18 January 1999


Zimbabwean defence ministry continues to detain journalist

Incident details

Mark Chavunduka



(FXI/IFEX) - Demonstrators marched through the streets of Harare on 16
January 1999 in protest against the detention of the editor of "The
Standard", Mark Chavunduka, at Cranborne barracks. Chavunduka was detained
on 12 January following a story his newspaper ran that twenty three army
officers had been arrested for their involvement in a coup plot against
President Robert Mugabe.

**Updates IFEX alerts of 15 January and 13 January 1999**
According to reports, the Zimbabwean judiciary has engaged in a standoff
with the military police, who have defied a 14 January Harare High Court
order to release Chavunduka. Justice George Smith ordered the defence force
to refrain from harassing Chavunduka and from having contact with him after
declaring that his detention was illegal. In response to that, defence
secretary Job Whabira said the judge cannot direct them and the military was
not bound by the order to release Chavunduka. Also detained was Chavunduka's
co-worker, Daniel Manyandure, who refused to disclose his sources after
reporting on the country's military involvement in the Democratic Republic
of Congo and fatalities there. He was later released after an hour of

An application made by lawyers representing "The Standard" is due to be
heard on 18 January in the Zimbabwe High Court forcing the defence ministry
to produce Chavunduka in court and to arrest Whabira and Defence Minister
Moven Mahachi if they fail to release Chavunduka. Mahachi has lashed out at
journalists working for the independent media, labelling them "corrupt
liars" and "mercenaries" with "ulterior motives."

On 14 January, the South African National Editors' Forum joined the
Zimbabwean Union of Journalists in condemning the arrest. The Media Workers'
Association of South Africa said journalists should be free to investigate
any issues of concern to the public.


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