18 June 2009 ZIMBABWE: Security officials defy High Court order allowing journalists to cover summit 11 June 2009 SWAZILAND: MISA condemns arrest of human rights lawyer 10 June 2009 NAMIBIA: Information Communication Bill reintroduced in Parliament 4 June 2009 SOUTH AFRICA: State broadcaster accuses newspaper of theft following broadcast of documentary 4 June 2009 ZIMBABWE: Magistrate grants application by lawyer acccused of "obstructing the course of justice" 4 June 2009 SWAZILAND: Government renews intentions to pilot a new media bill 1 June 2009 ZIMBABWE: "Zimbabwe Independent" editors to stand trial 1 June 2009 BOTSWANA: Reporter under security surveillance 29 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: Prime Minister says no legal obligation for media to register until commission is formed 29 May 2009 SOUTH AFRICA: "Mail & Guardian" lodges complaint over state spying on its journalists 26 May 2009 MALAWI: Radio station shut down, staff arrested following election coverage 21 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: MISA expresses concern over ACHPR case processing delays 20 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: Media defense lawyer arrested 15 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: High court grants bail to detained photojournalist 15 May 2009 ANGOLA: In continuing harassment, newspaper editor forbidden to leave country 15 May 2009 ZAMBIA: "The Post" targeted in two separate incidents 14 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: Newspaper editors face charges, arrested and released on bail 14 May 2009 TANZANIA: Newspaper faces bankruptcy after being ordered to pay millions in damages 14 May 2009 TANZANIA: Private newspaper faces bankruptcy 14 May 2009 BOTSWANA: Publishers challenge Media Practitioners Act in court 11 May 2009 ZIMBABWE: Jestina Mukoko granted bail; Shadreck Manyere rearrested, denied bail 7 May 2009 SOUTHERN AFRICA: In its World Press Freedom Day statement, MISA highlights "emerging threats, the need for vigilance and consolidation on media gains in Southern Africa" 30 April 2009 SWAZILAND: Popular weekly column cancelled 30 April 2009 MOZAMBIQUE: Journalist detained for one month, another journalist threatened by official over his reporting 29 April 2009 ZIMBABWE: Police launch manhunt for recently released journalist 29 April 2009 SWAZILAND: Senators threaten to charge local media with contempt of Parliament 23 April 2009 ZIMBABWE: Freelance photojournalist Anderson Shadreck Manyere finally released on bail 22 April 2009 ZAMBIA: Controversial radio station manager removed from his post 22 April 2009 ZIMBABWE: Photojournalist Anderson Manyere granted bail, but state prosecutor appeals order 15 April 2009 ZIMBABWE: Freelance journalist Kudzai Musengi kidnapped, later released, warned against reporting on land issue 2 April 2009 SOUTH AFRICA: Government refuses to grant Dalai Lama visa to attend and speak at peace conference 27 March 2009 SOUTH AFRICA: Ruling party revives debate on media tribunal 27 March 2009 ZIMBABWE: World Poetry Day commemorated; poet Julius Chingono briefly detained for performing poem deemed "offensive" 26 March 2009 ZIMBABWE: Court denies request to end detention of freelance photojournalist Shadreck Anderson Manyere 26 March 2009 MOZAMBIQUE: Journalist Bernardo Carlos receives death threats from provincial governor 25 March 2009 ZIMBABWE: "Bulawayo Chronicle" journalists charged with criminal defamation 25 March 2009 MOZAMBIQUE: Political party supporters attack journalists at gathering 25 March 2009 ZIMBABWE: Journalist and rights activist Jestina Mukoko further remanded 24 March 2009 BOTSWANA: "Politically sensitive" stories removed from university student newspaper 20 March 2009 MOZAMBIQUE: Government condemns attacks on press, identifies MISA as a strategic partner 17 March 2009 ZIMBABWE: Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa faces possible arrest for "contempt of court" 16 March 2009 SOUTH AFRICA: State broadcaster SABC responds to allegations that it manipulated news for political purposes 13 March 2009 BOTSWANA: News media publishers decline invitation to participate in state media council 12 March 2009