30 April 2009


Two French magazines censored

Incident details



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(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders condemns the distribution bans imposed on recent issues of two French magazines, "Jeune Afrique" and "Afrique Magazine", at the behest of the information ministry in Abu Dhabi because of articles regarded as offensive or overly critical.

"Such measures are both arbitrary and archaic, inasmuch as the content of these publications can be accessed online," Reporters Without Borders said.

The weekly "Jeune Afrique's" 5-11 April 2009 issue was censored because of a cover story headlined "Muslims and sex" with a cover photo showing a woman's bare back. The authorities subsequently banned the April issue of the monthly "Afrique Magazine", which had a report by Akram Belkaïd headlined "Dubai, end of the dream" about the emirate's current economic and political problems.


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