25 June 1998


Dutch journalist Armand Snijders abducted

Incident details

Armand Snijders



(JSS/IFEX) - On 23 June 1998, Dutch correspondent in Suriname Armand
Snijders was abducted by two men and forcefully pulled into a car in
Paramaribo City. While putting a pistol to his head, the two men accused
Snijders of being a liar and a spy for the Netherlands. Ten minutes later,
Snijders was kicked out of the car. Snijders was reportedly mistreated
during his abduction.

Snijders works as a correspondent for a Dutch radio broadcaster and the
bi-weekly magazine "The Journalists", which is published by the Dutch
Association of Journalists, NVJ. Immediately after the incident, NVJ general
secretary Hans Verploeg contacted the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to
express his concerns.

According to JSS, this is the second time since 1997 that a journalist has
been abducted in Suriname. On 8 December 1997, photographer Edward Troon was
abducted by four men (see IFEX alert of 11 December 1997).


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