6 July 2011


Globovisión faces new accusation over coverage of a prison riot

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Globovisión, Television station

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(IPYS-Venezuela/IFEX) - On 30 June 2011, Globovisión TV station was notified of a new administrative punitive process. The station is accused of having broadcast images that "incite the public to hatred and intolerance for political reasons, promote anxiety among the public or disrupt public order".

The process against the TV station is a reaction to its coverage on 17 June of a riot in El Rodeo prison in the state of Miranda that resulted in the death of several inmates.

Ricardo Antela, the TV station's legal adviser, has pointed out that this is the seventh administrative process against the station, but the first one based on the reporting of an event and not on individual opinions, as in previous cases. All cases are still pending resolution.

According to Venezuelan regulations, amended in December 2010, if the station is found guilty, it will have to pay 10% of its gross income or have its signal suspended for 72 hours.


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