11 December 1997


Photographer Edward Troon abducted

Incident details

Edward Troon

media worker(s)


(JSS/IFEX) - On 8 December 1997, a photographer from Suriname,
Edward Troon, was abducted by four men who pulled him into a car
and blindfolded him. A few hours later, he was released when they
told him that this was "the reward for 8 December 1982." Troon
was reportedly mistreated during his abduction.

On 8 December 1982, fifteen people, including five journalists,
were killed.

Troon is the husband of Ramcharan, the editor-in-chief of the
daily "De Ware Tijd", Suriname's largest newspaper. "De Ware
Tijd" is known for its critical stance toward the government and
has recently been accused by an adviser of state, Desi Bouterse,
of "destabilization."

After the abduction, Mrs. Ramcharan stated that the family had
been threatened by some anonymous individuals, who also directed
their threats toward her son.


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